Friday, March 30, 2012

Sumthin´ Short and Red

Last weekend ( yep, I always blog late, hehe) we visited a small quaint town near here called Moreda de Álava in the La Rioja-Alavesa region of the Spanish Basque Country. They´re having their first ¨Fiesta del Aceite de Oliva¨  and we got intrigued on what they had to offer. So off we went and saw and tasted quite a lot of delicious things.


My Look:
Just like what the title says, sumthin´short and red paired with gray and a light coat.


Some of the famous products that they´re selling:

Mosaic- Moreda de Álava
(clockwise from left: apple cider wine, Idiazabal cheese(made from the milk of a special variety of sheep which can only be found in the basque region), basque tarts, olive oil)

A novelty, olive oil flavored ice cream! It has a light taste, not overbearing and with just a subtle hint of olive oil in the palate. It´s refreshing actually. :)


I wore a cameo ring to match with my gray top for that matchy- matchy look. lol!


So why did I end in this ¨bald¨ vineyard? The organizers of the fair offered a short trip to where the olive trees are but since this is a wine region after all, we also ended up in-between the vineyards. The olive plantation in here isn´t vast like those in the Andalusian region but the quality of the olive oil produced is excellent. 

( coat, top- Zara, shorts- Bershka, bag- Tous, necklace- F 21)

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos. Have a funfilled weekend, everyone!



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Twilight in Gray and Yellow

A lone snapshot from last week under the fading sun. I tend to wear the same color the whole week. Last week was yellow and gray. As for this week it´s  red but you´ll have to see that on my next post.. ;)

( coat, jeans- Mango, top and cardigan- Zara)

So how´s the mid-week so far?



Monday, March 26, 2012

Floral Mode

Let´s get real. Although it´s a season of  solid pastel colors which I´ve welcomed with open arms, spring is really all about flowers. So I took out my very old midi rosette floral skirt for a walk and celebrated the sun despite the very cold breeze. Never mind the wild hair, like always, it has a life of it´s own.




Finishing the whole look with a cream blazer which made the hubz blurt out: ¨You look like an executive!¨ lol! A blazer can really make a girly outfit look a bit serious, no?

(v-neck top- Zara, shoes(old)- Blanco, skirt(very old)- SM Dep´t store, Phils., clutch- H&M)

The weather here has been perfect so far but not warm enough for walking around barelegged. Oh how I missed walking around in sandals and a flowy skirt or shorts. Soon, maybe. ;)

Happy Monday, dears!


PS: Just in case you´re ¨wundrin¨,  I wore clear tights aka stockings because it´s still freaking cold despite the sun and all!

Friday, March 23, 2012

In Mint Condition

One of darling friends gave me this stretch colorblock dress in black and mint green on my birthday. I was so excited to try this on until yesterday when I finally did, I encountered some fitting issues. You see after fifteen minutes ( yep, it took me that long!) of serious tugging and wiggling, I´ve finally discovered that the dress and I weren´t to be. *sigh* Although it hugged my hips and butt nicely, it didn´t  hide flatten my muffin top. Wearing a body shaper underneath  is out of the question because I like to be comfy when wearing a dress. Too bad because I really liked the color combination of this dress and a size up isn´t an option either because it´s going to be too loose for me (I´m in between sizes, ya know). I guess I´ll have to return this dress and exchange it for another style.

(dress- Bershka, cardigan- Zara)

When giving gifts it´s the thought that counts but sometimes it´s also a hit or miss especially with our friends. It´s good that whenever my friends and I give gifts to each other, we always accompany it with the receipt. Just in case the size doesn´t fit us or we don´t like the color, we have the option to exchange it for something that fits us better and so everyone´s happy. Do you also do this with your friends?



PS:  Don´t be fooled by the flat tummy! I wasn´t breathing when I took this photo. ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In All Shades of Brown

What I love about layering aside from playing with different textures and prints is that we can also match/ combine different shades belonging to the same color in an outfit.Take for example brown, an earth color which I´m sure can be found inside anyone´s closet nowadays. Chocolate brown, moccha, tan and beige, these are just some of the shades with a solid brownish base which I used in yesterday´s outfit. Coincidentally, orange and blue complemented well with brown and so that´s a plus!


Tangerine Tango is Pantone´s color of the year. If  you´re afraid of using this color as a top or bottom, why not as an accessory? ;)


( blazer- Fórmula Joven, knitted top- Sfera, pants- Promod, bag- Blanco)

Anyway, just as I thought that spring has finally landed on this side of the world, the weather decided to change it´s mind yet again.. Yes, you´ve read that right. We´re back to winter  mode. At least it isn´t snowing here unlike in some parts of the country. ;)



Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dressing Up the Hi-Lo

Did you remember this short pencil skirt which I ¨DYIed¨ into a mini skirt Hi-Lo? Well here´s the 1st combination that I came up with. A solid background in black, my ¨super exposed¨ b/w patterned cardigan, some colorful ring and a nice and affordable clutch to complete the whole look. Ready to go! ;)

(clutch- H&M)

(skirt- Custo Barcelona, very old!)

Enjoy your Sunday, y´all! :)



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Springy Air

Spring is in the air my dahlings! I can definitely see the flower buds sprouting on trees and hear the birds chirping and the hubz´s sneezes in the other room. ;)

( necklace- H&M, ring- Bijou Briget)

How nice it it to wear something light finally (with a minimum of layering) and walk under the bright sun for once in flats sans thick socks. *huge grin here*

( top- Blanco, inner- Mango, pants- Pimkie)

Anyway, another thing which makes it special this month is that it´s my birthday month! Love this cabochon shaped cocktail ring, an advanced birthday gift from a friend of mine. Now if only my hands 
weren´t that wrinkly...


So how´s life in your side of the world? ;)



Monday, March 12, 2012

Cave Hunting

Hola! :)

Yesterday I got to escape from my city and went to Cantabría. At Santillana del Mar to be exact about 30 kilometers from Santander. First stop was to see the interesting polichrome paintings ( bisons, steppe horses, etc.) on the cave ceiling at the Museum of Altamira. Although the cave and it´s paintings were only a replica of the original cave of Altamira, it looked so real. Once inside, it feesl like you´ve stepped back to about 18,000 years ago to vicariously experience how life was back  then. The Altamira Cave is by the way a UNESCO World Heritage Sight. Anyway, since photography inside the museum was not allowed, I had my photos taken instead at the cloister of the Colegiata at the town center. ;)



The cloister. The sculptures are exquisite! The church and the cloister preserved it´s original Romanesque style.

Mosaic(Santillana del mar)

Santillana del Mar is a small town but very touristy. What I like about this place aside from the cave paintings and the affordable meals is that it´s the perfect shopping place for leather goods, jewelry and homemade goodies. If I only I had bought a substantial amount of  ¨shopping budget¨ with me, I would´ve hoarded a lot of stuff to take home yesterday!. :)


As for what I wore, I was thinking of gray and spring flowers, hence the floral tights. The skirt was a miss. After the last stop at Santander, the skirt was already wrinkled all over. hahaha!

( jacket- Mango, v-neck top, bag-Zara, skirt- Formula Joven, sunglasses-H&M, tights- Blanco)

More photos to show you soon. In the meantime, enjoy your Monday, girls! :)



Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hi-Lo (DYI)

The high-low aka mullet skirts are back on trend nowadays. Not sure whether I should buy one ( very trendy) or not, I found a way to make do with this trend  but with a twist. That is.. by using a pencil skirt with slits. Yup, you read that right. You just need any good ole attention grabbing skirt with slits. I know.You´ll end up with a straightlined skirt but it´s still high-low, no? ;)


First: Fold the front part until the start of the slit and... hem it using blind stich. 


Second: You have your skirt ready! What a no-brainer, no? ;) So there you have it, (Hi)gh at the front:


and Lo(w) at the back:

(skirt- Custo Barcelona)

Mission accomplished! Outfit photo coming soon. ;)



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3 Things (March)

Welcome to the 3-things post for the month of March! Things that catch my fancy anytime, anywhere this month. To start:

 Baked Emapanadas

Being a couch potato do have it´s advantages, first I get to learn a lot of Spanish vocabulary ( never mind that my Spanish teacher tells me that watching tv is not the best  way to improve my Spanish grammar but for that I have my books) and I get to test run some typical recipes from the morning shows. These delicious empanadas can attest to that. ;)


They are perfect as finger food, simple to make and the possibility of choosing and combining the ingredients for your filling is endless! Since I wanted this to be typically español as possible, I stuffed it with diced tomatoes, sautéed morcilla/black pudding/boudin with chopped prunes( the original recipe calls for raisins) and topped the whole filling with a slice of chorizo. All together now: ¡ Qué ricas! :)


 Spring Flowers

Spring is just around the corner my friends. Can´t wait to go to the neighboring towns and photograph the colorful and pretty flowers in bloom. Here´s a sneaky one which I took from somebody else´s window sill three years ago. lol! :)

beautiful flower box

and ... another preppy outfit:

Oh well, yesterday was another cold and rainy day and so I bundled up. I just played with a lot of dark colors to make my day bright and sunny. Also, my oxfords need to be over-exposed, so far it hasn´t seen the light of day since last year. Gotta justify the cost per wear principle for this pair even if I bought them cheap. They were on sale. ;)


( knit top- Zara, pants-Pimkie, oxfords- Blanco, scarf- local store)

So what are you loving these days? ;)

Hugs from here,


Monday, March 5, 2012

Florals and Yellow

My whatever outfit. The kind where you don´t know what to mix and match but just put it all on anyway hoping that it´ll look good together. I tried but I don´t know if I failed. hahaha! I did start with this floral skirt and then the goldie top because it had long sleeves. It´s back to the cold days again, pipol and that´s  three layers to the rescue. So how do I look?



I thought I had the scarf  tied chicly but after untying it while visiting MIL at the nursing home (Oh man, it´s summer in there the whole year!) and tying it again just before we left, I kinda lost it and what´s  left was a messy scarf. lol!

(skirt- Zara, top- Mango)

So what can I tell you about last weekend? Dreary, dreary and dreary,hence, my yellow scarf, top and yellow lined clutch. So how about there at your side of the world? ;)



Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blue Green

I can´t find any mint green top in my closet and not giving in to buying one yet, I wore one closest to that color. A light blue greeen v-neck top. Matching it with dark blue pants makes the whole outfit a trendy color block combo. A little bit of peachy accessories sorta completed the whole casual look too. Matchy- matchy with my shoes I know but that´s me almost all of the time, hehe! ;)



A gift from the hubz. Actually, I forced him to buy me this for something bad he´s done. Until now he never learned that making up to me for something bad can be a bit pricey, lol! :)

( top, necklace- local store, pants- Promod, clutch- Bershka, shoes- thrifted, coat- Mango)

Enjoy the weekend, y´all! :)