Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lady of the Rings

This gotta be my cheesiest title post ever. Bwahahaha! Anyway, since I´m feeling really lousy today to take an outfit photo, might as well share with you some of my ring collection. I think most of my ¨pin¨ money went into this but it´s worth it, at least for me. :)

local store

local store

local store

local store

local store

Bijou Brigitte

Bijou Brigitte

I have a confession to make, I´m a serious bling collector. I collect everything that is chunky and glittery even if it´s not gold. Maybe because I was born under the sign of the Rat. You know, hoarder. Ngeeh!


I still have a lot more to share but I  don´t wanna keep you tied up from your daily blog hopping session due to the excessive photo overload of this post. So here´s  a parting shot of my fave of the favorites that I love wearing nowadays:

I don´t even understand the half-heart swirling floral pattern that it has but what drew me into this ring is the peachy- orangey- pinky-bronzey-silvery combination which is unique and at the same time girly.

So how a bout you? Are you a ring collector or a something else hoarder? ;)



Monday, September 27, 2010

10 Things and An Award

This is a long overdue thanks to the lovely Sweet of  Confessions of a Drama Queen  for giving me this award:

Thanks, Sweet! ;)

With this, I´m supposed to list 10 things that makes me happy. Instead, I´m listing 10 things that I´m loving right now in no particular order. Let´s get the ball rolling, shall we? ;)

1. Chocolate Painted Toenails

Perfect for my burnt bronze feet, don´t you think? ;)

2. Japanese Street Style Fashion

When looking for inspiration on how to dress up casually, I always go to Style Arena. Tokyo´s major street style fashion site. The Japanese really know their fashion.

3. Daniel Henney

He´s an American-Korean famous model and actor. He is FABULOUS, appeared as Agent Zero in the movie X-Men Origins:Wolverine and cute in the Korean bilingual movie Seducing Mr. Perfect. You can watch the trailer here. He´s my no. 2 crush, the hubz comes 1st of course. ;)

4. Unakite Necklace

A gift from my friend H when she visited her home country Lebanon. She told me it was handmade by a friend of hers who´s a stone collector. All the more sweeter. :)

Unakite has a special significance:

¨ Belief also prevails of its property to help release conditions that have been inhibiting personal growth. It helps people to live in the present and not to dwel (as usual) in the past. The soothing energy of the stone, like magic, insure healthy reproductive system, particularly in women.¨

My friend knows me well. Thanks, H! :)

  5. Chocolate Cupcakes

I can eat these everyday (sans that creamy choco frosting). I want my cupcakes simple and uncomplicated, hence, without the creamy icing on top. That way I can save lots of calories even if I binge on them non-stop for days. Fine, who am I kidding? haha!

6. Spaghetti Bolognese

Instead of oregano I use basil and added diced bell peppers and carrots for that extra crunch when you bite. I had spaghetti bolognese for three days in a row since last Friday and I´m still craving for it until now. Oh so greedy me, that´s why I´ll always continue to be round... in the face, in the middle and in almost everywhere. ;)

Update: I had to remove the spaghetti photo because of copyright infringement. Sorry about that.

7. Lace up Booties

They´re by Erdem. Brown and paint splattered. Perfect for stepping on those reddish- brown autumn leaves on the street. ;)

8. Layering and the Leather Jacket

Except for Chanel´s hairy ensemble, all these layered looks  are so chic! I hope to do this kind of layering with my black leather jacket without robbing the bank. ;)

9. Clutch

Ooooh la la! Enough said.

10. Gray and the Padded Shoulders

top- Zara

I love gray and I have a lot of that color in my closet but are shoulder pads still in? They´re so huge in the late 80s and they made a comeback late last year until early this year. Great for us pear shapes because we can  finally say that we have broad shoulders albeit temporarily. Just don´t overdo it, okay?

And now... passing this award to :

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Ladies, it doesn´t have to be 10 but I´m curious what are you loving these days. ;)

Hope you all liked my list. Ciao!



PS: Most of these photos are borrowed from Google. I tried placing the source but it wouldn´t save. I don´t know why...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mock Tournaments

Haloo, halooo!

I´m still alive and kicking. ;) Sorry for the late update, life´s  a bit busy nowadays. Anyway, have you seen a live mock tournament set in the Middle Ages for real? You know those knights in full battle gear, jousts, lance throwing and swordfights. Well this afternoon I happened to have seen one and even if it was played by actors, everybody in the plaza had fun including  me. ;)

There were 5 main players (a woman included) and we were cheering and laughing while it was being re-enacted because the actors and actress were so funny. lol!

 I always find guys in horses kinda cute and romantic especially when dressed like those in the Middle Ages . Weird, no? Must be all those Barbara Cartland and historical romance novels that I´ve read when I was younger. haha! Anyway, here´s what I wore:

 jacket- Mango, sweater- Zara

scarf- local store bought in Córdoba, skinny jeans- very old, Bench (Phils.)

I can´t deny that autumn has landed  in here and it´s really cold and so it´s time to wear a scarf. You know, I hardly ever use a scarf because I feel like I´m being choked even if it´s loosely wrapped around my neck but it really adds warmth and pizzaz to the outfit and so I had no choice but to wear one. hahaha! :)

So how´s your weekend, dears? ;)



PS: Sorry for the poor photography, the camera´s dying on me while taking these photos specially the outfit.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Quick Hello

Hi, everyone!

top- Mango, belt and leggings- Zara

Just passing by to say a quick hello. These past days all I wanna do is to be a couch potato and watch Korean tv series in the internet. No, I don´t speak Korean.They´re translated in English  while some in Spanish! Strange, huh? Hahaha, I don´t how I ended up watching them but tv series( not just Korean) can be addicting! So here I  am in my comfy  lounging outfit  and glued on my laptop screen for like forever. Oh man, I need to get a life. lol!

So what´s up with you fashionistas lately? ;)



Monday, September 20, 2010


Out of boredom, I decided to take some close-up photos of my face. Skin does really age fast with time. Five years ago, my face was a lot clearer, smoother and more supple but now, uuhm... never mind. hahaha! Nevertheless, despite my 30++ age ( surprise, surprise!) the wrinkles still have to show it´s evil mark on my face. I may have a few black spots, some post Mr. Chicken Pox scars and a pair of genetically inherited bulging eyebags but it´s okay. I can live with all of that. ;)

This is me with all of my unwashed face´s shining glory since this morning. Ngeeh! The last two photos below are of my freshly scrubbed face sans lip gloss.

Can you spot the difference? I only use a facial cleanser to clean my face or sometimes Dove ( I´m not paid for this). No toning, no night cream whatever during those hot summer nights because I believe that the skin generates it´s own oil while we sleep. I rarely use make-up but I always use a sunblock when I go out even in winter. To me, the less you put something on your face, the better it is for the skin.

So what´s your facial regimen during the hot months? Can you bare your naked face in the street without makeup? ;)



Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Friday Thoughts

Hi, everyone!

It´s a rainy day in here. Awhile back I was saying that summer may be staying for a while  but it looks like that´s not gonna happen for now. The colder days are here ( at least on this side of the world) and it´s time to take out the long sleeved top, the cardigans, scarves, the jacket and a thicker pair of jeans. ;)

Our new flat is beginning to have a life of it´s own. After most of the basic furniture have been placed, I´ve discovered that there isn´t enough space for anything else. hahaha! Anyway, it´s better this way than a having a big house to clean and maintain, no? ;)

Enough of the blah, this was what I wore yesterday while running some errands:

top- H&M, jeans- old Levis

bangles- Promod, Sfera

A 3/4 sleeve top and a pair of jeans is perfect to climb some stairs and walk a few kilometers here and there while carrying the groceries. Yup, my life is boring right but I kinda like it this way after having worked for more than 10 yrs. non-stop in a very demanding work environment with an equally demanding schedule. Though I have to admit, I miss the thrill. haha!

Anyway, I hope that all of you are doing great and have a wonderful weekend ahead! :)



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mixed Prints and an Award


It´s still a very sunny Wednesday here. Looks like summer isn´t going anywhere soon. ;)

top- Mango (summer sales 2010)

I know that I´m quite behind the mix prints trend but since I don´t always follow the trends, I´m sharing with you my version just now. Better late than never, no?

They say that one of the best ways to rock this trend is to use the same color combination. So I came up with an olive green/brown see-thru top which I´ve already worn here and a pair of floral capri pants. Et voila! So wat d´yah tenk? :)

capri floral pants- thrifted

I think that pair of clogs helped too! I promised not buy anymore shoes, moreso clogs but at 50% off  my self-restraint broke. hahaha! I know, I´m not the only one who does this when it comes to shoes.Like what they always say, a girl can never have too many shoes. ;)

shoes- Blanco ( summer sales 2010)

The problem right now is how to break this pair for a longer time. Just after 15 mins. of wearing this thing made my feet feel like it´s being molded in steel. Then I had a serious case of vertigo and lots of wobble walk. That my darlings isn´t so fashionista. hahaha!

Moving on, many thanks to the lovely and charismatic Sweet of  Pens and Lens for  featuring me on her blog a week ago and and giving me this ¨chic¨ award:

Thank you, Sweet! You can read her feature on me HERE. Since I always share my blogger friends, I´m inviting all of you to visit her blog and read her expat adventures in Thailand. Her anecdotes about life, love and everything in between are definitely worth your minutes and  they are very entertaining too! :) Sweet, I still owe you one award to thank for, will be doing it soon with my 10 things. ;)

Bye for now and I hope you´re all having a lovely Wednesday!



Sunday, September 12, 2010

Balenciaga in Bilbao

floral top- Bershka ( summer sales 2010), belt- Zara, bag- Longchamp, shoes and ring- random stores

Remember my promise more than a week ago about visiting Bilbao to see the original works of Cristóbal Balenciaga in the Museum of Fine Arts? Well, I´ve  finally fulfilled it today ( Sunday). The hubz invited me there and I had an amazing time inspectioning the dresses and coats in the collection. Too bad picture taking wasn´t allowed and so this is the only thing I´m showing you:

Gosh, I mean really gosh! The collection was so elegant and well-preserved! It´s a 35 -piece collection of haute couture from the 1950s to the late 1960s loaned by the Regional Basque Gov´t and the Cristóbal Balenciaga Foundation. Highlights for me are the 1950s sequined cocktail dress,a silk wedding gown with veil, another cocktail dress embroidered  with green and gold threading and adorned with green precious stones, two 1960s dresses with ikat ( the rage nowadays) floral prints, a lace dress in gray and my favorite of all a white dress in guipore (a type of lace design/edging, I think). The coats  and capes are reminiscent of today, which means that what we´re having right now are designs which date back to more than half a century!

You can see an older collection (1920s/30s ) of his works inside the textile and arts museum at the Palace of Pedralbes(in Barcelona). Since I was able to visit that too and photo taking was allowed, you can see some pictures here.  But don´t just leave this page yet. ;)

Anyway, after the oohs and aahhs as I stop by one dress after another (with the hubz following me stoically in the background,hahahha!) we passed by Guggenheim to take picture of my favorite stuffed puppy. Stuffed because he´s literally stuffed/planted with lots pretty flowers! He´s so colorful  and so HUGE, noh? ;)

blazer- thrifted
I´ve been to Bilbao a lot of times but I only stayed downstairs. Uptairs is another story. Below is a birds eye view of the city from the top of the Artxanda hill.
Trivia: That river over there is where the opening scene of the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough was filmed.

We went uphill riding the funicular. While going to the funicular station, the hubz was already grumbling that I walk too slow and so at the end of the trip I was already wearing flats. lol! The Longchamp is a feet saver! ;)

Goofy ME! I look really weird with my tongue out. The hubz told me later that I stole his favorite pose. hahaha!

So how was your weekend, my fashionistas?

Hugs for now,

Che :)

PS: To see a bigger version of the photos( except those with my face because my eyebags are on the loose), just click on them. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

That Crumpled Top


lilac top and black leggings- Bershka

Nothing much to tell you except that I had a very exciting afternoon talking non-stop with my friend H who spent her vacation in Lebanon. She´s a doll, literally! Very pretty, very smart and with a pleasing personality to boot too. Who doesn´t want a friend like that? ;) If only I can post a photo of her here but I think she wouldn´t allow it because she´s a very private person unlike me. hahaha! She also gave me a special gift from Lebanon which I´ll be sharing with you soon. :)

So how did your day go, my dahlings? I hope it went well.;)



PS: Sorry for the crumpled top. I took this picture after 5 hours of tête á tète. I´m even surprised that it survived that long and I didn´t spill anything on it. heheeh!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bows and Blings

gold jewelry- circa 13-14th century
Museum of Fine Arts ( Lisbon, Portugal)

The first thing that I look for inside museums is their jewelry collection. A museum´s jewelry collection aside from the paintings or sculptures is like a personal gauge (for me) if it´s worth visiting or not.What I saw in Lisbon didn´t disappoint me at all. The jewelry collection was so prettily crafted, intricate and more than 600 years old! I gave it a three thumbs up! ;)

Here´s my humble tribute:

A star flower and bow ring which I´ve had for almost a decade now. This is part of a jewelry set whose diamonds came from a tennis bracelet which was re-designed/ reset into flowers and bows (the star flower design is a classic trend back then) before it was sold to me. Whoa, that was  a mouthful! My bow bling may be much simpler but I love it just the same. :)

Speaking more about bows, here´s my bow shirt which I bought from the Zara summer sales last month which I promptly debuted in my Lisbon trip.hahaha!

Sorry for the unflaterring photo, I promise to style this top better the next time.This was taken in one of those Lisbon metro station´s walls. They have one of the best artsy metro station walls in this side of the world, I´m missing them right now.

So do you love bow jewelry or anything with bows? :)

Bye for now, enjoy your Sunday sun!


PS: Thanks for the wonderful advices on my last post regarding overflowing closet dilemma. I´ll keep those in mind. :)