Monday, August 9, 2010

Turkish Delights


Now let´s talk about something sweet. ;)

This city is multi-cultural. So aside from some African music in the streets, there´s also Arabic dancing and separate stalls for Arabic food.Too bad we missed the dancing part but these sweets made up for what we missed and some sweet tea too (though I prefer my tea unsweetened)! ;)

Here´s what I wore:

assymetrical top- Mango( summer sales 2010)

assorted accessories- random stores from here

black leggings- Bershka ( winrer sales 20009)

I´m having a bad hair day ( what´s new!) and so I had to re-take some of my photos indoors. I hope you don´t mind. ;)

So how´s your Monday, dahlings? ;)



PS: Sorry for the misleading title, the photos on top are just Turkish cookies and not ¨lokum¨, the original Turkish Delights but  these cookies/biscuits do have a delightful taste. ;)


à la Modest said...

Nice blue top! Mmm.... I LOVE looking at food pictures!!! I've never tried Turkish Delight. The first time I heard of it was from Chronicles of Narnia. I would love to, though! It sounds SO good.

sweet said...

ahhh one of my favorite photos!!!!

love the blue top...and the layering necklace..

and with all the food...I just cannot stop but munch :(

poor diet hahaha!!!

take care gorgeous!

Prutha said...

all that food is making me hungry!!

cute color for the tunic

follow if you like what u see?


Dredd said...

Just came home from cinema and I saw that you have a new post. Am glad to be the first to comment ;)). Che, your outfit is 10 points!! You look sassy and taller!

muchos besos/Dredd

Elaine said...

That food looks delish!

Love the layered necklaces look!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Gayle said...

Hiii :) oh wow, its wonderful that you live in Spain! I've always wanted to visit Barcelona someday. It looks so beautiful :) How lucky that you're away from all the hoopla in our country now. Same old, Philippines :)


MarchMusings said...

I can manage one piece of Turkish Delight as it is really sweet. Love the blue top on you.

Sherin said...

I love Turkish Sweets. They are so delicious. You look wonderful: I love your top.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of a Turkish bakery - everything looks soooo good! Great outfit - it has sort of a Turkis flavor. You look good.


Isabel said...

looks like so much fun!

Zabrinah said...

Yum! Turkish cookies! I love this post so much.

Your outfit is simply wonderful! I love how you accessorized, I can't even tell you're having a bad hair day. You look stunning!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


kirstyb said...

i am soooo hungry now! cute tee xxxx