Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Dressing Up For Me in Review

This has been remarkable year for me when it comes to dressing up because I started wearing things out my comfort zone. From wearing the usual 2-solid colors:

and preppy:

My year evolved into something else abeit subtly. I started following trends:

I did the blazer-biege spring color, the military look, the double denim and lace combo and have actually bought a skirt with studs on it.

I also experimented with vivid prints and colors and tried the mix-prints look for once. ;) Animal prints didn´t escape me, though I did leopard last 2009. ;)

See post  here:

Then I wore a scarf as an accessory. I love collecting scarves but I rarely wear them. hehe

I was also high on floral skirts ( which can be paired with different solid colored tops), a green tiered skirt ( so not me) and a gingham skirt ( which I wouldn´t dare wearing- hello, school uniforms and table cloth! but I did anyway ).

I finally wore a hat while I was out early summer and it was a lot cooler and chic than going bareheaded:

Wore slashed shorts ( age inappropriate):

which I promptly paired with stripes and purple tights when the weather became cooler. hehe

Getting a bit more daring, I started buying skull accessories and a top and had the guts to wear a skull necklace with plaids! Eeeek!

To top it all, I allowed myself to buy and actually wear a leather skirt and pair it with a sequin clutch. ;)

A lot of new things happened to me this year. We moved to a new flat which we can finally call as our own, I failed in something but I learned the lesson that went with it and I got to see new places here in Spain. Then I also got to visit Lisbon and had a road trip to the other parts of Portugal like Viseu, Coimbra and Porto and finally my dream to visit Paris, visit Le Louve and taste LadurĂ©e´s macaroons came true last spring!  So was 2010 a good year? Yes, sireeee! It´s going to be one of my most memorable years ever! :)

What about you? How´s 2010 for you? It may be the best, may be not. Don´t worry, I´m sure 2011 will bring us lots of pleasant surprises and things to hope for. We´ll just have stay positive all the way! :)

Once again, Happy New Year to all!

Hugs, pats and kisses,


PS: In case you´re wondering, I´m a very casual dresser. Now that would really need a serious change. ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leather and Sparkles

Eversince leather skirts got hotter aeons ago, I was on an unending quest for the perfect piece. By that, I mean body hugging but not too tight and it has to have a flattering style. Et voila! ;)

The gold belt and sparkly clutch were a lucky find in Pimkie. I´m not a Pimkie fan, in fact these were my 1st purchases. I just happen to find myself inside the store one afternoon while waiting for the rain to stop.This clutch was close to anything sequiny that I dare buying. Although I love sparkly things, I´m not really sold into sequins.

The best part is, everything was bought on sale from the waist down and so yeah, my wallet gave in despite zipping it closed 2 weeks ago. Sales are terribly irresistible, no? ;)

top- Blanco
leather skirt- New Yorker
gold belt and clutch- Pimkie

So how have you been? Are you ready for another night of eating and marathon drinking? Gotta get those bubbly drinks and sparklers ready. For those who love firecrackers, be careful. New Year´s Eve should be a lot of fun and not with a lot of pain.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! (Just in case I wouldn´t be able to update my blog until the New Year.) ;)

Hugs and kisses from here,


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Celebrating Christmas

Howdy, everyone!

I´m sure all of you are still stuffed from that huge Christmas Eve dinner. Are there leftovers? ;) My menu was a simple one because on Christmas Day we have this traditional lunch marathon at a cousin´s house outside  the city. Here´s what I´ve preared for the Noche Buena:

Shrimps for starters, Waldorf  Salad for fiber, Meat- Vegetable Pie and Homemade Mashed Potatoes for the main dish and Strawberry Cheesecake for dessert.

And of course an excellent bottle of Bordeux wine which we bought last summer in Bordeaux to accompany the meal. :) The following day during Christmas lunch at a cousin´s house, I wore this:

skirt by Mango
Osito silver ring

and a pair of Edelweiss earrings bought from the Medieval Fair here


Yesterday it was a 3 hour lunch marathon and I was so stuffed, I can´t hardly breathe. No dinner for me last night and I feel so bloated. I know everyone´s feeling the same but when it comes to the holiday season we usually forget our diets. hahaha

So how´s your Christmas weekend going? Did Santa gave you what you´ve been wishing for? ;)

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone! :)


Friday, December 24, 2010

Black Christmas

Lately, I´ve noted that most of  the tops that I´m wearing here are black. I don´t really wear black everyday, it´s just that every time I took my outfit photos I wore black. hahaha

I´m wearing brown boots for that something brown on my corduroy skirt.

My new jewelry finds:

I´m going to wear this tonight when I go out with the hubz for his yearly Christmas Eve walk with his friends. Are you all set for your Christmas dinner? Me? Hmmm... getting there. ;)


turtleneck sweater- Zara
corduroy floral skirt- Promod
necklace and pearl coctail ring- local store
boots- local store

Maybe I´ll be exchanging these brown boots for some flat or rainboots soon because it´s snowing right now. Looks like I´m going to have my 1st white Christmas after all! :)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Neckpieces ( Treasures from the Louvre 2)

This is the necklace portion of the ¨series¨  Treasures from the Louvre. Which of these do you like? ;)

The chain design with the wheel clasp is as ancient as I thought it should be:

These small  ¨pendants¨ look like Grecian coloumns/pillars:

This one looks like lots of orange/pomelo pulp were intricately strung on the chain. Okay, so I ran out of ideas here. hehe!

Leaves of gold:

A pendant of pearls and  precious stones and jade? beads strung together in gold:

The last one´s my favorite. Christmas stockings should be as colorful as these, don´t you think? ;)

And this very last one is mine bought at some store around here about 2 years ago. ;)

They´re all nice, no? I´d love to wear each of this piece wearing a LBD. Would be perfect for an elegant Christmas Eve outfit.

What about you? ;)



Monday, December 20, 2010

Let´s Get Real

First, here´s what I wore while having a fun time with friends:

I´m seeing and loving red these days. Must be because it´s Christmas. It rubs on you in a very good way. Moreover, all stores at this time of the year (and Valentines Day) sell red. Have you noticed that too? ;)

Second, thank you once again to L1 and L2 of A Bit of Our Life for the award! You girls are spoiling me. :)

Here are 7 facts about me:

  • I´m very petite. I´m only 5 feet tall!
  • I was a licensed chemist in my country but I worked as a processed meats taster ( among other things) for 12 years. Today, I do the tasting at home and at the local fairs here before we bring home the tasty goods. ;)
  • My favorite color is purple. My childhood girlfriends can attest to that, my wedding guests, my blogosphere friends and maybe you too, my regular blogreader. :)
  • I can´t stand overpowering scents. Perfumes are not for me and so I wear cologne.
  • I´m a hoarder. Seriously. Good thing the hubz helps with the spring cleaning sometimes. The bad thing is, he accidentally spring cleans some of  my favorite things. So I asked him to stop helping me. I also minimized my hoarding and make do of what I have now. I hope...
  • I was a bookworm until I got married. After that, I became an internet addict.
  • I love chocolates with nuts, ice cream with chunky fruits and nuts and toasted bread. Yup, I love `em crunchy. I even place diced bell peppers and carrots on my spaghetti to make it more ineteresting. ;)
I share this award to YOU who´s reading this right now because we´re all stylish in our own way! :)

Third, how´s the Christmas shopping and the Christmas Eve menu? ;)



    Friday, December 17, 2010

    Flowers Still and Eureka!


     I´ve been searching for the perfect black boots ( low-heeled and wide for my healthy calves) for a long time and yes, the hunt has finally ended. I´ve finally found the boots of my dreams! Lace-up, flat and comfy. Perfect for me. :)

    Yep, I´m still in a floral mod. Have just noted that one half of my wardrobe is filled with flowers aside from plaids. Is that good or bad?

    I´ve been collecting floral rings lately too. This ring is my latest find:

    The sweater is a bit short and so I had  to wear a longer shirt under it which is so okay because it keeps the muffin top from spilling over. hahaha

    And if you´re curious just what´s behind that door, there... take a peek!

    knit sweater- Desigual ( very old)
    skinny jeans- Zara
    boots- New Yorker
    ring- local store

    I have lime colored cushions for my dining chairs and a cluster of silvery wire balls for a lamp. The christmasy cloth has a dual purpose, table cloth and christmas decor. ;)

    So how was your week so far? My week´s probably not as hectic as yours but it has it´s ups and downs too. Here´s hoping that we´re all gonna have a relaxing  weekend!



    Wednesday, December 15, 2010

    Flowers in Winter

    Who says you can´t wear flowers in winter? I do! :) I paired a lime colored skirt  which I first wore here with an olive green sweater and lots of H&M shell bangles for that summery feel. The open toed clogs were a lucky find from the summer sales but I still tether from it because I´m slightly flatfooted.

    Looks like florals aren´t exclusive to spring anymore. In fact you can wear them the whole year round!

    knitted top- local Dep´t store
    skirt- thrifted
    shell bracelets- H&M
    necklace- gift from H
    open toed clogs- Blanco

    Try it! Or are you wearing one now? ;)



    PS: Pardon the short entry. My brain is clogged right now, must be because it´s foggy around here but I hope my photos have entertained you. haha ;)