Friday, October 28, 2011

City Tour

More travel photos for your viewing pleasure. I hope you aren´t bored yet. ;) I wore something light and breezy  because the weather´s still summery over there except in the early mornings and late nights. So I pulled out my oldest denim skirt for the last time before letting it rest in peace for good, a V-neck white shirt and a silky scarf to make the whole outift a little bit  interesting. Never mind about the clear tights. I was already dressed up and barelegged when the hubz suddenly burst through the door( from his early morning walk), looked directly at my legs and told me: If you don´t like to have goose bumps all over your legs once we step out from the hotel door, you gotta cover them up. And so I did and I´m glad that I did!


How cute are these lamps on the streets? I want to pick one and take it home with me. Would you too?


Most of the buildings/houses in the old quarter have a balcony. So quaint, so old world, so elegant. I´m loving it!


The octagonal ceiling of the main altar of the cathedral of Valencia. Very impressive actually.


A night photo of the city market bulding. This city has class. ;)


While visiting an acient bath house, these pair of wooden bath slippers caught my attention. Looks so Japanese, no? Nope, they aren´t. ;) I think they also use this kind of slippers/ closed shoes in some parts of Galicia. In winter while walking on the snowy streets!


Finally, a pose on the door photo. My travel photos can´t be complete without me posing on a door, any door for that matter. I don´t know, I just feel that I look good photogenic while posing on doors. Bwahahaha!

( cardigan- Bershka, shirt- Zara, skirt- F21, scarf- thrifted, bag- Tous)

Don´t forget to come back. I still have a few trip photos to show you. In the meantime enjoy your weekend while I´ll wrap myself like an Eskimo. Summer´s finally gone but it was sooo good while it lasted. I even thought it wouldn´t leave. ;) Sadly, autumn didn´t arrive but we have winter with us right now and it´s giving me a headache. It´s freaking cold!

Send me a warm hug, peeps, wherever you are! ;)


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ocean Adventure

Our first morning ( we arrived here in the afternoon via high speed train from Madrid) of the trip was spent here:


Jazz kidding! ;) It was actually right below at the Oceanographic which is just beside that blue thingy above. I´ll be showing you lots of photos to compensate for my lackluster outfit which you can find at the bottom of the page. Ooops, don´t just scroll down there yet! I promise, my animal photos are much better than what I wore on this day. ;)


An hermit crab. I guess he must have been bored and so he came out of this shell and said Hi! to me. :)


On the other side of the park where the sharks. Don´t you know that they´re offering a night´s stay here to sleep with the sharks? Would you dare?


A pair of walruses.Too bad I only get to shoot their backs, you would´ve seen how long they´re tusks were. So National Geographic but slightly tame. ;)


On the same same sala was this beluga or white whale. Unlike most whales, it is capable of swimming backwards like dolphins. At first I thought it was a dolphin but no it wasn´t. It´s so white and is so graceful when she glides. I was mesmerized and spent half my of stay here trying to capture this photo because she was swimming so fast!


On the grounds were these exotic colored birds which you can´t  see, hahaha! inside this gigantic metallic cage. There was a long line to get inside this cage and see the birds. Since I got tired of waiting, I went to see the dolphins instead.


My visit ended with the dolphins. It was a good show, the dolphins were very entertaining. Aside from doing the usual flips and flops, head rolling and flapping around they also rock and rolled. Literally!


Finally, here´s the outift part. I didn´t plan well for this trip and so I just dress super casual. With a stripey candy colored top, red pants( I´ve finally found one!) and a military jacket.

P1130357 - copia (3)
( stripe top- H&M, pants- Promod, army jacket- thrifted)

So there goes my Ocean Adventure and if you haven´t guessed where I´ve been, it´s Valencia, Spain, darlings! ;)

So were did you hang around last weekend?

Warm hugs!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Missed Me?

While I was away...

I hopped on the train with the hubz and went into the land of oranges. But first, let me show you this black and white checkered chair on our sunlit hotel room. It was love at first sight. Too bad we didn´t get to bond that much because I stayed mostly outside and only get to sit on it at night right before going to bed.


Then we had to go sightseeing because that´s what most tourists do and take some photos of the marvelous landscape because again that´s what most tourists do. ;)


The afternoons were warm over there but it´s quite chilly in the mornings so I exchanged my red pants for some blue bermudas. The flats stayed with me all the time. Like always, there were lots of walking and some stairs climbling.

( top and bermudas- Pull & Bear, shoes- Ulanka, bag- Tous)

Do you know where I´ve been? If you´re Spanish/ you know where the best tasting oranges are grown heere in Spain, you´d defintely guess it by now. ;)


Sorry for not telling you about it right before we left. It was an impromptu trip and now I´m back. Have you missed me? I missed you all too! ;)

Un besito,


PS: I hope your seeing the photos because Blogger says that this post has an HTML problem. Holler at me if you can´t see the photos! ;)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Popcorn, anyone?

Yep, that´s what we had for dinner last night. Popcorn and sparkling cider wine because ya know, we´re a strange pair. So strange that we also had stuffed squid to go with it.Can you beat that? ;)

P1130282 - copia

Anyway, I´ve  found the perfect ¨open air studio¨ for my mini photo shoots last Saturday. At my backyard. Never mind that you´ll see barking dogs all the time and a dog poop bin nearby. You see, it´s a quite hilly place and with an 8 inch height difference  between my photographer and I, it´s good to know that with me on top of the hill and him just a little down below shooting my photos, I look and feel so tall. Well almost. ;)


And yep, I´m wearing autumn colors but bare legged because suddenly it feels like summer again on this town. If only my closet could talk and react, she would have a fit!

( top and skirt- Zara, bag- Blanco, shoes- thrifted)

So there went my weekend. How about yours?

Warm autumn kisses from here,


Friday, October 14, 2011

Dressing Up A Tank Top

You know me. I´m a casual dresser 99% of the time. If you´re a long time reader of this blog, you´d  know by now that I hardly  wear dresses. It´s not that I don´t want to, it´s just that I have a very casual lifestyle. I don´t work in an office, I work in the house. So almost always I´m in jeans or  in my tattered pyjamas and ratty shirt. Ooops, do I have to say that out loud!?

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that one of the best ways to chicify your tank top is to wear a chunky necklace . Duh, we know that already, Che!  I know, I know. So I´m not going to repeat it again, only the photos and twice. ;)



So how do you dress up your tank top? ;)

Enjoy your weekend, luvlies!



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Checks and Gray

Hi, everyone!

I´m not really good at layering. So this is my usual go-to outfit  when the weather turns extra chilly which did happen last Sunday. A light v-neck sweater, a dark colored scarf, a thicker pair of tights and a multi-colored wool skirt once in a while because you know, I wear jeans most of the time. Expect multiple versions of this look in my next posts. hahaha! ;)


And oh yes, I´m wearing my Rachel Berry skirt! :)



The perfect finshing touch for this look would be a leather jacket which every girl should have. Agree or disagree?  In case you´re wondering how I look in most of my photos before I select a few of them to post here, presenting my ¨ I´m not yet ready yet¨  look. Mouth open, slightly dumb expression. Bwahaha!

( v-neck, tights, bag-Zara, wool skirt- H&M)

So what´s your go-to outfit when the temperature suddenly drops? ;)



Monday, October 10, 2011

Hot Choco

What happens when the weather suddenly turns wintery from summery? A double dose of hot choco and most importantly, a drastic wardrobe change. So this was how my Saturday went. From open neck to turtleneck, in just one day.


It´s been a while since I wore this pair of shoes. What´s not to love about this choco browns?  It has a vintagey design which I find appealing and it´s the second of the only two pairs of shoes the  hubz bought me. I remember how I ¨acquired¨  these four years ago. One autumn afternoon, when the hubz came home from work, I dragged him to the shoe store downstairs ( because we lived uptairs and yep, we´re that lucky) and pointed them to him in my broken Spanish. Today, even if I´d convince him in my near-perfect Spanish to buy shoes for me again, he´d balk because my shoes have suddenly multiplied exponentially  after buying this pair. hahaha!


By the way, I´m wearing mix prints! I feel so IN right now. ;) Can you tell? ;)
( turtleneck- Mango, belt- Lefties, skirt- New Yorker)

So after  a weekend of endless hot choco, turtlenecks and scarves, we´re back to being summery again. Isn´t the weather just... fussynating?

So how´s your weekend?



Saturday, October 8, 2011

Super Matchy-Matchy

I don´t know what happened that day but I literally wore just two colors together and then off I went without a care in the world. Good thing I remembered to put on a colored bangle and bracelets on my wrists. This look isn´t so fashion, it´s ¨fast yawn- aka boring¨  but I couldn´t care less and I was happy. See what I mean in these photos? ;)





What I only wanted was to wear this long denim skirt and the rest was an afterthought. Pardon the fashion faux pas, I promise to dress like this... more. lol!

Enjoy your weekend, luvs! :)



Thursday, October 6, 2011


Let´s do nails today because I just got myself a pedicure. I rarely paint my fingernails ( Hello, neverending house chores!) but I do paint my toenails because I usually wear sandals, flip flops or open toed shoes on those very hot days. So I make sure that my toenails are clean and painted most of the time. FYI ( as if you didn´t know, hehe!) our feet needs  pampering too and yes, some breathing space so it can relax and that includes your toenails! :)


I don´t know what´s this color called but it looks like teal so teal it is. :) I bought it from a newly opened Italian cosmetics store here called Kiko Make Up Milano which has pocket friendly prices for a budget conscious gal like me. For a 30 ml (0.37 fl oz)  bottle, it only cost me 2.50 euros, double way much cheaper than say buying a bottle in Sephora or Chanel! I used two coatings and topped it with a glossy nail color from Maybelline.


When you wear a dark shade, choose a light colored or neutral sandals for maximum effect. This color is so autumn-ish. So I´d say that I´m on trend with this one, hehe.


So what are you painting your nails today?



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One Hot Day

A spur of the moment trip for us is driving into the woods and if that fails, bungee jumping. Hahaha! Just kidding on that last one. ;)  Anyway, when the flat starts to get stuffy in the afternoon, we usually escape to the nearby towns and vineyards.


First stop was the hubzy´s favorite hangout place in the La Rioja Alavesa region, Laguardia. Although I´ve   already featured this place in passing in one of my earlier posts, I  forgot to show you something cute which I think every fashionista would love. Presenting the bags...


and the shoes. Too bad they´re permanently stuck on the table and are made of iron. There´s zero chance for anyone to grab a piece of bag or a pair of shoes or both and take them home as souvenirs. I´d be the first one if it´s allowed! ;)


Then off we went pincho(tapa) hunting. It´s what´s Spain´s famous for aside from paella and football. ;)



A delicious tapa/pincho is best eaten with a glass of La Rioja Alavesa wine in one hand.


Much, much later, we stopped by El  Puerto Herrera which overlooks La Rioja-Alavesa. And yep, more picture taking too. ;)


I´m loving loose and very light tops with jeans these days ( what´s new?) and so it´s time to recycle this simple yellow number which I first wore here. Close-up of the bangle here if you´re interested. Wearing a multi-colored bangle is my way of dressing up an otherwise boring outfit. ;)

( top- H&M, jeans- Zara, leather sandals- Pull& Bear)

Ah summer, I do love thee but you´re starting to suffocate me. You´re overstaying , ya know.

So how´s your week? I hope you all liked the photos! :)

Still sunny kisses from here,


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flower Puff Girl

I was thinking of wearing a long denim skirt but couldn´t find a suitable top for it at the last minute. Good thing this light knitted dress came to the rescue because we´re running late as usual and the rest just sorta followed. 


Sorta followed means wearing this pair of  multi-colored floral earrings and ...

floral earrings

this green bag whose color is so out of sync with my earrings and the floral pin of  my dress. ;)


Oh well at least it slightly matches my sandals. ;) ---> That´s the matchy-matchy ME thinking out loud. As usual, this is an impromptu outfit. And if you´re wondering why I´m still not bundled up unlike the rest of the gang here in this side of the world, it´s because it´s still summer here in Spain. Literally!

( knit dress- Zara, bag- Bershka,)

What are you wearing today?

Sunny kisses from here,