Friday, August 31, 2012

OOTD at the Vatican

Hi, everyone! I´m still here. ;)

Second day of my Italian trip was at the Vatican. Part of the day´s itinerary was a visit to the famous Sistine Chapel and so no above the knee skirts nor shorts nor spaghetti/tube tops( unless you´ll also wear a shawl ) for me inspite of the extremely hot weather in Rome. Madre mía, it´s boiling out there!


By the way, I painted my nails burgundy. I never thought it matches well with my raspberry colored bag and it´s also autumn 2012´s color too. If you want to be trendy but don´t want to spend a lot, I suggest you  start with nail color because it´s quite expensive to be IN all the time!


So this was what I wore and I´m glad I did because my legs and arms didn´t get sunburned for one day.


Can´t help but take a photo of the Swiss guards. They´re like the Vatican version of the Buckingham Palace guards sans the ¨guard changing fanfare¨  done by the British. ;)


Leaving you with  a blooper photo with this metallic globe which DO rotates* if you move it:

top- Blanco, pants- local store, bag- Zara, sandals- New Yorker
And that shadowy head below my friends belongs to my photographer aka the hubz, hahaha! Will be back for more photos of the Vatican and the other Italian cities. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend! :)



* You can´t just twirl the metallic globe around unless your tour guide asks you, it´s cordoned off . ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Roaming in Rome

I had my Italian holiday last week, hence, the blog was silent. I did prepare some scheduled posts but I wasn´t that techno savvy enough to hit the ¨publish¨ button and so you ended up with the same post all week last week. lol! Anyway, here´s the 1st part of my short Italian tour. First stop, Rome:





Aside from the usual touristy sites, a visit to the catacombs is a must. The guide told us that there were a total of 60 catacombs in Rome but as of today, only five are open to the public. This catacomb is one of the biggest but we only got to reach a few a kilometers downwards. If you´re claustrophobic, this isn´t for you but for those who aren´t, it´s very intersting. We weren´t allowed to take photos inside so I ended with these photos only.




Above photo is the world famous Trevi Fountain. It´s spectacular, my photo didn´t do justice to the whole work. Below is the Spanish Steps. IMHO, there´s nothing spectacular about the Spanish Steps. It´s just  a set of 138 stairs which lead to the Trinita` dei Monti church at the top. Historically, this was built between 1723-1725 and structurally, it was known to be the widest staircase in Europe. It´s called Spanish Steps because it´s located at the base of the Piazza di Spagna, also near the Spanish Embassy.


A very interesting fact for those who love high end shopping, the Via Condetti (a long street which leads directly to the Spanish Steps) is where you can find your fave  the high end stores like Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Céline, Hérmes, etc. Since  we´re on a budget, I only did some window shopping, hahaha! :)

shirt dress- Bershka, bag- Longchamp le Pliage, sandals- Zara
This is it for now. More travel photos to come on my next posts. I hope you´re enjoying the mid-week.

Ciao for now!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Chevron and Taupe

Hola, hola!

How´s your weekend? Mine was spent at home. I´ve got enough tan, in fact, I´m turning crispy brown and so I layed low for a while from the sun. hehe! Anyway, here´s a snap shot from last week while having coffee at the old quarters of my city:


The old quarters of my city has four ancient churches, I snapped one for you. I mean a belfry for you, lol!

I thought that since the old quarters isn´t that huge, I´d might as well break in my new choco brown sandals. Ten minutes later, while holding on to the hub arm for dear life, I´m cursing myself why I didn´t bring my trusty flats with me. I´ve completely forgotten about the steep roads ahead! Oh well...


Limping and with two large blisters on each foot, I still managed to have my photo taken with the lifesize statue of Ken Follett, the author of ¨World Without End¨

top, clutch-local store, pants- Pimkie, necklace- Mango, sandals- Mustang

So where have you been lately?



PS: This was supposed to be a scheduled post for last week while I was on my Italian tour. Unfortunately, I forgot to hit the ¨publish¨ button after saving this as a scheduled post and it ended up as a draft post, hehe.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Shortie Edition (Silver and White)

Nowadays, it´s extremely hard to go out without bathing on sunblock and yet still get sunburned. We´re back to the extremely hot weather in here, people! So I wear nothing but light colors. Light colored clothing not only absorbs less heat but makes you feel and look fresh too. In my book, white is the best color to wear during the super hot season. White´s a color, isn´t it? ;)

top- Blanco, shorts- Stradivarius, clutch- Pimkie, necklace- Forever 21,  sandals, other jewelry- local store

Stay hydrated! That´s the best advise I can give you aside from the sunblock. ;)

Blowing you hot kisses from here,


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Shortie Edition (Purple and Gray)

Warning: Photo heavy post

The fiesta fever continues in the Spanish Basque country. After my home city celebrated hers last week, it´s San Sebastian´s/ Donosti´s( in basque) turn. So yesterday, while wearing a purple and gray shorts combo, we rode off towards Ordizia and took the train towards San Sebastian.


I also wore some lovely bling to celebrate the fiesta. ;)

necklace- Blanco, bag- Massimo Dutti, ring- Mango, pearl bracelet- Purificación García, bracelets- local store

I´m so loving this bag. Can´t get enough of the rich leather smell and brick red color and it packs quite a lot too!

top, shorts- Zara

San Sebastian during twilight:


After the customary picture taking, we had an early dinner near the food stalls where they also play jazz music. Dinner means, jamon asado, a serving of paella and a glass of non-alcoholic mojito:

Took some more photos of the beach while munching our food and...


bought more food, this time nachos! Looks like the ambiance made us really hungry. ;)


Later, we went to the beach and watch the spectacular fireworks display from France.


Much , much later, we took the train back to Ordizia and  hopped in the car with lots of sand still sticking on my feet and sandals  and arrived home with that silly bright smile on our faces. It was an afternoon well spent I´d say.
sandals- New Yorker

So what about you? How´s your week so far? I´m linking with The Pleated Poppy´s What I Wore Wednesday. Come and see what the other bloggers are wearing too! :)



Monday, August 13, 2012

The Shortie Edition (Sea Crush)

Hi there!

This week it´s nothing but short posts about shorts. I´m not really a ¨dress  kind of girl. I´d always prefer shorts or a skirt over a dress on any given summer day. So if you´ll see nothing on my posts this week except shorts, don´t say that I didn´t warn you. ;)

( top- Sfera, shorts- Bershka, necklace- Massimo Dutti, bangle- H&M, sandals- Zara)


On another note, did the `star fish´ bug catch you already? I´ve been seeing star fish and other marine inspired accessories lately especially the cuffs at the start of summer. Don´t get me wrong, I love the cuff but doesn´t the necklace look better? ;)

Enjoy your Monday!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Life Lately


Here are some tidbits from my life this week:






1- White Zara sunnies-
 hastily grabbed this pair because the price was reduced further. After trying it on, I found that it´s still big for my very round face. haha! Returned.
2. Fluoro pink- my new summer color. What´s yours? 
3. Dream Catcher earrings- one of my loots from the fiesta. I hope to catch all the good dreams after wearing these. Wouldn´t you? 
4. Toro de Fuego- and talking about fiestasremember when I promised in my 2nd to the  last post to share some fiesta photos  with you? Well, I take that back because the activities this year and last year are almost the same. The fake bull with sparklers running on the street is something new though,in my eyes. ;)
5. Gazpacho- I always thought that I wouldn´t be able to love this weird tasting concoction of tomatoes, cucumbers, green bell peppers, onions, garlic, white vinegar ,olive oil, a pinch of salt, etc. but when  the midsummer  temperature rises to the high 30s (41ºC yesterday!), this dish becomes the most sought of  in Spain. It´s so refreshing when served cold and healthy too. Well, never say never! :)
6. Pumpkin dress- love the color but don´t really love the fit. My fault for buying it a size bigger and just because it was on sale. Another sale shopping lesson learned. 

So how´s life lately in your side of the world?

Sending you warm hiugs from here,


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Unlikely Combination

I´ve always been a conservative dresser but once in a while I go out of my comfort zone and wear something ¨out of my age¨. T-shirt, body con skirt and sneakers? Why not! My friends keep telling me that I can pull it off because I´m petite but hey, it´s really hard pretending to be a teenager when you´re not. ;)


This multi-print shirt with crystals was an impromtu buy while visiting Barcelona late autumn of last year. I was window shopping in Passeig de Gracia when I saw women carrying Custo Barcelona shopping bags everywhere. Then they pointed to me a small pathway which lead to the Custo Barcelona Pop-Up Store. Naturally, I went in browsed what´s inside too. There were shirts, dress, jackets and bags all in discounted prices but there was no fitting room. So I bought what was safe, this summer shirt. ;)


Here´s the print at the back:


And here´s the whole outfit with sneakers:

( top- Custo Barcelona, skirt- Stradivarius, necklace- Purificación García, clutch- Mango, sneakers- Converse)

So fun, huh? I´ve never felt like a teenager at this stage of my life. lol! So what´s your unlikely combination? ;)

Have a fun Wednesday, everyone! :)


Monday, August 6, 2012

At the Kiddie Park


The photographer aka the hubz got tired of taking my what- I-wore photos in the usual places ( parking lots and my fave bridge in the neighborhood) so he took me to a children´s park nearby and presto, click, click, click! These colorful inflatable things are so fun to play with and safe too. Oh to be a kid once again without the worries in the world. Wouldn´t we all like that? ;)



We had a full 5 minutes to do our thing before the children came running and invaded our shooting space. Ooops, it´s their playing space that we´ve invading after all!

( top- Lefties, skirt- Stradivarius, clutch- H&M, sandals- Zara)

We´re having our annual city fiesta right now. I hope to show you some interesting photos soon. In the meantime, enjoy the week, dahlings! :)