Monday, September 30, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Casual in Navy, Black and Nude



Here´s a very casual look for you today. I didn´t know that nude goes well with black and navy and yes, this is my version of dressing up an outfit, wearing heels. Right? right. ;)


Here´s another shot with one of my fave tote bags:

top(old)- Lefties, skinny jeans- Primark, bag- Misako
That´s it for now, I have no stories to tell because I had  a terrible Sunday yesterday. Don´t wanna tell you why coz it won´t cheer you up and I don´t want you to feel down at the start of the week. ;)

Lots of  luck and kisses!


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Friday, September 27, 2013

Flyday Fridays: Monte da Penha

Hello, Friday!


Portugal is a country replete with holy sanctuaries built on top of  mountains and hills. Today, I´m bringing you to one on a mountain top in Monte da Penha( Rock Mountain) called Santúario da Nossa Senhora do Carmo (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) or simply called us Santúario do Penha.


To get to the top, we rode a cable car which was so enjoyable by the way (unless you´re claustrophobic and afraid of heights) because you get to see a bird´s eye view of the city skyline as you go up. I think there´s a small road which leads you to the top if you want to drive but it´s quite a steep climb. Have it whatever you like! ;)


Here´s what I wore on that another fiery day, something light, breezy and colorful:

 shirt dress- Promod, sandals- Celine( Filipino brand), bag- Massimo Dutti
The sanctuary is not a huge church. It´s quite simple and has a modern architecture but the view around it is spectacular ansd so peaceful. I could stay for a day in here first to meditate and then to hide from the sun, hahaha!



And if you´re wondering where the mountain and sanctuary got their name, it´s this:


On the left side of the sanctuary is this natural park filled with boulders everywhere. Amazing! I even had a photo taken in between these gargantuan rocks. Look how tiny I look compared to these two! :)


If you plan on visiting Guimaraes, Portugal, don´t forget to visit this place. It´s so serene and one of  best places to contemplate life and appreciate nature. Hope you´ve enjoyed reading my post for today.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! :)



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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIWW: Nude, Lace and Mint Green

Hello, world!

top- Massimo Dutti, skirt- Zara, blazer- Formula Joven, clutch- Blanco
I´m making the most of the still summery weather in here by wearing nude and mint green. Okay, maybe this is more of a spring outift and maybe this combination may not go well with my very dark hair color but I dared wearing it with a smile. We need to experiment with what we have to know what works and what does not. ;)


One thing that clicked though was this leopard necklace with my lacey top. My MIL(mother-in-law) couldn´t stop commenting on how great I look wearing the necklace with the whole ensemble. Something wild over lace is not something my classic wearing MIL sees all the time and so that´s a generous compliment coming from her. :)


So how´s the weather out there? Would you still wear something light even if autumn´s in your town?


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Happy Wednesday, all!

Love, love,


Monday, September 23, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Another Liebster Award

Happy Monday, all! 

First, my photo of the day, wearing subdued colors because fall´s finally here although the weather´s still summery.
top- Zara, jeans- Pimkie, bag- Blanco
Second, I´m starting the week with another Liebster Award from Kendra Genevieve Rose. Thanks, Kendra although I can´t find the link to your blog!

1. What is your guilty pleasure favourite TV show? HOMELAND. I love Carrie and Nicholas´ trust and distrust kind of relationship. It must be really hard sleeping with your so called ¨enemy¨ and yep, I don´t care if  I´m watching it in Spanish and not hearing Damian and Claire´s actual voices when they speak. ;)

2. If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what would the colour be? Black - it´s slimming and because I´m bloated most of the time, lol!


3. What is one song on your iPod your friends would be surprised you have? I don´t have an iPod(surprise, surprise!) but in my phone I have Vivaldi´s four seasons and I´m more of a pop song kind of girl!

4. What's your one staple piece this autumn? This pair of silver loafers which I plan on wearing to death. It´s soooo comfy.

5. What is your favourite thing and least favourite thing about blogging? My favorite would be reading the comments section even if I see comments like: ¨Follow me and I´ll also follow you¨ (hehehe) and my least favorite would be composing a post, words just escape me when I start to write and so most of the time, I just make up with lots of photos, hahaha!

6. What is your go-to makeup product? Lipstick. I rarely go out without wearing one. I could go barefaced but never with bare lips. ;)

lippies that I´m weaing nowadays, all from Max Factor
7. Where is one place in the world you have to visit before you die? I´ve said this over and over again and I´ll say it once more, Egypt especially the pyramids and the valley of the kings. No more, no less.

8. What is your favourite Starbucks drink? I find a Starbucks drink too sweet for my tastebuds nowadays. Can I just say tea without sugar? Chamomile or green will do. ;)

9. Which celebrity do most people say you look like? I don´t know, hahaha!

10. If you could meet one blogger, who would it be? Garance Doré. She´s the one!

I hope you´ve enjoyed reading my answers. Now here are my 10 questions, feel free to answer them because I´m sharing these with you all even if you have more than 200 followers. The more, the merrier. Just don´t forget to link back to me and tell me about it in the comments section so that I can read what you have to say! :)

1. What is your favorite movie of all time?
2. Are you a shoe or bag lady?
3. Coffee or tea?
4. What made you blog?
5. What have you learned from blogging?
6. Favorite color?
7. What´s the most memorable place that you´ve ever visited?
8. If you´re given one million dollars, what´s the first thing that you´d do?
9. Do you collect things? What is it? ;)
10. Tell us something that your friends don´t know about you! ;)

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Enjoy the week, luvlies!



Friday, September 20, 2013

Flyday Fridays: Ría Adventure

Hi, there!


This would be the second to the last post of my Galician travel adventures. I can´t believe that I´ve seen quite a lot of things in just five days of stay in there! We´ve seen almost all of the principal cities of the Galician region and so this time, the hubz booked a bus tour in the tourism office of Santiago de Compostela to see the other parts of the region. First stop was Cambados, also famous for it´s Albariño wine, Galicia´s most famous white wine. Interesting to see was the ¨horreo¨, mounted rectangular structures where grains and other types of cereal were stored in the old times until they are ground. These can be seen in any town in Galicia.


Vineyards in this region are also supported with sticks made of cement which can stand tall to protect the grape vines from the high humidity of the soil, quite different from the dry La Rioja Region where I live near.


Second stop was at La Toja, a famous hot spring island with spas and hotels. I took a snap of this cute hermitage( Ermita de San Sebastian) whose outside walls were made of scallops, yep, you read that right, scallop shells! ;)


Later, we took a boat for a tour at the Ría de Arosa( Ría de Arousa), the largest saline estuary in Galicia region where most of the scallops, oysters, mussels and other seafoods are grown/ cultured.


This is a long river and everywhere you see structures like this were seafood is cultivated:


One of our guides showing as the scallops:


Inside the boat we´re treated to a huge mussel feast with a bottle of white wine, delicious! This is like tiuring around the canals of Venice but with mussels and a complimentary wine to go. Much better, no? ;)


After that exciting boat trip and happy tummies, we stopped by the touristy town of Combarro where we had a late lunch: a piece of empananda gallega or Galician pie( stuffed with cod fish and prunes) and some drinks because we´re already full. FYI, each one of us we´re given two huge rectangular containers filled with freshly steamed mussels and that´s a lot!


Last stop was Ourense with one of it´s beautiful churches, La Peregrina:


and then we went back to Santiago de Compostela, tired but very satisfied with our trip. The guide also speaks English, so for English speakers, there wouldn´t be any problem with the tour because she explains it in English too. :) Anyway, I´m leaving you a close-up photo of the wall of the hermitage in La Toja, so unique, no? ;)

top- Zara, shorts- Bershka, sandals- Aldo, tote bag- Tous
As for what I wore, I wore this checkered top from Zara and black shorts. It was chilly in the early morning of our trip but during midday I had to change into flat open-toed sandals because it´s geting hotter by the minute and my feet are starting to sweat, eeewww! That´s it for now and hey, have a fun-filled weekend, y´all! :)



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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIWW: Plaids, please!

Hello, dahlings!  ;)


How´s your week so far? Mine´s okay although I´m waking up to foggy mornings everyday and it´s getting colder by the day too. Anyway, here´s a classic print that becomes ubiquitous once fall arrives, plaids. My skirt is very old( 3 years in today´s standards is very old, no?) but since I only get to air it out during fall, it still looks new. No need to shop although the color trend right now for plaids is red, just so you know! ;)


The truth is, I´ve shopped this look from my closet. I only need the basic staples that I can match all year long like this colored necklace, the studded clutch and the nude lightly knitted sweater to finish my look and that´s it! So are you okay with plaids? ;)


And just after we took this last photo, I fell down on my knees and kissed the hubby´s shoes, literally! It´s a good thing that there weren´t a lot of people in the park. While I hastily stood up and laughed at the same time( this is usually what I do when I´m mortified, I giggle(hehe), my dumbstruck husband was thinking, ¨There goes the klutz, again!¨ hahaha!

top- local store, skirt- Promod, clutch and shoes, necklace- Blanco
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Love, love,


Monday, September 16, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Of Sweatshirts and Shoe Shopping

Good morning from Spain! :)

I thought I´m done wearing sweatshirts*  but when I saw this cute 3/4 sleeved and cropped sweatshirt in my local Zara store, I gave in. This would be the perfect piece for layering over button downs and tops without creating a jumbled mess on my lower hipline especially when my button down/top is short. I chose the dull red shade:


over the mustard though I´d have to say that the mustard photographs really well. Now, I´m having second thoughts whether I´ve made the right choice. I´ve already cut the tag off from the red one. hehe!


Moving on, my usually anti-retail hubz invited me to an impromptu shoe shopping at the shoe outlet stores in Arnedo, La Rioja after visiting la suegra** at the nursing home last weekened. He finally gave in after the one and only leather shoe that he´s been wearing for the last three years died on him on the way home last week and  it´s a good thing that he´s wearing socks, hahaha! Anyway, what I didn´t expect from my darling hubz is buying four(4!) pairs of shoes in one blow. It´s partly my fault, you know, because after choosing him a pair of rubber shoes and a brown loafer, I saw these two other pairs at another store at a fraction of the original price and they look so soft and comfy and so I asked him to buy them too!


The hubz never buys these kind of shoes, he´s the classic and with velcro type( yep, he doesn´t like tying shoe laces except for rubber shoes) and I was suprised that he agreed, lol! Yesterday, he debuted the boat shoes with blue jeans. Not bad at all!


As for me, here´s what I bought for myself, a pair of silver loafers. I´m on a quest for a pair of silver ballerinas with 1 inch heel but I can´t find them yet and so these would do for now. Now what am I going to wear with these?! Any ideas? ;)


And because this is basically a what-I-wore blog, here´s something that I wore on our way back home from our Portuguese trip last month:

top, jeans- Zara, bag- Misako
Comfort is the key and yes, I SO LOVE wearing black even in summer! Linking up with Peacoats and Plaids´ The Collective Social Blog Hop and My Greatest Hits´ My Style Monday. Link, link!

Happy Monday, y´all!

Love, love,


*-   my go-to cover-up  when it rains and when it gets cold during  my university days and early working days
**- mother-in- law

Friday, September 13, 2013

Flyday Fridays: Doors

No exotic city or place to discover today, instead just door photos of my previous summer travels. Doors are the perfect background for photographs. They´re huge, sturdy and  interesting especially if they´re more than a hundred years old and intricately made! ;)

A Coruña, Spain
somewhere in Portugal ( spring 2012)
Estibaliz, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain(summer 20212)
Estibaliz, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain(summer 2013)
Roncesvalles, Navarra, Spain( late summer 2012)
Toledo, Spain(2012)
somewhere in Pais Vasco, Spain( late summer 2012)
monastery door in Viruela, Zaragoza, Spain (summer 2012)
Here´s the latest, I had this photo taken in front of the Iglesia de San Pedro de la Rúa in Estella, Navarra here in Spain.
shirt dress- Massimo Dutti
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Have a lovely weekend, luvs!



PS: Yep, I´m a Longchamp le Pliage collector. Ssssh! ;)