Monday, February 28, 2011

Rachel Berry Has My Skirt!

Some truth. At my age, I still watch Glee. I don´t care much about the story but I love the music.While  watching Season 2´s episode 13 my eye zoomed towards Rachel Berry´s plaid skirt while singing a duet with Mercedes Jones.Then I realized that the skirt looks familiar. Betchagollywow, she´s wearing my skirt!

The first time I wore mine was with a blue turtleneck and a vest coz you know, the bulge. It´s a high waisted skirt.

But Rachel wore it tucked in and with red tights which was really cool! Ssshh, red tights are a HIT these days. Good thing I started wearing mine since Feb 14. ;)

Then my second time with the skirt was still with something blue and gray and with matching gray tights. So unoriginal, no?

So I told myself this time, why not wear this skirt a la Rachel Berry? 

You know, black knitted top and red tights. ;)

Oh and I added some bling because Rachel might call me a copycat although both you and I know that I already am. hehe! Heck, it´s hard to pull off something like this when the character you´re copying is supposed to be half your age. So did I pass? ;)

Just for the record, here´s something that´s very original. My one and only ¨about to fall¨ pose. Don´t worry, I didn´t. Well, almost. hehe! O ha, I doubt if Rachel Berry can pull off this pose.  Can you? ;)

skirt and tights- H&M

The plaid skirt was bought during the winter sales last January 2010. So basically this skirt is more than a year old! By the way, the episode that I was talking about shouldn´t be named ¨Comeback¨ episode but  ¨Plaid¨ episode. The characters were wearing plaids 70% of the time and even Sue Sylvester wore one! ;)

So have you bought something which showed up being worn in the tv or movies lately? ;)

Happy Monday, dears! :)


Friday, February 25, 2011

Muddy Trail

Hi, everyone!

The other day, we decided to visit one of the many parks here in my city and did a little paseo. This is not a perfect getup to walk alongside thick bushes but I´m kinda missing this skirt which I last wore here and so there she goes. ;)

Like most natural parks, the trails were unpaved and a bit rocky and so I wore my short studded boots. Unfortunately, it rained two days before and so there was a lot of mud halfway through the walk and my boots got stuck.The practical side in me went back and asked the hubz to continue walking along the dirt road so that he can leave me in peace while taking my outfit photos. hahaha!

These photos were taken just before twilight, got lucky to have enough light to show the blue sky too.

Today, it was a sunny day. Too bad I overslept in my siesta, I could have gotten back in there, wore my walking shoes and finished one of the trails. Well, maybe next time...

How about you, do you like walking in parks?

Have a fun weekend, everyone! :)



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leather and Other Tips

If you´re small like me, one of the ways to be noticed is to wear a bold pattern and lots of colors. That´s what I always do. A little leather helps too. ;)

Don´t be afraid to wear brown under black, just be sure that you have a delightfully colorful top to compensate for the bland colors that you´re wearing at the bottom. A skirt with a wide waistband is also perfect to hide your middle flaw. You know what I mean. ;)

top- Vero Moda
skirt- New Yorker
bangles- Sfera and Promod

Who am I kidding? I´m not really an expert on fashion and other styling tips. I just wear what I want but it does help to experiment once in a while, no? ;)

Have a lovely week, dahlings! :)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

French Countryside


So how´s your weekend going? Yesterday, we decided to take a trip to the French countryside despite the day being rainy and cloudy as a belated V-day date.

We went up to St. Jean Pied de Port and bought my favorite macarons. There wasn´t a lot going on at the streets and so...

I only get to photograph the macaron store and the cute little black dog who was wandering around.

This was what I wore:

V-neck sweater- Mango

A spur of the moment outfit. I was thinking of the floral tights first and the rest followed. Not something perfect and well thought of  but the lace up boots was comfortable and so that´s okay for me.

tights- Blanco, boots- New Yorker

The only clear picture that was taken of my gray denim jacket but still blurred. lol!

Just so you´d know, I did saw some colors in the French countryside. It wasn´t all dreary and grey all the time, there were also green and reddish brown once in a while. ;)

Going back home, we stopped by St. Jean de Luz, there was a sale going on. I saw a striped knitted top which I really liked but I held on to my wallet. Wow, looks like my self-control is getting stronger! ;)

So what have you been doing this weekend?

Hugs from here! :)


Friday, February 18, 2011

Maxi Boho

Wearing maxi skirts is becoming one of the biggest trends this season. It´s time to shop one from my own closet. ;) So this is me trying to dress up myself for spring. You see, that´s how desperate I am for spring to knock at my door even if technically it´s still winter outside.

This is my maxi aka boho skirt--> see print. One of the only two maxi- boho skirts that I ´ve got and one of my best thrift buys.

Just between you and me, I was shivering when I took these photos. hahaha! Which means, I´d probably be wearing a turtleneck, some tights and black booties with this skirt when I go out later. But this would be a cool getup for spring and then much later in summer, no? Wat d´yah tink? ;)

So are you up for the maxi skirt trend? It can be quite tricky wearing one especially if you´re vertically challenged like me but hey, there´s no harm in trying! :)

Updated to add: Laura of Artfully Artista  from the US commented that we´re wearing similar outfits. She was informed by Kavery of  Style Nuggets who lives in New Zealand. Isn´t that strange and fun and the same time? The world indeed is getting smaller. Although my skirt was longer, Laura´s was shorter and her belt wilder. Go check Laura´s latest post here! :)

Have a fun weekend, everyone! :)



Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So how was everyone´s Valentines Day? ;)

We had a large dinner and I ate too much rice as usual. I´m back to my herbivore diet with smoked salmon bits for protein and omega-3 and I don´t know how long this diet will last. Either today or tomorrow, we´ll see. hahaha! When you´re in that age where your body can´t stop growing sideways, you´ll have to watch  what you eat most of the time. Okay fine, so I had a choco roll  for dessert too, does that count?

Segue to the next topic, I found this quilted skirt while visiting my old thrift shop. It´s made of wool and although I have stopped buying anything brown because 40% of my wardrobe consist of that color, I just can´t stop myself from buying this quirky little piece.

Here´s what it looks like when my top´s tucked out and belted:

Looks like I´d go for the 1st look more. When belted, I can´t see my waistline. hehe!

So when you´ll see quilted skirts becoming trendy this year, remember that you saw it here first. Joke! :)

Any quirky finds lately?



PS: What´s with this pained expression on my face aside from having a serious bad hair day? I promise, I´m more of  the laughing and  take it easy gal in real life, don´t be intimidated by that stern look you´re seeing right now. ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011


Hi, everyone!

Sorry for the late update. Things have been pretty hectic last weekend and I had no time to take a decent outfit post. So let me make up for it by showing you what I´m planning to wear tonight for our Valentines dinner at home:

We don´t go out on Valentines Day, we just celebrate it at home with a special lunch or dinner. Why? Because restaurant menu prices usually double or triple and there´s always a long line especially if you haven´t made your reservations earlier. Plus, horrendous traffic and zero parking space when you get there, so what´s all the fuss about? You can always prepare a nice and healty dinner with your loved one/s and celebrate V day at the comfort of your own place at  your own pace. ;)

vest- Pull&Bear

But yes, we do celebrate it ¨ like going on a date¨ the weekend before or after. Last weekend we had bad weather and so we decided to do it this coming weekend.

knitted LBD- Mango 

Anyway, back to what I´ll be wearing, I´m pairing the dress with red tights and  gray wedges but I think there´s something´s off. What do you think?

red tights- H&M 

All of my strappy heels have long been disposed off because I don´t think I´d be wearing them here with the neverending cold weather but now, it gets me thinking that maybe I should have kept at least a pair before throwing them all away. huhuhu! Oh well, I could always exchange the wedges for a pair of fuzzy pink slippers and the hubz would never notice. hahaha!

wedges- Bershka

Strawberries even without champagne and wine are perfect starters for dinner. It´ll sure make things sweeter from there. Moreover, it´s strawberry season and so buying strawberries wouldn´t drain a large hole in the pocket. ;) 

So what are your plans for tonight?



Thursday, February 10, 2011

Summer Sale Shopping in Winter


I went out with a girlfriend for brunch yesterday. It was sunny and warm, perfect weather to debut my plaid shirt dress which I bought during the winter sales this year for 50% off. This plaid dress is thin, which means, it can go a long, long way from spring to autumn. Oh wait, winter isn´t over yet.;)

When I go winter sale shopping, I usually buy summery things aside from the winter basics. They´re much cheaper than actually buying them during the summer season. Try it in your local/high street stores if they include them during the winter sales season. I´m sure they do! Just opt for styles and prints that are classic and not too trendy so that you can always be in style. :)

The bag´s another another steal too. It was 70% off and so I grabbed it right away. Wouldn´t you too? ;)

I hope you´re not bored seeing the same background over and over again. This room and the kitchen are the only places in the flat where I photograph ehermm.. nicely and clearly. Street photography is out of the question for now unless I have a friend with me who loves taking photos. The hubz never liked taking photos and because he´s a lot taller than I am, I almost always end up looking like a dwarf in his photos!

 plaid shirt dress- Mango
bag and knitted top- Blanco
jacket and shoes- local store

Enough about me. So what about you? How´s you´re week so far? Have you got anything to rant and rave about? I´ll be here waiting. :)

Yours trully,


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I don´t own this outfit. In fact, almost all fashion bloggers and every girl on the street have worn this combination. Yes, I´m a copycat. Who isn´t? In fashion nowadays, nothing is original. But as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Just make sure to tweak it a little so as not to make it so obvious. ;)

denim top- thrifted
skirt- Bershka
peacock ring- local store
bangles- Sfera, H&M
wedges- Blanco

As for wearing those bright pink wedges with the whole outfit, well, you have to give me that. ;) Have you tried this trend before? It´s quite passé but I haven´t really tried it until now. You know me, sometimes I´m trendy but most of the time I´m not. hehehe

Bye for now!


PS: Excuse the smirk, I was trying to sneak in some shots before the hubz arrive from work. ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Floral and Pleated

Finally, I´m wearing a flowy skirt in the blog and not jeans for a change. ;) This is a very old floral and pleated skirt which I usually wear during summer. Last year ( or was that 2 years ago) when bubble skirts were still in, I decided to hem this a bit for a shorter bubble-like skirt but I wasn´t  really able do it.

Like all my sewing projects, it just laid there gathering dust. So I removed all the pins, wore it higher than usual, put on a belt et voila!

So what do you think? ;)

top and belt- H&M

Is everybody ready for spring in this side of the world? We´re having sunny and mildly warm afternoons in here but in the morning it looks like this:

I´m not kidding. It looks like a set from a horror movie, no? hehe  But today was different, I woke up with the sun shining brightly on our terrace. Looks like it´s going to be a beautiful day ahead as predicted! Makes me want to go out to take a walk. ;)

Enjoy your Sunday, dahlings! :)



Friday, February 4, 2011

Kate´s Purple and Gray

I haven´t worn this color combination yet:

Bright purple and gray. The combination looks good, no? Never mind that Kate´s legs look so bony and that she has gone a little overboard with her foundation. If you´re a regular reader of this blog, you´d know by now that my favorite color is purple. I might consider copying this color combo, using high street brands that is because I´m not rich. hehe! ;) 

 Story and photo source here.

So what do you think of this look and combiantion? Did Kate rock it?

Spill your thoughts, ladies! ;)