Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My New Transition Piece

I´m so ready for Christmas. In fact, I´m wearing red today for tomorrow which is December 1. Red and stripes, oh yes! ;)


The first time I saw this striped shirt from Zara, I fell in love with it because it worked wonders on my small shoulders (a petite pear shaped gal´s delimma).  See the sleeves down there? Cute, no? ;)


Moreover, this is my perfect casual transition piece from spring to autumn, and when it gets really cold, I just throw a thick sweater/sweatshirt  over it  and a scarf, et voila, I´m ready to go! ;)

pants- Promod, boots- New Yorker, top- Zara,  sweater- El Corte Inglés)

So what´s your transition piece?



Sunday, November 27, 2011

About Last Night

Had an all-nighter with my girlfriends last night. By that I mean, a Chinese dinner buffet, non-stop dancing and some tequila shots until the wee hours of the morning. I´m surprised I still got home in one piece and not in all fours. ;)

Nov. 26, 2011-1

This is how I do the layering, something long, something short, some knits and then some leather on top. I wore flats for the non-stop dancing at the club. My outfit´s so tame compared the othe girls´ but when it´s almost freezing out in the street, comfort´s gotta come first before anything else! :)

Nov. 26, 2011-2

Here´s what I wore inside the layers. Just don´t stare at the middle because that´s either my shirt or the Chinese food which I had for about , eherm., 3 helpings. Nyeeh!

Nov. 26, 2011-3
( velvet pants- Zara, bag- Springfield)

So how´s your weekend? ;)



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That Safari Summer

While browsing through my summer photos from my trip in Galicia last summer of this year, I found this:


Las Islas Cies ( Cies Islands), a 3-island archipelago off the coast of Pontevedra which belongs to the municipality of Vigo. It was declared a Nature Reserve in 1980. From the port, we walked 3.5 kms upwards reaching do Faro ( Lighthouse Island) stopping once in a while to admire the beaches and the mountain peaks.


At the top of do Faro, there were only a few of us ( it was another upward climb about 300 meters to the top). You can see and feel all the tranquility around you save for a few sightings and cries of sea gulls on the rocks.  


It was so beautiful out there, you´re looking at pure nature mostly untouched but greatly admired from afar.


Now leaving you a b/w photo of  me at the top while I continue to daydream about this place in this cold time of the year:

( hat- Zara, top- Pimkie, shorts- Mango)

So what are your memories from last summer?



Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chains, Leather and Plaids

Trying to look ¨ fierce¨ today with chains, leather and bad hair. Oooops, that isn´t fierce at all. Hahaha! My hair isn´t normally this frizzy, it was the wind. Although it looks like the day is sunny, it´s actually windy and cold. Brrr!


And... while trying to look for a perfect background for the photos, my photographer aka the hubz asked me to post beside the red wall column and then later, just for his fun...


beside a kiddie slide just below Mr. Pirate´s headshot while laughing at me all the way. So cruel, no? Good thing there weren´t any children around, or else, they would have complained  because we´ve invaded their  playground. ;)


( turtleneck , bag and tights- Zara, skirt-Promod, shoes, necklace and jacket- local brand)

Chains, leather and plaids. I wore all of these today. What about you? ;)



Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back To Basics

So yes, I´m back to my old jeans and stripes again. My ¨photo studio¨ has been converted into a stockroom, so pardon the mess. And those red and blue things over there on the picnic table are yup, Ikea cookies ( ginger and sweet oatmeal)! I don´t know why but whenever we stop by Ikea which is once in a blue moon by the way, I always end up with cookies on both hands. Those and the toasted onions. Please tell me I´m not the only one who does this. ;)


Anyway, I found this old rose flower ring the other week when I snucked in at one of those random stores in the mall. Forgot the brand but they do have cute accessories. Love the color too!


So here I am, trying to show you  some ¨what I wore¨ photos just so I can post something new. Sneaky, no? Bwahahaha! At least I wore a classic, comfortable aubergine boots. ;)


So what do you usually post when you´ve got nothing interesting to talk about?

Just asking,


Monday, November 14, 2011

Windy Sunday

It was a very windy day yesterday(Sunday). I can clearly hear the wind howling and the blinds tremble when the wind moved from one part of the building to the other. So it´s just right to wear something that wouldn´t give you an unexpected ¨Marilyn Monroe moment¨ on the street. That means not wearing a flouncy skirt nor a fancy dress but ... a pair of leather shorts. Ngeeeh!



I decided to mix my prints that day. A subtle combo of stripes and dots. Sounds good,no? Try it! :) By the way, the yellow thing that you´re going to see on my back in the next photo isn´t part of my hairdo. It´s a tree branch! Just so you´ll know. ;)

(blazer- Zara, knitted top-H&M, boots- New Yorker, leather shorts- locals store)

Enjoy your week, girls and lots of luck on whatever your plans are! :)



Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello, Goodbye

Do you remember this old backdrop? If you´re a long time reader of mine, you would know. If you´re new here, well, it´s my old posing wall at our old flat. ;)


These photos were taken a month ago, hehe, I know so late, when we´re getting rid of the things left from this flat a year ago. Imagine how dusty it was, I didn´t go home as fresh as I looked in this photo, I tell ya.

(dress-Bershka, cardigan- Sfera)

Well, I´ve had a quite hectic week. Whew, I´m so glad it´s fly day Friday! Tomorrow, I´m gonna rest and maybe sleep all day. ;) In the meantime, I´m leaving you a window display photo of the Louis Vuitton store at Valencia. That´s right dearies, those are eggs! Hmmm, I wonder what´s hatching at LV nowadays. ;)


Enjoy your week, luvs!



Tuesday, November 8, 2011


A  very late recap of the last day of  my ¨vacación valenciana¨  about three weeks ago. Oh my, how time flies! Anywayz, here it goes:

My mornings at Valencia always started with a super sized glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I tell ya, after tasting this juice, you´ll nevah go back to drinking your old brand of orange juice again. It´s addicting and it´s fresh!  ;)


Now that and this GINORMOUS piece of croissant. Now you know why I have a rounded belly in almost all of my pictures. ;)


So anywayz again, the old town girl in me wanted to see where the oranges are grown and so the hubz took me outside of the city via the tram to do some orange orchard hopping and had a photo shoot there. Yes, I´m that plain and boring. hahaha!


By the way, the day before this we went to Albufera Nature Reserve. A saltwater lagoon and estuary situated about 11 kilometers from the south of the city of Valencia.It´s quite an interesting place if you love canooing-- in my case just sitting on a small boat  and birdwatching.


Now back to the oranges and my outfit, most the oranges were still green when we were there although a few have already ripened and fell on the ground. I was really tempted to pick one fruit from the tree but ooops, off limits! Just look, you can touch but don´t pick. So I just looked at them longingly. hehehe! As for what I was wearing, I decided to channel a very casual nautical look. Red, blue and white stripes and with  a yellow scarf for color blocking at the same time. ;)

(V-neck sweater- Mango, stripe inner top- Zara, red jeans- Promod, scarf- local store)

So this ended my Valencia chronicles but I still do have a lot of photos to share. Expect some travel photos to pop once in a while in my future posts.

Ciao for now and I hope you´re enjoying your week out there!



Saturday, November 5, 2011

Domingo at Coimbra

On our second day at Coimbra I decided to debut my short faux leather skirt which I bought from the summer sales this year. I´m glad that it matches with my flats too. ;)


I bought this brooch the day before at Coimbra. When  I was at the store, I was torn between the sunflower and this which would be perfect to wear to an old world place such as Coimbra. In the end, I bought both but I chose to wear this to visit the old quarters and  the Roman Ruins.

(brooch- Sfera)

By the way, every morning we wake up to this view from the terrace of our hotel. Isn´t that amazing? Too bad we only spent two nights here.


I won´t be showing you  photos of Coimbra because I´ve already posted something about this place last year. You can have a look here where also my hair was also a lot shorter. I so missed that hair.

( top, bag- Zara, skirt- Bershka, flats- HM, scarf- local store)

Like what I´ve told you in my last post, it´s quite chilly in the morning and so I nice knitted coat and colorful knitted scarf would be sufficient to keep me warm until the temperature rises. ;)

(coat- New Yorker)

Our day usually ended at the mall and dinner would be a crusty loaf of whole meal/fiber bread stuffed with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto dressing and a glass of carrot based multi-vitamin juice.We bought these at a food stall called Vitamins at the mall . So healthy and tasty at the same time. Yum! 


I still owe you some photos of my Valencia trip two weeks ago. I´ll do that next week, okay? If you´ll see indoor photos of me soon it´s because we´re having a very rainy weekend in here. It´s hard to take photos outside when all you ever want is snuggle in bed, eat and watch tv. :)

So how´s your Saturday so far?

Cold hugs from here,


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

At the Templar´s Portuguese Convent

I´m telling you about my short trip to Portugal  backwards because the best part happened on the last day of the trip aside from witnessing a real bird poop shower on the road near the Spanish- Portuguese border on our first day and getting lost while looking for our hotel in Coimbra. So on our last day( on our way back to Spain), we stopped by two historic sights one of which was at Batalha and the other one which I´m showing you below was the Convent of the Monastery of Christ ( Convento de Cristo) in Tomar, an original Templar stronghold in the 12th century.


Anyway, like in Valencia, it´s chilly in the morning but as the day progresses on, the temperature can reach up to 22 ºC. I still wore a scarf because it´s the perfect accessory for a simple outfit and the most important part is --> it concealed my growing muffin top from eating too much butter (they serve it there every day from breakfast to dinner, whoa!) and leitao(sucking/roast pig). And oh my, there goes my hand(right) AGAIN! lol!


This was taken at the higest part of the convent. By the way, this is gigantic and intricately designed building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


So there went my Halloween holiday. So how was your Halloween? ;)



Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Portuguese Weekend

Hi, everyone!

Just came back from a weekend getaway at Portugal. We´re having a long holiday here in Spain and so I spent most of it at Coimbra(Portugal) and then had a stopover at this place, the Roman Ruins at Conimbriga. It was incredible!

P1130585 - copia

More photos to follow soon. In the meantime, I need my beauty szzzzleep. Talk with you soon! ;)