Monday, August 29, 2011

Surviving Summer

My go-to summer top when everything else fails. It´s long which I can pair with shorts for those sizzling(literally) hot summer days and with a pair of skinny jeans for the chilly summer days.

If I look weird in the photo below, it´s because I placed the camera on top of the ledge of the balcony  half fearing that it would fall. Haay,the things that you´d  do for a better photo.

(plaid shirt dress- Pull & Bear, bangle- Blanco, necklace- Promod)

So what´s your fave go-to summer combination?

Enjoy your week, luvlies! :)


PS: These are actually three- week old photos which I´ve forgotten to post until now. More travel photos on my next posts and expect to see a much rounder and plumplier face too. ;)

Friday, August 26, 2011

3 Things

Just before the summer ends, let me share with you the 3 things that I´m loving these days.

1. A Cheese and Fruit Platter
Summer is hot. When it´s so hot I don´t usually eat but I feel thirsty. So instead of drinking fizzy drinks why not go natural with fruits? A little cheese which is rich in calcium is also good for your bones. And if you feel just a tad classy, pair it with a galss of white wine. I know alcohol isn´t good for the skin and dehydrates the body but indulging on it once in a while doesn´t hurt much. ;)

2. Miranda Kerr´s Chic Casual Look

Dimples, killer bod, mile long legs, Orlando Bloom( hehe!) and her sense of fashion. So what´s not to love about Miranda Kerr? I´ve tried the plaid shirt dress and leather jacket look but I haven´t tried yet the stripe shirt dress and blazer ensemble that she´s wearing. Hmmm, does that mean that I´d be buying a stripe shirt dress soon? ;)

Of course, pairing it a classic structured red bag and wearing hot booties would up the chic factor too. ;)

3. My Floral & Pointed Flats

I promised myself not to buy flats anymore because I already have at least a dozen on my mini shoe closet BUT I just can´t stop myself from grabbing this pair when I saw it. It´s pointed, it has blue and maroon printed flowers which I so love ( perfect for autumn) and it was on SALE. Who doesn´t love a good bargain? ;)

So what are the 3 things that you´re loving this week?

Enjoy your weekend, luvs! :)


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blue Floral Swirls

Third day of our Galician trip was spent at Lugo. A very old city founded by the Romans which we failed to see the last time we where in Galicia.

  1. Cam whoring while waiting for a small museum to open. We didn´t get to see what´s inside because it´s reserved for the whole afternoon. At least I get to take photos outside. My photos. hehe!
  2. Admiring the graceful columns of the main musem´s ¨cloister¨. The only place where we can take photos. Most of the museums here in Spain do not allow photo taking. Too bad because I´d have shown you a lot of things.
  3. A sundial. At first sight I  blurted:¨What´s that piece of rusty blade doing at the center of an old slab with diagonal lines?¨ The hubz replied: ¨ That´s not a piece of ordinary stone, Che. That´s a sundial!¨ There. So you know now. I´ve got little imagination.Weeheehee!
  4. My swirly floral top and and mini. The top is new, the mini is old. Ten years to be exact. Now you know why it´s riding too high on my legs for my age. I think because it shrunk from too much washing or that my hips have gone more horizontal. I hope it´s the first one that did it and not the latter.
  5. My cute kiddie sandals. From Zara Kids. True!
  6. Mandarin and Strawberry ice-cream. Nuff said. Fine, so I got another cup for seconds. Dieting be damned.
  7. Roman Wall. Lugo is only city in the whole world with an intact  Roman wall which was built between the 3rd to 4th century. UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Two+ kms. long.Who the hell dares to walk on it under the midday sun? Me, me! After 200 meters I gave up. It´s too hot, I got down. The hubz finished it for me while I was cooling myself inside Zara. He got sunburned, I got sore legs. But we´re both happy. In different ways, of course. ;)
  8. The first order of the day when we arrived, an outfit photo. It was raining in La Coruna and so I wore flip flops ( don´t wanna ruin my kiddie shoes, noh!.) then changed when we arrived in sunny Lugo.
There goes my Lugo adventure.

So how´s your week. I´m so happy that the north wind has come, it cooled down things for a while. For how long, I don´t know.



Monday, August 22, 2011

Twilight at Donosti

Went to San Sebastian for a short trip. It was hot! Perfect for a white cottony top and a pair of pale pink shorts which I scored from the recent summer sales. The shorts was so tight ( from my seafood bingeing in Galicia, oh no!), I was afraid the buton will pop. Good thing it held on until we got back home. Hay!

I´m seeing square shopping totes in the stores nowadays and so it´s the time to pull out  the leather and suede bag from Zara thrifted a year ago. See? Trends do come and go and come back again. :)

Dinner was a yummy bocata with jamon asado and alcohol free mojito. Can it be called a mojito without alcohol?

Continuing on, we toured the place and the stores too and took a snap of the church steeple with my low tech camera.

We ended up on this half deserted beach which was filled up in record time, say after 10 minutes? Why? Because the best way to watch the fireworks was on the beach.

While the hubz doesn´t like the gritty sensation of the sand on his feet, I was happy stepping on it while watching the fireworks. ;)

The fireworks were a blast ashes and all, hehe. We sat near the front line --- > bad location. It´s a contest and so the participants prepared really well. That night it was Italy´s turn.

The night ended with a brisk walk towards the train station to catch the night train because we parked our car three or more towns away from the city. Parking in this city and in Bilbao is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Literally.

( top, shorts- Mango, bag-Zara, sandals- Blanco)

So that´s how one of my summer days was spent. How about yours?

We´re having a heat wave in here right now. For those who are having a cool weather, lucky you! Enjoy your day while we fan ourselves to death in this sweltering heat. lol!



Friday, August 19, 2011

At St. James

Every August, my city becomes a ghost town ( except for a number of tourist sightings) right after celebrating the fiesta. You know why? Because everybody jets off to somewhere, us included. I originally wanted to go to Rome but when the hubz said that Rome is too hot at this time of the year and tempted me with the words ¨seafood¨ and ¨cool weather the whole day¨, my thoughts on Rome took a backseat and readily said yes to Galicia instead.We stopped by La Coruña ( the region´s capital city) first and used it as a base and went to St. James of Compostela by train.

I didn´t get to photograph the whole facade of the basilica but that´s how it looks like in the first photo. It´s HUGE! The photo below is a snap shot of the St. James of Compostela skyline from the top of the basilica.

But there were a lot of things to see on the streets too:

I had my photograph taken in front of the bells ( they´re 3 actually) but ..

I didn´t ride the tram which is usually filled with tourists who hate walking while seeing the sights. This city by the way sits on top of a hill and so riding the tram is the best way to see the main spots of the city without hurting your leg muscles and feet. But as they say, the best way to enjoy the place is to walk amongst it´s people and so I huffed and puffed while doggedly following the hubz. It´s worth it because...

lunch consisted of a big platter of Seafood Paella ( a must-try) for two

and this bread which I´m still craving until now. They don´t usually serve this kind of bread in the Spanish basque region where I live and so I didn´t only pig out on  seafoods but on the bread as well. I could eat this for breakfast up to dinner.  No wonder I gained a lot of ¨poundage¨ while I was there! ;)

My outfit is similar to this. I just wore a different colored top, a yellow tote, my one and only summer hat ( all of the hats that I found are  similar to this so the practical me decided not to buy another one) and my favorite stone studded sandals of the season. When I bought this super sparkly thing, my friend commented that it looks tacky with the multiple stones. ¨I know.¨ I told her with a huge grin ¨ but I feel so comfy wearing it¨. Until now, this pair never failed me. ;)

(top- Lacoste, skirt and hat- Zara, bag- Longchamp le Pliage tote)

So how did your vacay go?



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Balenciaga Series 4

And so I´m back! :)

But before I´ll show you my latest travel photos from Galicia, let me finish first the Balenciaga Series. This would be the last part of the series. Unfortunately the gallery where the gowns were displayed was so dark, only two of the gowns photographed well. Good thing, these two are the most beautiful too. ;)

The upper portion of this gown is a ¨cloque¨. The most expensive fabric ( probably due to the embroidery, etc.) of that time. You can see more current designs and  jaw dropping dresses made from this kind of fabric at the Museé de la Mode et du Textile in Paris. This time the dresses were designed by Nicholas Ghesquière. The museum´s quite near the Louvre entrance and so you´ll never get lost. ;)

Color blocking at it´s best. This long two-piece gown was worn by the late Princess Grace of Monaco in the 1960s. Dahlings, color blocking existed a long, long time ago. As the old cliché goes: Fashion repeats itself. And so it shows. ;)

As I´ve told you before, Guetaria ( Getaria) is a small fishing village in the northern part of Spain. Here´s a snapshot of it´s port.

What I wore:

It was a super hot day when we visited the place and so  the super casual dresser that is moi wore shorts. hehe!

old silk top- Mango, shorts- H&M, bag- Longchamp le Pliage tote

So how´s your summer so far? Planning a trip somewhere or have you just had your trip like me? Please come back soon for a series of posts from the coastal part of Galicia. You´ll love it. :)

Ciao for now!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fiesta Galore

So the weeklong festivities in here ended today. I didn´t go out much to celebrate the fiesta but a well celebrated one is never complete without:

Lots of colorful balloons for the kiddies and not so kiddies

Food--- another reason to ditch the diet temporarily ;)

An odd man walking on the street offering a lot of things for a little something

Lots of things for the fashionista like these hand knitted shawls

Handmade espadrilles

and color blocked leather bracelets/bangles

Spectacular entertainment---  African music at it´s best

and fabulous street art--- freshly made.

Later during dinner with friends, I wore this:

It was a cold rainy evening and so I opted to wear my go-to  jeans and a thick top and debuted my blue bowed flats which I thrifted last year.

top- Vero Moda ( 1st worn here), jeans- Zara, shoes- vintage

To cap the night, the hubz and I watched the fireworks from our bedroom window. We´re lucky that we live near the hills where they have the fireworks but quite unlucky to live far from the main part of the city where most of the fiesta activities are concentrated. Now you know why I only have a few photos to show you. hehe!

So how´s your week in there? ;)

Hugs from here,


PS: I´m off to the northwestern part of Spain for a much needed summer holiday. Will be back soon to visit your blogs and answer your e-mails. In the meantime, allow me to photograph the Rias Baixas and visit St. James of Compostela. I shall return. Promise! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

OOTD: Checks

Howdy, all! :)

Frankly, I do not know what to write in this post because I´ve lost my writing mojo. Not that I have a lot of it anyway. hahahaha! Okay, I take that back. It´s just that my brain cells as usual have gone haywire or are still numb from lack of sleep or from the summer heat or both. So I´ll just start this post with ¨ finally I got to wear a real skirt, the flouncy one that twirls with you when you twirl around¨ and end it with ¨ let me entertain you with some photos¨.  Do I make sense?  If not, just scroll down anyway and forget what I´ve said in the beginning. ;)

clutch- Bershka

top, hat- Zara, belt- H&M, skirt- Mango

Actually, I had a walk in one of the many parks in here, listened to old classical band music played by the city band, bought some pastel vasco and a pretty leather bangle and then got lost in the festive crowd. Fiesta photos to follow in my next posts.

Now excuse me while I get lost in the crowd AGAIN. Enjoy your Sunday, luvs! :)