Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WIWW: Shades of Brown


2014-07-27 12.34.05

I´m wearing different shades of brown in the blog today. This is called monochromatic dressing and I think I´m becoming an expert at mixing and matching different shades/hues in the same color range. ;) When you´re vertically challenged (like yours trully), this one color dressing styling tip can elongate the body and also for someone who likes to shop/dress in color phases( like yours trully, again), it´s the perfect way to maximize what you have in your closet. It´s like a ¨bring it all out and show them what you have¨ mantra without feeling overdresssed, know what I mean? I know a lot of women who do this with bling but I prefer to do this with clothes, hahaha!

2014-07-27 12.39.16

Anyway, the only thing that I should´ve have never included in this outfit is the floral necklace. Pardon the fashion faux pas (yep, that´s French which really means ¨ you missed  this one, girl! ¨, lol), I´ve forgotten that my top´s colored neckline doesn´t need much decorating, hahaha! Just when I thought that I could pat myself in the back for creating the perfect outfit in five minutes flat, the necklace ruined it all, eeeps.

2014-07-27 12.39.11
2014-07-27 12.35.12

Well, it´s another dressing up lesson to learn today. Never wear a colored necklace on a colored neckline( unless you´re trying to mix print your neckline with your jewelry) or if you must, wear a long chain in plain gold or silver and that´s it.

2014-07-27 12.39.20
2014-07-27 12.39.06 - copia
top(on sale), skirt(old)- Zara, shoes- Zendra, clutch and necklace- local store, leather bangle(old)- Massimo Dutti

And that´s the end of my WIWW story. What´s yours? ;)

Enjoy your Wednesday, dears!



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Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Remix: Distressed Denim and the Linen Top

Hello, hello!

2014-07-19 14.59.19
top(old)- Massimo Dutti, shorts(on sale)- Pimkie, sandals(old)- Aldo, bag(old)- Bimba&Lola
My outfit choices seem to be getting more casual everyday. I always blame it on the heat but it´s actually the laziness on my part to dress up, hahaha! Anyway, you´ve never seen me wearing distressed denim on the blog because this is one of those ¨I wouldn´t be caught dead wearing this¨ trend but like they always they say, you´ll never know if it´s good unless you try it. So I tried it and I can´t seem to stop wearing it, it´s liberating and breezy especially on a very hot day! ;)

2014-07-19 14.59.14

This was what I wore last weekend while having an impromptu lunch at one of our favorite bakeshop/restaurants. While thinking about whether to get an ice-cream  or not, I sat down on this bench. Did you remember this guy from last winter? Actually we´re really close now but still, he wouldn´t talk to me and he´s still feeling smug about about it. hihi. :)

2014-07-19 15.01.50

As for the linen top, I first wore it on our trip to La Coruña in Galicia(Spain) last summer. This is the perfect white linen top to lounge around and it´s cool to the skin too, I swear!


On another note, how´s your summer so far?

Curious to know,


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Friday, July 25, 2014

Flyday Fridays: Mirador Azpirotz

Hello from one of the Spanish basque mountains!

2014-06-07 19.58.03

These are almost two month old pics, oops! I know, I know. I´m a procrastinator, am I ? One Saturday afternoon, the hubz asked me to hop in the car with him to one of those ¨don´t ask me til we get there¨ trips until we ended up on one of the mountains. As usual, I was in my tattered ´jammies¨ and so I grabbed the first thing that I saw when I opened my closet door and this was it:

2014-06-07 19.58.00

Anyway, as we drove from one valley to another, we found  this vantage point/overlooking by the roadside called Mirador Aspirotz. We stopped, got down a little bit and... wow! The view was so green, alive and so serene, it completely took my breath away. Down there below lies a small town nestled between the verdant valleys. It must be nice to live in there, to be one with nature and to breathe fresh unpolluted air everyday! :)

2014-06-07 19.57.17
2014-06-07 19.57.24

Later, we stopped by Leitza, one of the typical basque villages in the heart of the Spanish basque country. How cute are those red flower pots outside of the windows and on the small terrace! Beautiful, isn´t it?

2014-06-07 18.48.52
2014-06-07 18.53.55

Back to what I wore, I was so bloated that day ( just look at my super round face, hahaha!) and so I wore something comfortable A light colored stripe top paired with a dark circle skirt to balance the look. The red orange bag was the last thing that I grabbed on our way to the door. It´s a good thing that it blended well with my top, lol!

2014-06-07 18.51.33
2014-06-07 18.47.45
top(old)- local store, skirt- Promod, sandals- Zara, bag(old)- Massimo Dutti
Do you like mountain trips? They´re one of my favorite past time. As for part 2 of my Bordeaux trip, you´ll read about it next week! :)

Enjoy the weekend, dears!



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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIWW: Silver and Gray, Yellow and White


2014-07-20 13.45.23

I´m on minimalist mode today. Don´t get me wrong, I love a colorful printed outfit but there must be something wrong with me these days to not stop wearing neutrals. Must be the heat or must be because I´ve become lazy( because of the heat... again) to wear prints that I can´t be bothered all ---- BUT at least I accessorize with a bold color, just look at my clutch! ;)

2014-07-20 13.45.36

Anyway, I think I´m warming up to this crop top trend.Whenever I try this trend in the dressing room, I look weird because I really don´t have a flat tummy to flaunt speak of  and I always wear pants when trying it. But then one day, I tried it with a high waisted circle skirt, et voila, I think this top has found it´s calling. I bought white because it matches with everything and paired it first with gray because I´m a safe dresser like that, hehe.

2014-07-20 13.45.28

So hey, a skater skirt + crop top combination? Looks good to me. Why don´t you try it! ;)

2014-07-20 13.45.40
2014-07-20 13.45.44
top(on sale)- Zara, skirt(on sale)- Stradivarius, shoes- Zendra, clutch(AW13 sale)- Zara
This afternoon I´m going to have my first fish spa, a surprise gift from my darling hubz. I´ve read some news that this maybe isn´t safe, now I´m having doubts whether to go or not. We´ll see...

In the meantime, enjoy the midweek, dahlings! :)



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Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Remix: Snakeskin and the Red Tote

Good morning my darling blogger friends and readers!

2014-07-17 20.10.49

How was your weekend? Mine was busy and rowdy. It´s fiesta season here in my side of the world and over the weekend, it was our barrio´s turn. Unfortunately, they also placed the concert stage and everything else on the street near our place and so you can just imagine the noise fun that my neighbors and I went through for two whole nights until the early morning. ;) It´s okay though, this only happens one weekend every year and we can we live with that. The important thing is our sleepy barrio is alive and all the kids in our place are happy. :)

Anyway, I´m back to my uniform of just a top, jeans and flat sandals. To add a little pizazz to the look, I chose a snakeskin printed top over a solid gray one and wore a red tote bag for color. Gray and red is another surefire color palette for me, agree?

2014-07-17 20.07.52

I wore this one afternoon for an ice-cream date with one of my girlfriends. I could have worn shorts or a skirt with my top but since we´re planning to stay in town until evening, I wore jeans because of the abrupt change in temp once the sun sets and besides my legs have turned toasty brown from wearing shorts for three days, hehe.

2014-07-17 20.09.34
top(old), jeans(on sale), bag(on sale), flats- Zara
I first wore this printed snakeskin shirt more than a year ago when I went to Portugal. It´s soft and very light, perfect for those really hot days where you want to feel cool but don´t want to burn your legs. That´s why I wore pants with it, hahaha!


Did you have fun last weekend? What did you do?



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Friday, July 18, 2014

Flyday Fridays: Bordeaux( part 1)

Before my weekend trip in Bordeaux gets very stale, here´s part one of  my visit, but first, an OOTD of our first day:

2014-06-28 17.14.27

Bordeaux is the capital city of the Aquitaine region of France. It´s the major wine industry capital of the world and not only that, the city´s old historic quarters is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because it´s the biggest wine supplier of France, it´s also famous for it´s Fete le Vin ( Wine Festival) which is held every two years(bi-annually) on the last week of June. Here´s the major artwork that they showcased for this year, a gigantic cork made of  what else but normal sized corks that you find in your wine bottle. Isn´t it neat? :)

2014-06-28 17.14.44

It was a sunny Saturday the first time we visited this place and there was this boat with a French flag gliding along the river and some people were on board waving at us. After seeing and experiencing the fun and tasting different kinds of wines and cheeses from the different regions of France, we vowed to come back and spend the whole weekend here. So here we are four years after BUTon a dreary and rainy weekend, lol! The bad weather though hasn´t dampen the festival spirit and  I´ve noticed that there are a lot of visitors now than four years ago when we first came here. They have a Portuguese boat, this time from Aveiro which coincidentally I was telling you about in my last travel post. What a small world, indeed! A lot of my pics are dull, pardon the weather, hehe.

2014-06-28 18.43.48
2014-06-28 18.45.54

Here´s a close-up of what I wore, I preferred the minimal look because of the bad weather and we´re walking a lot:

2014-06-28 18.48.17

It´s literally raining every ten minutes here and during those times when the clouds stay put, I get to photograph the streets and the typical French buildings lining along the festival site and where the tram passes too. The entrance is free but the wine tasting isn´t. You need to pay a specific amount for a number of wines you want to taste. I think they´ll give you a a stub and a free wine glass and then you´re on your own. I didn´t get to do the wine tasting this year because my doctor advised me not to drink/ take anything alcoholic for two months( long health story) and so I wasn´t really sure how much the wine tasting cost. I know, bad timing isn´t it? But I had fun, don´t worry. :)

2014-06-28 18.53.55
2014-06-28 18.54.12

Back to what I wore, I had this shirt dress since last April but have been reserving it for this trip. Although it´s rainy, the temperatue was nice(not so cold, not so warm) and so this denim dress served me well. As for the bag, a le Pliage is staple bag of mine when I travel. It´s light, foldable when not in use and even if I stuff every thing in there and it´s still light to carry. It´s the perfect functional bag, actually!

2014-06-28 18.48.23

Anyway, I just love the medieval entrance to one of the streets leading to the plaza where a lot of restaurants are lined up for your dining pleasure. The food choices are varied, you can have fish , meat, pizza, kebab and even burgers if you want to aside from French food.

2014-06-28 18.40.08
2014-06-28 18.54.20

Since the weather was really bad, we decided not to dine out and not see the fireworks( too bad!). I just bought a gourmet burger for the hubz for take away at McDonald´s at the train station while I chose  pasta salad. It was delicious and filling. What do you expect, we´re in France! ;)

2014-06-28 20.11.12

Leaving you with a blooper pic before I go, it was windy and rainy when we took this and as usual the hubz got me on my best pose, hahaha! :)

2014-06-28 18.48.14
denim shirt dress- Zara, necklace(old) Purificacion Garcia, bag(old)- Longchmap le Pliage
I hope I entertained you a little with my gloomy pics and non stop rambling! More to come in my next travel posts.

Have a great weekeend, y´all! :)



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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WIWW: Floral Power

Hola, holaaa!

2014-07-13 12.40.21

Don´t underestimate the power of floral prints, they can dress up or down an outfit and even make or break it. In my case, I chose to dress up this floral print number in black with cage heels and a metallic clutch. I hope I´m not breaking the whole look! ;)

2014-07-13 12.40.14

Eversince I saw this pleated and poufy floral skirt hanging on one of the store racks while window shopping, I couldn´t forget about it. Buying it right away wasn´t an option because it´s regular price wasn´t compatible with my limited shopping budget. So I waited and waited until the sales season began praying that my size won´t sell out. Et voila, I got lucky because the day I went back it was still there, the last one hanging and in my size! :)

2014-07-13 12.39.59
2014-07-13 12.40.25

This is a casual  spring/summer skirt, I can´t wait to wear this with flats soon. :)

2014-07-13 12.40.04
top- Zara, skirt(on sale)- Stradivarius, clutch(old)- Pimkie, shoes(old)- local store
So what have you grabbed from the sales lately? ;)



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Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Remix: Black, Nude and a Touch of Blue

Lovely Monday, everyone!

2014-07-12 18.35.37

I thought that I´ve finally gotten over with my neutral color dressing phase but what can I do, old habits die hard. I´m back again with nude and black, oops! You see, I wanted to take out a three year old pair of two-tone flats for a walk but got tired of thinking what other colors to pair it with so I took the lazy route, exactly matching it with what I saw when I opened my closet and that is nude and black, hahaha!

2014-07-12 18.35.33

But hey, at least my necklace was in a beautiful cerulean blue color. I don´t usually buy necklaces with the same color but I don´t have anything in floral design and it was on sale(50% off, great deal!) and so I bit the bullet and bought this even if I already have a blue starfish necklace. As for my two-tone flats, it´s got double bows which have a life of their own, the black ones wouldn´t stay put!

2014-07-12 18.36.06
2014-07-12 18.36.02
2014-07-12 18.36.10

You´ve already seen this caramel colored bag which I debuted last Monday wearing a dotted button down. This is my favorite nowadays and when I say fave, it means I can go wearing this for weeks without changing bags, lol.

2014-07-12 18.36.37
2014-07-12 18.35.47

We took these photos over the weekend while the weather was still loco and yes, we still wear long sleeved knits during summer in here! Weird, no? ;)

2014-07-12 18.36.43
top(old)- Sfera, jeans(old)-Zara, necklace- dep´t store brand, sunglasses(on sale)- Stradivarius, bag- Bimba&Lola
The knitted top is one of my favorite year round top to wear, here are some outfits that I´ve created with it:

2014-05-04 13.45.07


We´re back to having hot summer weather this week( thank goodness!) and so expect bare legs and sandals on my future posts. Sooo, how are you in your side of the world? :)

Warm kisses!


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