Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekend in Paris 1

And so I´m back! :)

We arrived early on our first day in Paris and since check-in time at the hotel starts at 12 noon, our spare time was spent at Montmartre.

The Sacre Couer:

Below is a photo of the inside part of the church. They do not allow picture taking inside but I was able to sneak one shot right before the hubz showed me the no-photography sign. hahaha! By the way, the guards are so serious here, they´ll shoo you away from the church once they catch you filming or taking pictures and so, careful, careful! ;)

It´s best to visit Montmartre in the early hours because there´s no crowd yet. Once it fills up, you can´t hardly walk on the main street without bumping into someone!

Such a quaint place. It´s normal for someone to want to draw you. Just be sure to say no if you don´t want to or ask for the price if you want to. ;)

Strike a pose:

The place is filled with creperies and restaurants. You won´t go hungry in here. :)

Later, after visiting Montmartre, we passed by this place whose name I forgot, haha!

It was sunny in Paris and so I wore a light denim skirt:

polo shirt- Lacoste
skirt- F21 ( very old)
floral cardigan- H&M
bag- le Pliage by Longchamp
sandals- local store

More photos to come, stay tuned! In the meantime, how was your weekend, dahlings?



Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!


This is a scheduled post. I´m in Paris right now visiting le Louvre et Museé d´Orsay and everything else my two tired feet would take me. In the meantime, let me show you some photos that I took before hopping on the train to the ¨City of Lights¨. ;)

First, what I wore:

knitted top- Mango

Second, what I ate:

Trying to abstain from eating meat because it´s Lent and so I made a compromise and ate a cherry tomato-mozarrella pizza instead. ;)

Then I had  baked-caramelized apples for dessert instead of tiramisu ice-cream.Tasty and healthy! Okay fine, I had the ice-cream for lunch.

Third, I wore a nude blazer for extra warmth on a quite chilly night.

nude blazer- Formula Joven ( Spain)

and fourth, Happy Easter to all!

Since all  the easter egg photos that I can find  are either expensive ( think Fabergé) or covered in delicious chocolate (I´m on a diet, well, trying to be, eherm!), I´m posting this one instead. Hey, it might not be edible but it´s more than 400 years old! ;)

See you soon and more Parisian stories to come. Yes, make that an IOU, big time! :)

Au revoir,


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Four Towers

Warning: Picture heavy post. ;)

Finally, here are the travel photos of the spectacular palace in Olite, Navarre which I was talking about in the last post. It was once the royal palace of the Spanish king of Navarre in the 14th century.

The aerial views are amazing from different angles which made the huffing and puffing in climbing the stairs worth it.hahaha!

This is the queen´s garden which is in front of the queen´s chamber. This garden which was constructed in the one of topmost parts of the palace was an ¨ I´m sorry¨ present by the king to his queen for being caught dilly dallying with his mistress. What do you think of that? ;)

This is another view from the top which shows the town. A perfect backdrop for those period/ adventure films where the main lead is being chased by the bad people while jumping from one roof to another, no? ;)

 Some of the towers of the palace:

All of the 4 towers have names, I just forgot what they were called because I was busy taking photos. lol!

Another view from the other side of the palace:

Since it´s Lent, here´s how the main door of the palace church looks like. The architecture and sculpture are exquisite!

And since this is a what- I- wore blog after all, here´s what I wore the other day:

stripes long-sleeved top- Massimo Dutti, light knitted cardigan- Zara

old pair of trusty Levi´s, bag- Blanco

More travel photos to come. We visited three towns last Saturday and so expect more photos to come. Don´t just get bored yet, okay? ;)

Have a blessed Holy Week, everyone and for those who aren´t Catholics, may your week be fruitful and fun!



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Old Town Trip

Hello, hello!

So how´s everybody´s weekend? Finally after a long traveling ¨drought¨, I get to step out yesterday of the house, the city and went as far as the Navarre region. But first, here´s what I wore, hehe!


top and jacket- Zara
bag- Longchamp Le Pliage
shoes and earrings- local stores

I get to see to an octagonal  church built in the 12th cent. by the Templars, a very old town which is part of the pilgrim route to St. James of Compostela and a marvelously reconstructed 14th cent. grand palace in Olite. Travel photos to come in my next posts. In the meantime, I´m staying away from the sun for a while because I´ve had my fair share of 100% scorching sunlight the whole day yesterday!

So what about you?



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Basic Color Blocking

I maybe the last one who haven´t tried this trend so here´s a feeble attemp at color blocking :

I got tired of seeing orange and fuschia or cobalt blue and yellow/orange color combinations everywhere.

So why not pair yellow with green ( more like a lemon and lime combo) and then add a touch of light blue ( a camisole which I used this morning to pair with a brown knitted top) and some red here and there? ;)

 top- Sfera
skirt and wedge- Lefties
 multi-colored beaded necklace- Misako
 coral bangles- bazaar

So how about you, have you already tried the color blocking trend or I´m waaay too late? ;)



PS: By the way, I´m starting to spring clean my closet. That means autumn-winter clothes go UP while spring-summer staples go DOWN in my one and only closet while the in-betweens are stored inside a huge box but never get thrown away. hahaha!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Florals and Gray

Happy Monday all!

My Saturday was spent having a barbecue party with friends in a quaint little house in the middle of a wheatfield on top of the hills. Too bad I wasn´t able to take a photo. Next time will really do.

I´ve been wanting to wear something yellow but since I haven´t done my spring cleaning yet, these bangles will do for now. ;)

No, I didn´t wear this at the barbecue party. I was wearing some plaid shirt-dress and shorts which I forgot to photograph either. This was what I wore last Friday while birthday gift shopping for our host.

So how did your weekend go? ;)



Friday, April 8, 2011

Seeing Red

Uh-oh, looks like summer came too early in my city. It´s too hot to wear a light cardigan/jacket or even closed shoes! So it´s time say hello to those summer sandals hibernating in our closets and take them out for a walk. But before that, be sure to pamper your feet first. By that, I mean painting your nails aside from putting on your moisturizing lotion because come on, pretty nails do make pretty feet, no? ;)

My first time to wear red. I usually go for pink, peach, brown or blue but never red. I don´t know... it´s just that red for me is a very strong and mature color but after seeing this shade on my toes, I´m kinda liking it. ;) Red for spring? Yes, yes, yes! What do you think?

So what color are your nails wearing this spring? ;)

Un besito!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Casual in Nautical Stripes

Yesterday, we visited the MIL at the nursing home before  I went to to the Language School. I had to cut my face because I was squinting in the sun and yes, that´s the shadow of my photographer over there. hahaha!

knitted top- Pull&Bear,  jeans- Zara

This is my school uniform. Top ( my one and only nautical stripes so far), jeans, flats and my big leather structured bag for my books. I also debuted this cute silver necklace, a birthday gift from one of my friends here last month. Thank you, Ate C! :)

In school, my teacher commented that I look really slim.To think that the other day I was a bit worried because I´m too bloated, wow.. that´s defintely something.Wearing horizontal stripes really works and the off-shoulder styling too! :)

So how did your day went yesterday?



PS: Thanks for the dieting tips, Leia! To those who left encouraging words on my last post, thank you too for being so sweet. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Of Plaids, Fishnets and Dieting

Do you rememember this plaid shirt dress? I first wore it here. With the almost summery weather that we´re having here, I´m wearing it as it is.

This time I paired it with brogues and some fishnet stockings for some ¨extra ventilation¨ from the heat. hehehe!

I´m in a serious bloaty phase right now that I feel and look so round. lol! Ten years ago, it was easier for me to trim down my figure. I just eat less for three days and  then I get my slender size back. Now, even if  I eat less for about week, I´m still so round! When you´re in your 30s, you´re body´s metbolism isn´t quite like it was before, you need to exercise more, eat less and change the diet for good. Uh-oh, I wish I can do all of that because I love chocolate, ice-cream, pasta and meat. Wish me luck! ;)


plaid shirt dress- Mango
brogues- New Yorker

So what about you? Are you getting round lately? What are your dieting tips?

Curious me,