Saturday, February 27, 2016

Stripes and Some Bell Sleeves

Hi, alllll!

Surprise, surprise and yep, I´m still alive. ;) Just popping in to let you know that bell sleeves are the  rage for spring. Here´s my version with stripes:

2016-02-12 11.08.08

Found this while looking for a black top for my uniform. I did find my black top but this also came home with me. What can I say, stripes and bell sleeves are a refreshing combo in my almost dead fashion sense nowadays.

2016-02-12 11.08.32
top- Sfera

And ...just like the saying goes: ¨When opportunity comes, take it by the horn¨.  Okay, I made that up but you get my drift, no?

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!