Friday, July 18, 2014

Flyday Fridays: Bordeaux( part 1)

Before my weekend trip in Bordeaux gets very stale, here´s part one of  my visit, but first, an OOTD of our first day:

2014-06-28 17.14.27

Bordeaux is the capital city of the Aquitaine region of France. It´s the major wine industry capital of the world and not only that, the city´s old historic quarters is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because it´s the biggest wine supplier of France, it´s also famous for it´s Fete le Vin ( Wine Festival) which is held every two years(bi-annually) on the last week of June. Here´s the major artwork that they showcased for this year, a gigantic cork made of  what else but normal sized corks that you find in your wine bottle. Isn´t it neat? :)

2014-06-28 17.14.44

It was a sunny Saturday the first time we visited this place and there was this boat with a French flag gliding along the river and some people were on board waving at us. After seeing and experiencing the fun and tasting different kinds of wines and cheeses from the different regions of France, we vowed to come back and spend the whole weekend here. So here we are four years after BUTon a dreary and rainy weekend, lol! The bad weather though hasn´t dampen the festival spirit and  I´ve noticed that there are a lot of visitors now than four years ago when we first came here. They have a Portuguese boat, this time from Aveiro which coincidentally I was telling you about in my last travel post. What a small world, indeed! A lot of my pics are dull, pardon the weather, hehe.

2014-06-28 18.43.48
2014-06-28 18.45.54

Here´s a close-up of what I wore, I preferred the minimal look because of the bad weather and we´re walking a lot:

2014-06-28 18.48.17

It´s literally raining every ten minutes here and during those times when the clouds stay put, I get to photograph the streets and the typical French buildings lining along the festival site and where the tram passes too. The entrance is free but the wine tasting isn´t. You need to pay a specific amount for a number of wines you want to taste. I think they´ll give you a a stub and a free wine glass and then you´re on your own. I didn´t get to do the wine tasting this year because my doctor advised me not to drink/ take anything alcoholic for two months( long health story) and so I wasn´t really sure how much the wine tasting cost. I know, bad timing isn´t it? But I had fun, don´t worry. :)

2014-06-28 18.53.55
2014-06-28 18.54.12

Back to what I wore, I had this shirt dress since last April but have been reserving it for this trip. Although it´s rainy, the temperatue was nice(not so cold, not so warm) and so this denim dress served me well. As for the bag, a le Pliage is staple bag of mine when I travel. It´s light, foldable when not in use and even if I stuff every thing in there and it´s still light to carry. It´s the perfect functional bag, actually!

2014-06-28 18.48.23

Anyway, I just love the medieval entrance to one of the streets leading to the plaza where a lot of restaurants are lined up for your dining pleasure. The food choices are varied, you can have fish , meat, pizza, kebab and even burgers if you want to aside from French food.

2014-06-28 18.40.08
2014-06-28 18.54.20

Since the weather was really bad, we decided not to dine out and not see the fireworks( too bad!). I just bought a gourmet burger for the hubz for take away at McDonald´s at the train station while I chose  pasta salad. It was delicious and filling. What do you expect, we´re in France! ;)

2014-06-28 20.11.12

Leaving you with a blooper pic before I go, it was windy and rainy when we took this and as usual the hubz got me on my best pose, hahaha! :)

2014-06-28 18.48.14
denim shirt dress- Zara, necklace(old) Purificacion Garcia, bag(old)- Longchmap le Pliage
I hope I entertained you a little with my gloomy pics and non stop rambling! More to come in my next travel posts.

Have a great weekeend, y´all! :)



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Madaline said...

It looks like a gorgeous little city. I haven't been there myself, however, I adore France... I love your tunic - I keep looking for a denim one and never find something that hangs right.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

OMG Your Chambray Dress is Gorgeous. And are your Shoes Birkenstocks? I love them. =)

This post and these photos are amazing you little world traveler you. Looking forward to part 2.

Enjoy the Weekend in Spain or wherever your trips take you, Che!

Alexandra Stella said...

Admiring your cute little necklace.

I've had to do a couple of photo ops with cloudy sky as well lately, summer has been fairly wet so far in Europe.

Alex - Funky Jungle

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

lovely photos :)

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TheTinyHeart said...

Your chambray dress is the cutest! I've never been to France but I'd love to go! The giant cork is awesome :)

The Tiny Heart

Jessica Jannenga said...

Hi there
I love the giant cork, and I would so be there for that wine festival. Beautiful pics and I like the ease of your denim dress with pretty accessories

from the link up
please stop by, jess

Nicole Layne said...

It looks like a gorgeous city! I really like your dress! It is perfect for looking chic while wandering around.

Nicole to the Nines

Robin Hardeman said...

The shirt dress looks great on you! Good choice for sightseeing!

Inge Jane said...

Great photos. Love this dress!

J. Elle said...

What an adorable chambray dress! Just perfect for walking about and staying cool and comfortable, yet chic. Gorgeous photos - I always love seeing where you are!


Lorna mai ltd said...

I love your chambray shirt dress, you look great. France is a beautiful place, the buildings look so fascinating and even though the weather can be disappointing, there's always something to do or see.

Ayana Pitterson said...

This chambray shirt dress is so cute on you! Effortless yet so chic.

Thrifting Diva

Imogen said...

Very interesting post with great pictures, so full of character.

Sherin said...

Looks like a fantastic city. Love the short dress too.

aki! said...

That cork looks really awesome. I wonder if it would still float?

7% Solution

Shannon Jenkins said...

Im so jealy! Such pretty pictures! You look amazing and I love your longchamp!

<3 Shannon

Laviña Jampit said...

cool travel post dear :)

Justina said...

Ahh, it is so beautiful, and you look lovely!
x Justina //