Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Purple and Sunshine

Hello, loves!

The hubz got sick after we had a very cold morning paseo with one of the his closest friends, the friend´s wife and their cute twins last Sunday morning and so our out- of -the-city trip was postponed. Good thing, it´s predicted that this week will be sunny and so off we went yesterday to enjoy the sun before it sets. We passed by the lake and visited the holy sanctuary of Urkiola about 25 kms. from Vitoria.

plaid shirt dress and purple tights- Zara
faux leather jacket- local Spanish store
suede loafers- thrifted
 old bangles- H&M

Urkiola is a mountainous place which belongs to the province of Biscay, one of the three provinces of the Autonomous Basque Region of Spain. Now leaving you a photo of the evergreen mountains (yep, nature is still intact in the northern region of Spain) and...

 this lonely poppy which I picked at the side of the road.

Happy Tuesday, dears! I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos. :)


PS: Sorry for the photo overload, I was over excited when I made this post. hahaha! That´s my real blotchy face but hey, I was smiling a lot in the photos! ;)


CC said...

You look fab! Love the purple tights. The dress is tres adorable too! :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

what a nice day! I like your outfit too. i'm realy considering buying different colors of tights siguro pagpunta ko ng Phils para mas mura. The mountains looks beautiful.

Sherin said...

Thats such a great dress! And the place looks so beautiful!

janettaylor said...

Such a lovely plaid dress, dearest Che! :)

Leia said...

looks like a beautiful place! :)

Kasia_B said...

Your blog is so nice!! I love the pictures and you look so pretty!


vitaMinn style said...

Mi amiga, Che!! I missed you too!

Can't believe I've only been gone for weeks and already you have a new blog brewing here! Aylavet! You look great. Have you been working out lately? What's your secret? Do spill! Love the new hairstyle and the new bod, bongga!

PS - From your old blog, you seemed to have a grand time in Paris, glad to hear that!

PS2 - Get well soon to hubby!

Amanda said...

Those are such beautiful pictures! i like the your loafers!

xx, Amanda (Not So Naked)

kirstyb said...

cute outfit x

michelle_ said...

rocked those purple tights and green shoes very well :)

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Rebecca Rose said...

I love plaid dress, I love anything purple, I love bangles so I love love this outfit che! so CHIC!!!