Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3 Things (March)

Welcome to the 3-things post for the month of March! Things that catch my fancy anytime, anywhere this month. To start:

 Baked Emapanadas

Being a couch potato do have it´s advantages, first I get to learn a lot of Spanish vocabulary ( never mind that my Spanish teacher tells me that watching tv is not the best  way to improve my Spanish grammar but for that I have my books) and I get to test run some typical recipes from the morning shows. These delicious empanadas can attest to that. ;)


They are perfect as finger food, simple to make and the possibility of choosing and combining the ingredients for your filling is endless! Since I wanted this to be typically español as possible, I stuffed it with diced tomatoes, sautéed morcilla/black pudding/boudin with chopped prunes( the original recipe calls for raisins) and topped the whole filling with a slice of chorizo. All together now: ¡ Qué ricas! :)


 Spring Flowers

Spring is just around the corner my friends. Can´t wait to go to the neighboring towns and photograph the colorful and pretty flowers in bloom. Here´s a sneaky one which I took from somebody else´s window sill three years ago. lol! :)

beautiful flower box

and ... another preppy outfit:

Oh well, yesterday was another cold and rainy day and so I bundled up. I just played with a lot of dark colors to make my day bright and sunny. Also, my oxfords need to be over-exposed, so far it hasn´t seen the light of day since last year. Gotta justify the cost per wear principle for this pair even if I bought them cheap. They were on sale. ;)


( knit top- Zara, pants-Pimkie, oxfords- Blanco, scarf- local store)

So what are you loving these days? ;)

Hugs from here,



Encarna said...

beautiful and colourful scarf!! love it

janettaylor said...

Love that scarf!

Sherin said...

I love the outfit! The shoes and bright top look great.