Monday, April 29, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Florals, Flats and Mustard


Last week, I was able to sneak in a spring inspired outfit just before the weather turned wintery cold  for the nth time again. Something breezy, light and colorful, perfect for a late afternoon walk in the park and flats for comfy feet.


When it´s sunny and warm outside, I can´t be bothered with a jacket but I usually bring a light cardigan with me to put on once the temperature drops after the sun sets. Just tie it around your neck and it completes the whole look! Good fashion thinking, no? ;)

floral top(old)- Mango, skirt- New Yorker, cardigan- Zara,  bag- Massimo Dutti, flats- local store
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Enjoy the week, y´all!



Friday, April 26, 2013

Flyday Fridays: At the Moorish Baths

Hello, hello!


The Alcazar of Jerez , formerly a Moorish fortress and now a housing park is one of the best places to visit after a winery tour in Jerez. At the patio, you´re greeted with these tall palm trees and cypress which can also be found in the garden of the palace.


The old palace also has an olive press/ museum where you can see how olive oil was extracted in the olden days right before it became mass prodcuced in modern factories.


Fronting the garden where the ruins of the baths once used by the Moors and when you´re on top, you can also see the Jerez skyline. It was drizzling and windy, hence, bad hair day for me too as you can see. ;) I wore animal prints to offset the basic colors that I was wearing.

top- New Yorker, pants- Promod, bag-Longchamp, booties- Mango


I´m loving these sculpted horses on the patio, they look so alive! :)


More Andalusian photos to follow in my next travel posts, I hope you aren´t tired of  southern Spain yet. ;) In the meantime, I hope you´ll have a sunny weekend ahead. We´re back to winter mode here again in the north. It´s too bad because we´re having a fiesta weekend but as usual the weather´s not cooperating. :(

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Hugs to all! :)


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIWW: Cyan and Tiered

Holaaa! :)


Now that we have more sunny days than wintery days( spring´s gone somewhere, hehe!), I can go barelegged but still cover my arms because it still gets chilly in the afternoon. I´m also starting to incorporate lighter colors in my wardrobe like this cardigan in cyan( yep, it´s a color!) and this tri-colorblock clutch. This is my spring clutch and so expect to see more of this in my future outfit posts until I find a new one. :)

necklace- H&M
We shot these photos in one of the parks here last week . The hubz was taking my pictures quietly when suddenly four hyperactive dogs( two were fighting on my front while the other two were at the back) came from nowhere. I feigned as if everything was normal but inside I was scared and felt like getting up in a flash and run for my life, lol!

dress- Pull&Bear, cardigan- Zara, hat- H&M, clutch- Blanco
And now for the blooper shot, that´s me and the hubz´shadow. His shadow pops up once in a while in the blog. ;)


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Happy Wednesday, dahlings! :)



Monday, April 22, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Being a Woman


Today on AGM, let´s talk about US. Yes, US, girls. Do you know that we ourselves can be our very own harsh critics when it comes to perceiving our very own beauty? Watch this enlightening video to know that  how we see ourselves may always not be the same as how others see us. :)

I love being a woman except when having my period or when I´m PMSing. Nowadays, we have more rights than say a century ago. We can vote, have the right to make our own decisions and a lot of us even have the right to run our own lives! Indeed, the independent woman has come a long way. Fashionwise, I love that I can even wear pants and still look pretty and nice. A few men would dare to wear a skirt and look good wearing it. ;)

jeggings- Primark, sweater- H&M, bag- Misako, scarf- local store
And just for fun, here´s a parody of the first video. Prepare to laugh your heart out and roll on the floor until your belly aches! :)

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Happy Monday, luvlies and be proud of what you are! :)



Sunday, April 21, 2013

Food Weekened: Lunch in Colors

Lunch yesterday:

lunch (2)

Because I love my white rice even if they say brown rice is healthier, because I need my Omega 3 and I want it griled and because we all need fiber and I love it with color. :)

Bon appétit!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Flyday Fridays: Wine Barrels

Hi, there! :)

Today´s theme on Flyday Fridays is about the thousands of sherry/brandy barrels which we saw at the sherry bodega (winery) in Jerez owned by the  Gonzalez-Byass company, the makers of the world famous sherry brand, Tío Pepe. Let me show you first this blackened courtyard, the first thing that we saw when we started our tour at the bodega. At first, we thought that this area was burned down by fire but it turned out that the darkened walls is a caused by the accumulation soot resulting from the distillation process that has been going on for years in the oldest part of the bodega.


I got fascinated by the HUGE amount of oak barrels at almost every corner of the bodega and by the way, they also make brandy.


This room is very interesting, it´s got all the barrels marked with every country´s name in the world. Amazing!


Wine, sherry and brandy are usually aged in oak barrels but this one was an exception, in cherry wood barrels.


This bodega is very famous, it gets lots of visits from famous celebrities, politicians and even royalty all the time! One of them was:


I also get to photograph( blurred, hehe!) the signature of this famous director :


and a clearer picture of one of my best directors of all time!


And lastly, this wasn´t what I wore in Jerez, this is what I wore yesterday. A cropped tweed blazer which I got on sale and a preppy look of black and white stripes and gray. I needed to wear layers because the temperature´s dropped  from 27 C to 10 C. I know, so weird but that´s how the weather rolls in here. ;)

top- Zara, sweater- local store, jacket- Blanco
This is just a preliminary post of what´s to come soon. Watch out for that. In the meantime, have a rad weekend, everyone! Linking up with the Tiny Heart & The Penniless Socialite´s Look What I Got Link Up. Join us! :)



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIWW: Pajama Dressing


Just had to post this pics before the hot the season finally begins! Oh well, it´s already started in here last weekend but just before that, it was cold and rainy. One of those wet days, I wore this short peacoat for the last time, a fitting adieu to winter.


By the way, is pajama dressing still in? I still can´t stop my printed pants mania so here´s my latest in paisley( from the winter sales as usual). I paired it with a pastel blue, high neck DYIed ( it was originally a turtleneck, I cut 1/2 of the neckline) sweater for that touch of spring, wore my pearls and finished the look with a silver clutch.


My upper front and lower back photos. ;)


The coat has a rich aubergine color( it looks like dark brown, no?) but my camera doesn´t do vivid colors very well so I asked help from Flicker´s Aviary to enhance photoshop these photos, hehe. Oh, how I missed my old trusty Lumix! :(


So how do I look? ;)


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Happy Wednesday, everyone!



Monday, April 15, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Double Denim and Tying Scarves


Today on Anything Goes Monday let´s talk about how Tom Cruise is rocking the double denim trend. Like it? ;)

Tom Cruise in Double Denim

Photo source and story here.

And here´s my slightly quirky version  using a dotted chambray top:


If your a follower of my WIWW posts every Wednesday, you might have already seen this look but for those who are new in the blog, here´s the complete outfit. :)

As for scarf wearers and lovers out there, if you´re tired of the having the same style of tying everyday, try folding your square scarf horizontally, tie it around your neck and spread the edges like a fan like this:

scarf- Bershka( SS2011)
This type of tying will look best if your scarf is made of cotton/polyester so that it can hold on it´s own. For ways on how to tie a scarf in different sizes, here´s my favorite scarf tying video from the cute, lovely and funny Wendy of Wendy´s Lookbook. Enjoy and learn a lot from her, I did! :)

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Enjoy your week, dahlings! :)

Love, love


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Food Weekened: My Andalusian Meal

Hello, all!

Most hotels usually offer breakfast buffets (sometimes at exhorbitant prices) but since we usually have a light breakfast to start our day, we have it at a nearby cafe or bar. Here´s what we had in Andalusia:

Mollete sandwich +freshly squeezed orange juice + coffee/tea -mollete is a type of flat bread which is usually toasted to make it crusty on the outside but chewy and smooth to the bite inside. To make the perfect sandwich, it´s slathered with extra virgin olive oil+ a slice of tomato and lots of jamon serrano slices. A simple mollete sandwich consist of  just the bread and slices of jamon serrano only.


Our lunch in Cádiz consisted of:

breaded squid rings as starters


and seafood paella as the main dish. It´s perfect with a bottle of cold  beer or glass of cold dry sherry too! In summer, I´d have this with  sangría which isn´t just common in the south but in all of Spain. :)


Dinner is usually light when we travel, we had:

chocos en pimenton y aceite de oliva ( cuttlefish in paprika and olive oil)


or just plain pan-grilled in olive oil with a serving of salad


and here´s something exotic tasting but very delicious, croquettes made up of the meat of a bull´s tail. Yep, you read that right, meat from a bull´s tail. It has quite a strong taste but so yummy and only from the south of Spain. ;)


We´re usually full after dinner so we don´t usually eat dessert but that doesn´t stop me from having a scoop or two of ice-cream when we roam around. Mmmmm!


So that´s it. Now you know, what to order when you get stranded in the south of Spain. ;)

So what´s for lunch/dinner tonight?



Friday, April 12, 2013

Flyday Fridays: Cádiz

Hi, luvlies!

As promised, here´s part 1 of my recently concluded Andalusian trip. I´m sharing with you just a small part of Cádiz, the capital city of Cádiz in Spain. It´s one of the oldest cities in southwestern Europe. The first thing that caught my eye when I stepped down from the train were the palm trees. This type of  tree is a rarity in the northern part of Spain where I live, hahaha!

facade of  the city hall of Cádiz
The main quarters have neatly lined streets and the apartments (piso in Spanish) buildings have small balconies jutting out which remind me of Valencia and in some parts of La Coruña and Vigo in the Galician region.


The Cathedral of Cádiz originally built in baroque style but finished in the neoclassical stylen is one of the city´s  famous landmarks.


We climbed up one of the towers and here´s what welcomed us at the top, the bells:


and the Cathedral´s cupola:


And the photo sessions began. It was quite windy up there and when the hubz was trying to take photos through my phone ( my phone takes better and vivid photos than my camera, I swear!), a strong gust of wind   tilted the phone and this is the result, his and her´s footwear:


Luckily, we´re able to have a decent head shot while I was trying to hold  my hair to keep it from flying all over my face. ;)


The city´s skyline:


and the city´s shoreline still from the top of the tower:


Finally, here´s a candid shot of my what I was wearing that day:


It was matchy-matchy, hehe and I wore sneakers for the rain and walking. I wore mostly chambray tops during my trip( this time in a darker shade from the sales again) and a short tweed-looking knitted cardigan. The floral silver ring was my only accesory for spring. ;)

More travel photos in the next Friday travel posts. I´ve got a lot to share with you not only from the Spanish south but from my place too. Thanks for reading and see you soon!



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