Friday, December 30, 2011

Dressing Up For Me in Review 2011

Here´s a  recap in photos of  what I´ve worn this year. First, I ate my words when I said at the beginning of the year that I wouldn´t be buying anymore leopard because it´s overhyped which is still is. I bought a top, a bag and a clutch( which you´ll see in my future posts) aside from my leopard skirt and 2 year old tights which I already had.

Leopard prints

And talking about faux leather, meet the newest addition to the family, a pleated and orangey number which I scored from the summer sales this year at Bershka.


I did try following the trends this year but with a twist. I wore the midi skirt in floral mode, did the color blocking in lemon and lime instead of orange and fuschia, tried the perennial nautical look in red and blue and white stripes which turned out to be a color block in disguise with the yellow scarf  around my neck( Hey, I tried hitting two birds with one stone!) and when Missoni colaborated with H&M, I found a cheaper alternative for chevron prints at a local store in here. You just have to werk it, girl. ;)

Mosaic Trends2

Then I fell in love with orange:

Orange Mosaic

Nuff said.

I also learned how to tie scarves which I love to collect but don´t wear enough.


This year, I posted six photos of me wearing a dress( only six!), I´m showing four. The rightmost is the newest while the others have been with me for more than three years now. If there´s one thing I learned from blogging about what I wore, it´s the idea that you can re-invent your look even if you´re wearing the same dress over and over again by tweaking the accessories that you´re wearing with it. A short knitted cardigan here, a short denim jacket there, a change in the color of your bag over there or a colored brooch on your shoulder and that´s it. So easy, no? ;)

Mosaic Dress

I´m not really a dress wearing person. I´m more of the jeans,shorts and/or separates person so I had more fun with skirts. Having a solid basic colored skirt like beige is a must because you can pair it with any top and you´re ready to go. The same goes for printed skirts and when army green was the trend, I wore mine as a skirt. I tried the fluoro trend too in pink perfectly paired with a dark blue top and a floral cardigan in my fave color/shade, purple. I had  a million of choices of combos for these pairings and I know that you do too with separates. :)

Mosaic-skirts 2

If there´s something which I´ve tried experimenting this year, these are prints like, swirls, stripes and black and white, tie dye and dark printed colors which have become this autumn´s and this winter´s trendy colors.


Lastly, I was ¨stoked¨ when I saw Rachel Berry wore this plaid skirt in one of Glee´s episode. What can I say, I´ve arrived! Okay, so that was just a coincidence. hehehe!


So there, I had a lot of fun checking at what I wore this year and got bleary eyed on the way too. These may not be the best looks and choices for you but I´m just a simple girl who´s trying to document what I wore for the past two years. I hope you also liked my bling, travel and food posts too when I noticed that there are a lot of ME photos indoors. lol!

Anyway, here´s to more funnier and wittier stories on 2012, promise! In the meantime, let´s enjoy the last day and night of the year by celebrating it with zest, laughter and lots of love all the way.


PS:  Please be careful with the fireworks. It might catch on your pretty dress. ;)



Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fluoro Pink

A merry pinkry Christmas to you all! :) So how did the Christmas Eve go? I´m seriously thinking about posting the Christmas Eve menu pics in here but I know that the last thing you wanna look right now are food pics, so scrap that one. I spent eating my noche buena cooking and eating in my pjs so I didn´t dare take any outfit  photos but here´s what I´m wearing today. I hope this would suffice for the lack of Christmassy festive outfit which I wasn´t able to wear. ;)



( shorts- Bershka, tights- H&M, turtleneck top- Zara)

I´ve finallymade good use of this fluoro pink summer shorts which I scored last summer, by wearing thick tights under it et voila, I´m ready for my winter walk. ;)

So how did your Christmas celebration go?

Love, love,


Friday, December 23, 2011

OOTD: The Preppy Look

Today, I decided to wear my brogues. I´m all brown and beige today with my 80s hair aka ¨flyaway¨ bangs and a little floral brooch for some cuteness factor. Preppy enough for you? ;)



(knitted top- El Corte Inglés, pants- Pimkie, brogues- Blanco)

By the way, since wearing solid brown colors can be a bit plain, I chose a floral scarf  to accessorize, er, warm my neck because mr. Fog´s in town for a visit. Gotta go and finish the Christmas shopping! Are you done with yours?


Just in case I wouldn´t be able to greet you tomorrow or on Xmas day, I´m wishing you a VERY MERRY CRISTMAS today! Enjoy your Christmas Eve with your loved ones and yeah, DIETING BE DAMNED (for now). ;)

Hugs from here,


Monday, December 19, 2011

Bling Time!

It´s been a while since I had a bling post. So here are some shots of  my fave things to accessorize when I feel like blinging up my look a little:



And this is my favorite ring of the moment, a turquoise silver ring which I bought from a local fair here last summer. We´re inseparable. In fact, the hubz is starting to get jealous of this ring because I tend to look at it more often than him. lol!


So what bling are you wearing nowadays?



PS: I had a bad weekend after knowing the news of the terrible flooding in southern Philippines. Although my island is at the central part and was affected too, what happened at the southern part was terrible! If you´d like to donate something, I placed a photo widget at the upper right hand part of the blog which will direct you to the Philippine Red Cross donation page.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Day at Barcelona

Technically, this was the day before last because my actual last day was spent riding the morning train back to my city. ;) This was a very busy day for me. We started with a morning visit at the Museo de Arte de Cataluña (MAC), had lunch at El Pueblo Español ( a must-see if you´re visiting Barcelona) and ended the day at Montjuic.

(knitted top, skirt- Bershka, tights- Calzedonia)







1- outfit of the day. First wore this versatile skirt here.
2- admiring the ceiling of MAC while sitting from a huge sofa near below it. Love it´s Rennaisance style!
3- resting on one of the stairs of MAC. Got tired of walking... as usual, hehe!
4- candid shot on iron sculpture by Gaudi. I look weird, I know. lol!
5- Crema Catalana at El Pueblo Espñol. One word, riquísimo!
6- sea shot at the top of Montjuic. Those white dots are sails of the yatchs near the harbor.
7- one final shot outside of MAC. Yup, I recycle my jacket and scarf to death. Can´t help it, I just lurv them to bits. ;)

Enjoy the weekend, y´all! :)



Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Floral Repeat

Just a quick outfit  post for you tonight before I hit the sack early (compared to normal Spanish bedtime).

( floral sweater- Desigual )

If my floral knitted jumper/sweater looks familiar to you it´s because I wore this same sweater almost exactly a year ago. I only changed the undershirt from dark blue to brown and got rid of my silver floral ring. So creative, hahaha! You can peek at my old photos here.  ;)

So how´s your week so far?



Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Yellow and Gray

I´m posting colored photos in-between to compensate for my dull grayish black outift:






1st and 5th photos: posing Montserrat
2nd and 3rd photos: tropical fishes at the Aquarium in Barcelona ( yep, that´s a colored jellyfish!)
4th photo: colored candles at Montserrat

A bright colored bag do brightens an otherwise monochromatic outfit. Try it while I sit here in my little corner trying to shoo away the ¨sniffles¨. It´s a giveaway gift from the Barcelona trip lovingly given to me by the hubz. Now, I have Rudolph´s red nose and it´s not even Christmas yet! huhuhu!

Be safe, dears! :)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Back from Barcelona

And... I´m back! :) First order of the day, some shots from the Sagrada Familia:



Two years ago, I haven´t noticed this rainbow and pastel colored wall columns and floral ceilings. The play of colors is so dainty just like cotton candy. Hahaha, it rhymes! There were stained glass windows which were strategically placed to reflect the light and creating the rainbow colored patterns on the wall columns.



A trip to the Sagrada familia is never complete without the customary touristy photo on the main door. I was lucky to get this space, there were lots of people milling around this area.


Construction´s still going on despite this year´s recent re-inagauration by the Pope. Gaudi´s masterpiece is a continuing work of art and is still the most crowd drawer in Spain.



It was a lovely 14-16 ºC in Barcelona, sunny and mild, the perfect week for sightseeing without the ¨shivers¨. Decided to wear my high-waisted skirt again with a never before worn dark green knit top which I´ve had for a long time. I´ve noticed that aside from burgundy, dark green is a favorite fall color trend this year. Since I have a lot of green tops, I shop in my closet. You should too, it not only saves time but also a lot of moolah! ;)

( v-neck knitted top, skirt- Zara, bag- Balenciaga)

So now, I´m back to my cold city, 5 kilos heavier and with flaky skin! My skin literally peels off in winter, does your skin do too?

Have a lovely weekend, people!



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spots, Stripes and Quilt

A solid colored dress, in my case a bottle green knit dress which I´ve had for three years now is the perfect base to play with textures and prints. I just made sure that the prints share at least one same color so that they blend nicely together with the dress. The dress by the way may look grayish but it´s actually a very dark green color.


A shearling coat is the finishing touch to the whole ensemble. I had luck when I thrifted this last year because it´s a trend that´s  becoming winter staple and it´s toasty even if I´m wearing a short sleeved dress.


Anyway, if I look so serious in the last photo it´s because this is a candid shot, hehe. The hubz likes taking candid shots but I hate them because my face usually look bloated. Because it really is and I´m still denying it. hahaha!

(shoes- Blanco, dress and quilted clutch- local store, tights- H&M )

I hope you´re enjoying your week, dahlings!



PS:  This is a scheduled post. I´m in Barcelona right now up in the mountains of Montserrat. Will be visiting your blogs soon. Ciao! :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Time For (Cable) Knits

Cable knits can be tricky to wear because they´re bulky and they make you look twice bigger than you really are unless you´ve got a reed thin model´s body. Unfortunately, I have a normal body just like everybody else´s which expands sideways with age and so I only wear cable knits when the weather becomes unbearably cold and can´t be bothered with layering.


You see, the downside of  fall and winter layering is wearing a lot of clothes and the double/triple pile of laundry to be done and dried later. With cable knits, you only need a light shirt under it, your jacket over your knit and you´re ready to go! It´s also nice to wear it with something  green too when your knit´s in the palest of pink. ;)

( cable knit- El Corte Inglés, ring- H&M )

So from one cable knit to another, here´s to you girl! ;)