Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gearing Up For Spring

Can´t wait for the temperature to go up and stay there for good so that I can finally wear something light and floaty. Yes, we´re having a beautiful sunny weather in here but it´s what the Spanish ( at least here in the northern part) call as el sol falso. Sunny but still effin cold. In the meantime, here´s a combo that I´ve cooked up for one of those real spring-y days later :


The second photo´s with a flash. I can´t remember which of  one these colors is the real thing but they both fit the spring trend. That´s fine, no? By the way, that pinkish line peeking at the back of left leg is for some color blocking, aka, my house slippers. hehe! 

(top- Sfera, pants- U2)

After looking at the photos, I´ve realized two things. First, that size of my thighs have doubled after being married for more than four years ( good or bad?) and that I need to go on a herbi(vore) and tuna diet again to fit  into this almost new 5-year old peachy pants without holding my breath again. And oh, the top´s new ( can you tell?) and  I´m still on a snakeskin mode! ;)

Are you ready for spring?



Monday, February 27, 2012

Fuschia Layering Piece

So here I am again and with black and my wild uncombed hair. lol! My first winter sale buy was this dress shirt with snakeskin print. Yep, another snakeskin but it wasn´t the print that caught my attention to this shirt dress at first. It´s the loose and flowy style which will effectively hide those unwanted curves whenever  I  have those bloated days which is...  uhurm..everyday. Oh and the fuschia color was an added plus! :)  I may not be the best at layering but what I know is that black topped with anything colored looks good and works all the time. Yay or nay? ;)




Here´s how the shirt dress look without the jacket:

( shirt dress- Blanco, turtle neck top- Zara, clutch- Pimkie, tights-H&M)

I´d love to have more versatile pieces such as this. You can use it to layer over neutral colors and at the same time it can stand on it´s own too when the weather gets warmer which is soon. So what´s your new layering piece these days?

Have a lovely week, everyone!



Friday, February 24, 2012

Red, Black and Gingham

While everybody in the blogosphere have moved on towards Spring´s pastel colors, I´m still stuck with winter´s dark colors. You can´t blame me, even if  we´re having bright sunny days in here it´s still too cold to not cover up. Besides, I´m still trying to look less puffy slim... by wearing black and a gingham skirt to add a little bit of texture to the whole look. The red jacket is for some oomph factor. I hope I´m succeeding. ;)



( top and jacket- Zara, skirt- Pull&Bear, sunnies- Bershka, bag-Mango)

So what is your go-to outfit on those bloated days? ;)

Enjoy your weekend, dahlings!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Inside Out

Hi, all!

It´s been a while. I was planning on joining the local carnival activities here last weekend but in the end, I got ¨holed up¨ in the house because of tummy ache. So much for a fun-filled weekend but I´m glad that I´m okay now. It´s a sunny day today and so I got to wear something light.


By mistake, I wore this top inside out, can you tell? lol! This could work ... but... I need to remove the tag first before I take off the cardigan when I sit inside a bar. ;)


Here´s how the right side of the top looks like:


So which side are you in? ;)

(top- Blanco, jeans- H&M, necklace- Mango, cardigan- Zara)

So how´s your weekend? I hope it´s a lot more fun than mine. :)



Friday, February 17, 2012

Sumthin´ Preppy

It´s a fly day Friday today, dahlings! So what are your plans for the weekend? Mine would depend on the driver aka the hubz. This is almost a week old outfit. Last Saturday, we decided to cross the border towards the neighboring French side at St. Jean Pied de Port. Had lunch at the Spanish-French border first because it was way much cheaper than having lunch at the first French town, lighted some candles at the church and went back home in time for the hubz date night with his friends. I tried working on a preppy style, it´s been ages since I sported this look and even if it´s a still a freezing weekend, I survived with just a pair of shorts and thermal tights. Whew! :)

( top- Esprit(very old!), shorts- H&M, bag- Zara)

Love the hubz´ first dish:  assorted French charcuterie ( hubz said it´s a little bit bland, lol! Forgive him, he´s Spanish. Cold cuts and sausages in Spain usually have a stronger  flavor than their French counterpart) while I had assorted fried ¨tapas¨. The paella was normal but we both loved the seafood  empanada!

Mosaic- tapas

Here´s a street photo of the whole look. Gotta cut my face because my eyes were so puffy!
( army jacket-thrifted)

Wherever you are, enjoy your weekend. Luv you, dahlings! :)



Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hearts Day

Hi, all!

Have read in most blogs that everybody had a great time spending their Valentine´s day yesterday. Well, mine´s a normal day. Meaning no flowers ( the hubz isn´t the flower and gift-giving type, it´s okay because I prefer cash, lol!), no chocolates ( we still have a lot of  leftover chocolates from Christmas) and no romantic resto dinner in candle light. In short, it was a normal day for us but yes, we opened a bottle of red sweet wine for dinner and I cooked hubz´ fave spaghetti bolognese. In times like this we have to be practical because I don´t know why prices double or even triple just on February 14 and that isn´t FAIR.

Anyway, like most of you did, I wore somehing red. No to be overly sweet, I wore this with pair of Navajo inspired pants which I scored at Zara on the recent winter sales. Threw in some gold jewelry et  voila, I was ready for our date in our mini kitchen, hehe!


I can´t wait for the warm weather to arrive so that I can try wearing this funky colored pants with flats. Yes, I said FLATS.  To be honest, I always have a hard time walking in heels although it gives me the much needed height boost because I´m vertically challenged. What about you?

( top- Lefties, pants- Zara, bracelets- Sfera, Misako, clogs- Blanco)

So how did your Valentines date go yesterday? ;)



Monday, February 13, 2012

Mixing Prints Around Black

My Sunday wear. Mix prints centered around the color black. I´d say this is the best mixed prints combo I´ve done so far!  And yes, I´m still shopping from my own closet and wearing more than five brands at the same time. ;)


( cardigan- New Yorker, skirt- Stradivarius, turtleneck top- Zara, necklace- Promod, clutch- Pimkie)

Unfornately, the weather around here is still not good for shooting photos outdoors. You´ll freeze your bum off, I swear! So if you´ll see street style photos of European bloggers in the blogosphere nowadays, total hands down to them. So brave to pose in this freezing weather which never seems to leave Europe. Well, I´m not brave enough and I´m tropical so I guess I´m excused, hehe.


Finishing off the look with a black wool coat. My first wool coat to be exact and it´s four years old. ;)


So how´s life in your side of the world? Advance Valentine´s Day to all! :)



Friday, February 10, 2012

3 Things

Hello, Hello!

My first ¨3-things¨ post of the year.Things which I´m kinda obsessed this week, here they are:

Semi-vegan sandwich and Multi-vitamin Juice

I got hooked on this combo while visiting Portugal last year. What´s more tasty than a multi-grain bread stuffed with arugula, tomatoes and a thick slice of mozzarella cheese peppered with chopped parsely? Nom, nom! A glass of multi-vitamin juice is perfect too for that much needed vitamin boost in this cold season. And hey, everyone can do this at home because the ingredients can be found at your local supermarket. :)


2. Multi-colored Floral Cuff

I´ve totally forgotten about this cuff until I cleaned my top drawer. A perfect piece to welcome spring, don´t you think? Or why not wear this as soon as the weather turns warmer, tomorrow perhaps? ;)


3. Casual in my snow boots

 When there´s nothing but snow and slush all around you, your normal boots doesn´t count at all. Unless you want to end up with  wet, cold feet and ruin your fave boots that is. So presenting my snow boots, they´re water repellent and got good traction, so you don´t skid nor fall unless you like gliding on ice. ;)

( beanie- H&M, puffer jacket- Zara)

I hope I could shoot outdoor photos this weekend for a change. We got snowed in ( literally), it´s impossible to shoot photos outdoors this week. Well, we tried but all  I can see are specks of white and my long puffer coat. Not that nice at all. ;)

Have a lovely weekend, y´all!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sparkling Yellow

Trying to look cheerful despite the snowy weather in here. Today, I´ve decided to shop in my crowded closet and mix and match pieces. A one-year old sparkly V-neck top, a two or maybe three year old bandage skirt and a turquoise ring seemed to do the trick. Well those and a slash of red on the lips too. ;)

(V-neck- mango, skirt- Stradivarius)

Gals, it´s time to shop in our closets once again. Whose with me? Raise your hand, well manicured or not! ;)

Foggy kisses from here,


Monday, February 6, 2012

Comfort over Fas-yon

When the weather gets really cold, my outfit becomes thicker and yes, I begin to look like a sack of potatoes. lol! I really tend to sacrifice fashion over comfort and this thick sweater is the proof:


Oh well, at least it´s color blocked and this top´s really toasty! What more can I ask for a tropical girl like me? ;)

( top- Zara, jeans- Mango)

By the way, the snow came last Saturday and my fave bridge turned out like this. The next day, the rain came, flashed the all the snow away and all we have now is slush. Weeee! So much for snow, haha but hey, we had fun playing with the snow while it lasted. I even gobbled up a few. Eeeew! It was the wind, okies? ;)

bag- Zara

So how was your weekend?



Friday, February 3, 2012

Lavender Blue

Hi, all!

Sorry for not updating sooner. A family member had a serious health problem and so I had to step out from the blog for a while. Family comes first before anything else BUT now I´m back! :)

This was what I wore today. The turtleneck top´s color is actually light blue but it must be the afternoon light which makes it look like lavender in most of the photos. Nevertheless, lavender and blue look okay with dark brown. A color combo which I´ve been experimenting since two years ago. What do you think? ;)



Aside from a silver skull necklace, another way to accessorize an otherwise basic outfit is to wear something that pops.


The leopard clutch does the trick. ;)

( top- Lefties, purse, clogs- Blanco, jeans- Promod)

So how do you pair colors and accessorize a simple outfit? Thanks for dropping by and have a lovely weekend, everyone!