Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekend in Paris 1

And so I´m back! :)

We arrived early on our first day in Paris and since check-in time at the hotel starts at 12 noon, our spare time was spent at Montmartre.

The Sacre Couer:

Below is a photo of the inside part of the church. They do not allow picture taking inside but I was able to sneak one shot right before the hubz showed me the no-photography sign. hahaha! By the way, the guards are so serious here, they´ll shoo you away from the church once they catch you filming or taking pictures and so, careful, careful! ;)

It´s best to visit Montmartre in the early hours because there´s no crowd yet. Once it fills up, you can´t hardly walk on the main street without bumping into someone!

Such a quaint place. It´s normal for someone to want to draw you. Just be sure to say no if you don´t want to or ask for the price if you want to. ;)

Strike a pose:

The place is filled with creperies and restaurants. You won´t go hungry in here. :)

Later, after visiting Montmartre, we passed by this place whose name I forgot, haha!

It was sunny in Paris and so I wore a light denim skirt:

polo shirt- Lacoste
skirt- F21 ( very old)
floral cardigan- H&M
bag- le Pliage by Longchamp
sandals- local store

More photos to come, stay tuned! In the meantime, how was your weekend, dahlings?




Rose said...

It looks like you had a ball over in Paris! How amazing. The photos are wonderful, thanks for sharing.


Jing said...

wow!!!I'm super inggit ate che! more photos pa and stories... :D

Carolina S. said...

I was in Paris last month and I really loved it. looking at your pictures makes me want to go back! bye, and have a great week :)

Sherin said...

I love the Sacre Coeur as well. It's so beautiful, and walking around Montmartre is so much fun.
And love what you wore. The shirt and shirt are so pretty.

Mayet said...

très jolie!!;=)

Radiant.MakeUp said...

look like you had a great time :)
thanks for sharing!! x

Mom Daughter Style said...

very nice place Che as usual, great weather too.

Sweet said...

PARIS my favorite city and your red bag is so gorgeous...I want one ASAP!!!! You are so lucky to be able to check out these pretty places...


Mom Daughter Style said...

Btw Che, baka gusto mo mafeature dun sa isang blog ko, I need some guest posters. Heto link description lang ng blog mo.

Halos Filipino kasi followers ko dun. I'm sure they will like your blog. Kung gusto mo lang.

Grabe kinareer ko na talaga ang pagbablog Che, haha! I can't keep up na minsan.