Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tie Dyed

Hello, hello!

Indoor photos yet again for today. Yesterday, I had a nice set of outdoor photos for posting but due to aaah... a major technical glitch ( that is to say, I accidentaly pressed the multiple delete button while deleting some photos from the cam, hehe!) my lovely photos were gone in a blink of an eye. *sniffs* Lesson learned. Next time, I´ll have to be more careful in deleting photos directly from the camera.

Anyway, while looking for something to wear yesterday, I´ve found this tie dyed skirt  ¨ in the bowels¨ of my closet. If I remembered right, I bought this last year from the thrift shop.

It´s cottony soft, stretchy, very comfy and perfect with a fitted white top. I tried this with a camisole and it looks good but I can´t show you the whole look. Prudish me isn´t that adventurous, hehe! What made me buy this skirt was this cute print at the bottom. Pretty, no?

So as I´ve been saying over and over again  in this blog, if you´re on a tight budget, shop inside your closet. We don´t really need to buy anything new to wear unless we really need it and not just wanting it. Ooops, by the way, the sales season is just starting. Careful, careful with the wallet! ;)

Hugs from here,


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three Things

I´m loving this week:


Lily Cole and her pink bag.  I´ve got a soft spot for Lily and structured bags. She´s got the beauty and brains and that bag she´s wearing is roomy and a classic. Perfect! Does anybody know what brand this is?

Photo source and story here.


Back home, I was hooked on imported bottled Puttanesca sauce.  I didn´t know it was so easy to prepare until I found this recipe here!

To add:

1. Use very ripe tomatoes. You can also add a little tomato sauce and/or pasta water if you want to maintain the sauce´s consistency.
2. You can add more anchovies for that richer taste.
3. You can use dried chili flakes instead of whole chili but but don´t put a lot unless you want your sauce to be very spicy.


I don´t normally wear scarves but I love collecting them. Here´s my latest:

Love, love the powder blue and orange combo of the print.The best part is... it´s thrifted! ;)

So what are you loving this week?



Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Green

I don´t know why but I´ve been buying a lot of of green lately. It´s not my favorite color but it emanates that positive vibe which I think everyone should have. Maybe because it signifies life and hope. Moreover, green is the color of summer. Just look around you, aren´t all the trees green?

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”
--- Pedro Calderon de la Barca quotes (Dramatist and poet, the greatest Spanish playwright of the Golden Age, 1600-1681)

This post is for you, Jing! Because you inspired me to wear green. ;)

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flowers and Safari

Summer officially started yesterday but I still can´t get enough of floral prints. Maybe because everywhere I go around here I still see roses in full bloom and I love roses. Do you love roses too?

So while everybody is going gaga with color blocking, I´m still gaga with flowers, hehe.

 floral top- Mango

Just  had to wear this army green skirt for a bit of summery look which makes me remember of African safaris although khaki or beige is best for the African heat. I think.

skirt- Pull & Bear

A little green clutch would do. Gals, we don´t need a huge bag for summer unless we go to the beach. ;)

So there goes my outfit for  today. Something casual but always comfy. IN and almost OUT of trend.

So what are you wearing today?



Monday, June 20, 2011


Howdy, howdy!

Yesterday was a sunny day. Too sunny in fact that I got so lazy to go out. Well, we did went to mass to this old place up in the mountains with an interesting view of the city but I forgot to take my cam so no photos. Boo!

Later in the afternoon and still sunny, I got bored staying indoors, called my friend and we met up outside for a long walk and a visit to the local fair. ( and forgot to bring the camera again, hehe! )

Then the hubz said: I thought you wouldn´t want to go out!
Me: Well, I changed my mind. ( insert sheepish grin here)
Hubz: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Women!

Bwahahaha! :)

So this was what I wore:

bow shirt- Zara ( summer sales last year)

old  belt- Mango ( summer sales from 3 years ago)

The belt´s fuschia in color. It just came out red in the photo. Since I was wearing black and white, I used a colored belt to break up the classic colors that I was wearing.

bailarinas- H&M, ring- local store

So how was your Sunday, luvs? Belated Happy Father´s Day to all the Daddys out there! :)



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Visiting the Vineyards

A sunny afternoon only means one thing. Travel. It doesn´t matter if it´s just around the neighborhood. It´s the thought and the fun that goes with it that counts! ;)

I´m so lucky that in less than an hour from the city where I live, I get to see grapevines rolling down the hills.

top- Mango

The grapes are still green and tiny. You can´t hardly see them unless you click the photo below twice. ;)

This denim dress that I´m wearing is actually a maxi skirt. I just hiked it up and voila, I´m wearing a strapless dress! One of the advantages of being petite. The thing is, the skirt/dress kept falling down and so I also kept pulling it up while walking. Ngeeh! Good thing I was wearing a short sweater over it and so I was saved from having the ultimate wardrobe malfunction. hahaha!

skirt/dress- local store, bag-from Morocco, leather bracelet and ring- local fair

sandals- Blanco

As we travel along the evergreen hills and mountains while listening to the car radio ( isn´t this nice, too?), we also get to see small quaint towns ( double click photo for larger view) which are so picture-perfect on their own and...

I even get to pose beside an olive tree!

And rested on a thousand year burial place. ;)

Later, we visited the remains of an old Roman bridge and capped the day with a late dinner of tapas/pinchos in Haro. Well that´s another story. So you see, you don´t have to go that far to see lots of beautiful places. Look around you. I´m sure just nearby, you could chance upon a lovely spot which you´ve never seen before. ;)

Happy weekend, luvs!



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Preppy and Rocker

What I wore in one of those chilly days last week:

The weather last week was ambivalent. It went from sunny to autumn-like chilly in a span of .. one day. huh!It´s a good thing that I still have my sweaters with me all the time. By the way, I decided to pair the preppy ensemble with a leather skirt for that pseudo rocker look. Epic fail. Bwahaha!

stripes long sleeves polo- U2
sweater- Mango
leather skirt- New Yorker

No photos of the shoes because I wasn´t wearing any when I took these photos. Well, I did wore something but you don´t want to see my calf stockings and pink flip flops, do you? ;)

So how are things there at your side?



Monday, June 13, 2011

That Floral Dress

When the hubz and I visit places, it is de rigueur that I also visit the shops after we visit all the museums and all the important places there are to see in that place. After all, walking with him non-stop and not complaining even if my legs are sore ( that´s why I ALWAYS wear flats when we travel) deserves a little reward, no? So while visiting Palencia last January, I snucked in at Bershka.

They´re having a winter sale but  a girl´s gotta be prepared fro the sunny and warm days and so I tried this floral dress on. ;)

I sorta missing my short wavy hair and bangs coz right now I look like a witch with my long wavy hair, hehe! Should I cut it again or shouldn´t I?

So anyway since this dress was on sale, I just can´t say no and bought it. I haven´t debuted this yet and it´s been sitting ¨crumpled¨ in my closet for more than five months now. Hmmm, I wonder what I should wear with it.

Any ideas? ;)

I hope you had a lovely weekend, dahlings!



Friday, June 10, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout.

Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain.

So the itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the spout again!

Love the song so much especially on rainy days. It makes me remember my happy childhood days of non-stop playing without a care in the world. Which is probably why I bought this ring even if I´m wary of spiders!

So what´s your fave nursery song?

Happy weekend y´all! :)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lake Landa

Warning: Picture heavy post

What to do on a hot and lazy afternoon? The city where I live lies in the middle of huge mountains.Quite enchanting to see and visit but if you feel like going to the beach, you´ve got to travel at least an hour or so to see one. So the old folks around here decided to flood a small town and and convert the place into something nice and relaxing where you can have boat rides once in a while aside from taking a dip. And that my darlings was how the artificial lake was born. ;)

I got so lazy to dress up and so I didn´t change but wore what I was already wearing at home. The lightest shirt that I could find, a pair of flip flops and...

yup, some tattered cut-offs for casual fun.

Of course, a picnic on the lake is not complete without some chow.

And still more chow, hehe.

The water´s cold after some toe dipping and so this was how far I went on the water, at the shoreline. lol!

But I did walk and strut at the side of the lake to burn calories from the bread and paté that I munched a while ago.

By sunset, the lake changes into this:

So beautiful, no? So that´s how I spent one my afternoons last week.

top- Mango
cut-offs, multi-colored belt- Lefties
flip flops- Ipanema
hat- Zara

What about you in there?



Monday, June 6, 2011

Nude, Florals and Denim

I finally debuted my new shoes  yesterday. And the short denim jacket too. Both to church paired with an Alexander Wang-ish lambskin summer bag which I´ve had for five years now.

After looking at the photo below, I can´t help but notice that I´m beginning to look exactly like my mother. So round, I even have her legs. lol! Don´t we all at some point in our lives? ;)

Love the slightly flirty flare of this floral dress. I usually cover the upper arms when I wear this dress because the gartered sleeves is a bit tight making my arms look like freshly wrapped spring rolls, hehe. A short jacket is really handy when it comes to this type of ah... situation. ;)

So yeah, I debuted two things yesterday and I felt so girly while walking in the sun. Makes we want to wear skirts more now that the sun is up for good.

dress- Bershka
denim jacket- Pull & Bear
bag- Mango
shoes- local Spanish store

Have you worn anything new today?



Saturday, June 4, 2011

Leather and Lace

I first wore this leather shorts here. Since the cool weather still allows me to wear one without sweating like hell, I decided to excavate it under a pile of  jumbled skirts and pair it with a lace top which I´ve had for like six years already. Hehe, the top still fits. Good, good... just don´t breathe, Che.

This lacey top is see-through and so I needed a black camisole to preserve my uhurm dignity because... I´m a prude. hehehe!

And last but not least, I paired the whole outfit with white sandals to break the monotonous all-black color.

So would you wear leather right now?

Enjoy your weekend, my loves! I´ll be spending mine baking cassava/yucca pudding from scratch for the very first time. Wish me luck! :)