Sunday, May 30, 2010

Go, Tiger!

Hello, lovelies!

So how´s your weekend going? My Saturday was spent watching Prince of Persia  in the theater surrounded by giggling teenagers. The hubz was complaining that this was what we got for watching a Walt Disney movie. He doesn´t like watching movies, I only drag him there because it´s part of our anniversary date. hahaha!

Later, after visiting the MIL,  I watched Eurovision. Spain´s Daniel Diges got to perform twice because somebody decided to join in and became an instant back-up dancer in the middle of the show. Talk about spontaneity. hihihi! Not being biased( and not because Daniel´s cute and bedimpled), I was rooting for Spain´s song. It´s actually different. Too bad, not everybody in Europe understood the lyrics though which I think is a minus point because majority of the performers sang in English.

top- Pull&Bear

rings and bracelets- local stores, wedges- Pull&Bear

black jeggings(old)- Stradivarius

This is the first time that I´m wearing animal print (fierce looking at that) and I´m kinda liking it. ;) My black version of the safari look actually. I only remembered taking these photos when we´re about to fold in and so excuse the haggard look on my face. :)

Enjoy your Sunday, dahlings! ;)



Friday, May 28, 2010


The title was a favorite fizzy drink of mine when I was a kid. It had this yellow green color and was so sweet. Then they changed it to Mountain Dew ( sorry, don´t know if the 2 were made by the same bevergae company but I was a fan of it too). Now, I hardly drink any soda except for some diet Coke once in awhile. Anyway, this floral skirt reminds of my binge drinking lem-o-lime days:

floral skirt- thrifted

knitted boat-neck top- SM Dep´t Store (Phils.)

necklace- bought on sale at an Outlet Store

amber cocktail ring- Bjou Brigette

assorted bangles- Sfera

white wedge sandals- Greenhills (Phils.)

So that´s it, memories from my childhood brought about by this shockingly-colored floral skirt  which I styled with a lot of accessories from the sales. I´d say life is GOOD! You know, you don´t have to spend a lot of cash to look nicely put. As the great Karl puts it, don´t try to buy anything if you can´t afford it ( or else you´ll get broke!*). ;)

* that´s me talking ;)

Enjoy your weekend, loves! ;)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Touches of Pink

Nothing much to tell, just showing you some details on what I wore today...

pink printed top

pink stones on silver earrings

and dark pink toes.

Here´s a clear version of the top. I swear the flowers were fuschia pink, I didn´t know why they turned out purple-y.

printed top (old )- Kamiseta (Phils.)
earrings - local Spanish store
nail polish- Magenta Magic by Rimmel

Yes, I´m Missy Matchy most of the time. Please tell me that I´m not the only one.



Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hi, everyone!

The sun was up last Saturday and so the hubz and I went to the south of France for a short trip. Since we´re cheap, we stopped by Hondarribia( a Spanish town near the Spanish-French border) and ate lunch there forgetting that restaurant prices in Spain increases to at least 50% during the weekends, so no savings there, haha!

I had a seafood salad and roasted lamb while for the hubz, the ubiquitous paella and pan seared hake in galic-parsely sauce.

(hake in garlic-parsely sauce)

I wore a very flowy and light top ( from the Mango winter sales last 2009), blush colored slacks ( from U2) and platform sandals to look a bit dressed up for a change because I always travel in flats.

 The top has a  very low neckline for my standards and so I wore a black tank top under it. ;) The necklace is the basque symbol of Pais Vasco/Pays Basque in French.

Before leaving Hondarribia, we went for a short walk along the seaside to take some photos of the yatchs and boats. The view was enchanting but it was so hot!

Later in Biarritz, I was already half limping because the hubz mistakenly took the wrong turn on the way towards the Aquarium, our final destination. Translation: We had to walk about 2 kms. more of slopy streets under the 28 C scorchingly hot weather. So uncomfortable, I was so envious of everyone around me wearing flat sandals and flip flops. My soles hurt and my facial scars got sunburned!

Good thing there were benches inside the Aquarium and so I was able to sit down and relax my aching soles. Whew! At the back of mind I was cursing myself  for not bringing flats for back-up. Well, there´s always a next time.

Anyway, after seeing the little sharks and fishes, we went to the top floor to see the seals. They feed the seals in the morning and at 5 pm. Honestly, I didn´t understand what the French guy was blabbing about but the seals were so entertaining! I was engrossed and even bought a seal ref magnet for my magnet collection. hahaha!

(some views of Biarritz)

The trip ended with a few servings of French- Basque ice cream. I chose pistachio and lemon in merengue.

Mmmm, heavenly! Perfect treat to end  a very hot day in the south France. Mama mia, looks like summer is already here in this side of the world! ;)

So what have you done last weekend? I would like to hear from you too! :)



PS: Click on the photos to enlarge, you have the option to NOT click those that have my face because my scars still look scary! lol!

PPS: More travel photos of Biarritz here. This place is surreal during twilight.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

That Kind of Fit


Do you have something that flatter your curves and hides the uhurmm... bulges at the same time?

My body´s a typical pear and I´m very petite and so I needed something to elongate my body and at the same time hide those unwanted bulges.

A little halter neck top and a dark bottom definitely does the trick! :)

Looks like this combo is for me! :)


knitted top- Bazaar
black rose bangle set- Blanco
assorted silver chains- local Spanish store
tiered skirt with lace (old)- Her Bench (Phils.)

Find out your body type here. You´ll be surprised! ;)



Friday, May 21, 2010

Two Trends With a Few Clicks


crochet top- thrifted
denim vest- Zara TRF (from last year)
mini skirt- Guess (old)
bangle- Sfera

Who would have thought that crochet would be so IN right now? I bought this sleeveless top last year not knowing what to do with it. Now, it´s THE trend. Aha! Don´t throw anything unless you´ve outgrown them in size, people! ;) And yes, this is my version of the denim over denim with crochet in-between. Wow, that was a mouthful.

Happy weekend, everyone! :)



Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hello, dahlings!

top (old) - H&M

capri pants (ancient)- Esprit de Corp, shoes - local Spanish store

The hubz took me near the Natural Park of Mount Gorbeia ( the highest peak in Alava) to see this mini cascading waterfalls falling from the top of a canyon . The waterfall is called Gujuli. The air was so crisp, cool and invigorating and the view is as usual, spectacular. I even did some yoga. Nah, just kidding! :)  On the other side was this green pasture for the cows and sheep to graze.

Everything was so vivid and fresh that I was sooo tempted to crossover and run towards the evergreen fields while dancing and singing The Sound of Music a la Maria von Trapp or even have a mini-photo shoot. But then...

The sign in Basque and Spanish loosely translated as : No trespassing. Mastiff dogs(guard dogs) on the loose. So I hold that thought of crossing over and went back to the car peacefully. From a distance, I can clearly hear some dogs barking. What if ...? Glad to know I was a good girl for once. ;)

So how´s your week dears? Don´t forget to smell the roses once in a while. :)

Yours truly,


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Purple and Sunshine

Hello, loves!

The hubz got sick after we had a very cold morning paseo with one of the his closest friends, the friend´s wife and their cute twins last Sunday morning and so our out- of -the-city trip was postponed. Good thing, it´s predicted that this week will be sunny and so off we went yesterday to enjoy the sun before it sets. We passed by the lake and visited the holy sanctuary of Urkiola about 25 kms. from Vitoria.

plaid shirt dress and purple tights- Zara
faux leather jacket- local Spanish store
suede loafers- thrifted
 old bangles- H&M

Urkiola is a mountainous place which belongs to the province of Biscay, one of the three provinces of the Autonomous Basque Region of Spain. Now leaving you a photo of the evergreen mountains (yep, nature is still intact in the northern region of Spain) and...

 this lonely poppy which I picked at the side of the road.

Happy Tuesday, dears! I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos. :)


PS: Sorry for the photo overload, I was over excited when I made this post. hahaha! That´s my real blotchy face but hey, I was smiling a lot in the photos! ;)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gray and a Dragonfly

Hi, everyone!

Today, I´m finally going out but there´s no destination yet. I´ve been thinking of going to the vineyards, we´ll see. Travel photos will be posted soon, in the meantime, here´s what I wore yesterday. It´s still cold and raining here but a gray twill coat  isn´t that bad when you go grocery shopping inside the mall, right? ;)

twill coat- H&M
The look may be too casual but I always go for a comfy, no-fuss dressing. You might have known that by now. :)

floral shirt- Bershka

Dragonflies, anyone? This is one of the most comfortable white shirts that I own and I like the print because it´s like wearing your own garden. ;)

My newfound chain necklace from a local Spanish store. Looks like collecting cheap silver chain necklaces is becoming a habit of mine lately. What´s yours?

Por fin, you´re finally seeing my post- CP face. Poor camera focus = flawless face. hahaha! In reality, my skin´s still blotchy. No, no photoshop in here. :)

So how´s your Sunday, dahlings? Hope to hear from you soon! ;)