Monday, June 24, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Breezy in Blue


How have you been? Sorry if I´ve been AWOL for a number of days, real life caught up with my blogging life, haha!


I´ve found the trick to elongate short legs in the photos sans photoshop: wear a really short skirt and photograph your legs´ shadow.


While the second opticon is much easier to do, the second one needs a lot of  tugging here in there and a little ¨bending experiment¨ ( find a mirror to do this if your bf/other half can´t check it for you)  just before you went out of the door.

bag, sandals- Zara, top- Zendra, skirt- Stradivariius
I´ll be on a really looooong blogging holiday but don´t worry, I´ll update the blog once in a while just so you´ll know that I´m still alive and dancing somewhere. In the meantime, enjoy your week, ladies! :)

Lotsa hugs,


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIWW: Mad for Plaid


Another shirt dress for you this Wednesday. I don´t know why but I have an affinity for shirt dresses and they´re usually plaids, hehe. It has a casual-preppy vibe which I so like and so it´s not a coincidence that I wore one last weekend on a day trip to Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz in the south of France.


I´ve already featured Biarritz a lot of times here in the blog so I won´t be posting more photos except the one below. It´s the chicest town on this side of France, hands down!


I went inside the Longchamp store( they have Hermès here too) and the hubz let out a sigh with a ¨Not  another Longchamp, Che!¨, hahaha! You see, he knows my weakness although I went out empty handed this time. I love my Longchamp le Pliage  because they´re light, foldable and can pack a lot. It´s my go-to travel bag actually aside from my standard totes. What´s yours?


My mini- arm party. The most I can wear is three, four or more is too much for my small wrist.


You´ll be seeing more of this hat in my future posts. It´ts a late summer sale buy last year from H&M and is my trusty companion eversince.

shirt dress(old)- H&M, bag- Longchmap le Pliage, sandals(old)- Zendra
Do you like shirt dresses in plaid, paisley or plain?

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Happy Wednesday, all! :)



Monday, June 17, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Summer White and Stripes

Hello, hello!


It looks like summer has finally arrived on this side of the world. Never mind tha it´s gonna rain(again) this week but the temperature continues to rise which is good news in my book. :) Aside from blue skies and balmy beaches, summer in my adoptive country would always mean growing snails beside pretty flowers on the side of the road, ripe wheat and a dusky sunset at 9:30 pm from my kitchen window. Isn´t that cool? ;)


And yes, white´s the official color for summer and candy stripes in pastel colors too for that fresh look all day long!


And YOU, what are your memories of summer? :)

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Have  a lovely week ahead, y´all!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Flyday Fridays: Lisbon Story

It was in 2010 when I  first visited Lisbon for the first time. It was unforgettable, I fell in love!

Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 144

We went there by train, here´s my train outfit :

Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 072
cardigan- Promod, top and leggings- Zara(old)
Our first day was spent visiting the Hieronymites Monastery( Mosteiro dos Jerónimos), a must when you visit Lisbon:

Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 083
Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 095 - copia

and a few blocks from the monastery, the tower of Belém (Torre de Belém), UNESCO World Heritage Site:

Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 122

and for museum and modern art lovers, the Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts:

Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 117

I had to see for myself how they do bullfighting in Portugal. While in Spain the torero(bullfighter) wears a short beaded jacket, here in Portugal they wear a long jacket a la 18th century fashion.

Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 152
Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 154

Moreover, they don´t kill(whew!) the suffering bull as a ¨coup de grace¨  like they do in Spain(bullfighting is banned in Catalonia) but only play with it´s horns. As for leading the bull out, they use cows with bells which is cute. :)

Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 158
Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 160

Of course, we had to try Lisbon´s famous tram and use it almost everyday while we were there. Nevermind that the streets are so tiny, sometimes steep and sometimes we have to stop because a car/small truck is blocking the way because we´re enjoying very bumpy ride along the way. :)

Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 078

The tram´s also a place for fashion watching. Love what this girl´s done with her pretty floral scarf! ;)

Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 317

I had a great time in Lisbon, here´s what I did the moment I arrived at the Placa do Comércio:

Lisboa(Aug 12-15,2010) 037
top- Mango, shorts- H&M
and I did it again when I went back in autumn of last year. ;)

P1180124 - copia
skirt- New Yorker, jacket- Zara, bag-Longchmap
Lisbon´s metro and metro stations are one of the cleanest and colorful in all of the cities that I´ve visited in this part of Europe. The main train station is also very modern, it has a skywalk/bridge which connects it to a mall.


Plazas such as this are common in the city and


the floor´s a great background for my shoes and skirt too. :)

skirt- New Yorker, flats- Blanco
I recommend tha you visit Lisbon! The city´s one of the vibrant city that I´ve ever visited. :)

Enjoy the weekend, dahlings! :)


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIWW: Black, Gray and Origami Sleeves

More than a week ago, the hubz and I went on a weekend escapade to neighboring Portugal as his wedding anniversary gift for me. I´ve been to a lot of places in Portugal but it´s the first time that we stayed in the Douro Valley, the only region in Portugal where they grow grapes for port wine production. Here´s what I wore on our last day( second day was last week´s WIWW post):


I wanted to be comfortable as possible because this was the day where we´re going back to Spain so I wore pants and as usual, my fave studded flats of all time. The top with an origami designed sleeves was an old find which I excavated from the bottom of my closet. lol! I don´t know where I bought this but it´s from a Spanish designer. For some color to the whole look, I just added a bright fuschia bangle in python skin AND another cute bangle in brown leather and silver ribbon which I found cute. :)


As for that reversible black tote, it´s becoming my go-to bag these days. I love that it comes in basic black and whenever I wear a monochromatic look, I can always turn it inside out and wear a dark fuchsia bag in a sec. How´s that for a multiple duty bag? ;)


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Happy Wednesday!



Monday, June 10, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Coral and Wild

Hello, all!

I didn´t get the chance to have my outfit photos taken outside because of the still bad weather(what´s new?) and so here are some grainy shots from the underground garage wall instead. ;)


But before that, here´s what I´ve been experimenting at 12 midnight last night just before I hit the sack, coral lips on a freshly washed faced:


After getting hooked on Korean telenovelas, I got curious about the coral/peach colored lipsticks that Korean women generally use. It´s kinda hard finding the right shade for my skin because it has yellowish undertones and Korean women have this really very white skin but I think I found the one though my friend would always say that dark pink and darker reddish-orange tones are for me, hahaha! This color is called Pink Brandy 825 by Max Factor. So I wore it yesterday with tiger prints and an orange-y accordion skirt because I´m matchy-matchy like that. ;)


Et voila! Pssst, pardon the tense expression. This is the fastest mini-photo shoot that I´ve had, three 3 minutes! Enough time to wait for the elevator to go down while hoping that somebody wouln´t catch us sneaking a few shots. hehehe

sweatshirt - Zara TRF, skirt- Bershka( very old), jacket- Zara( very, very old!), bag- Blanco
So what are your thoughts about coral/peach colored lipsticks? Is it your cup of tea? :)

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Fyday Fridays: Colza Fields

Hello, Friday! :)


Colza is the Spanish word for rapeseed or field mustard whose properties are similar to canola when the oil is extracted from the plant. Here in Europe(especially in Spain), it´s commonly manufactured for lubricant use and is an important ingredient in the production of biodiesel. During spring and early summer, this is usually grown in some parts in Spain especially here in the north. If you´re a regular reader of my blog, you may have already read about my day trip in the Navarre region here. Well the photo session didn´t end there. ;) It ended on the colza fields where we passed by on the way home.


Isn´t the yellow and green background with the blue  skies and puffy clouds the perfect backdrop for an open air photo session? It´s too bad that my outfit for that day was too casual, but hey, you have to seize the moment right? :)

top- New Yorker, faux leather leggings- Primark, bag- Misako
How I wish our spring and summer would be like in the photos forever. Sadly, the weatherman is predicting that we´re going to have a cold and very wet summer this year so expect me in my thick jackets and I´d probably still wearing my boots too, hahaha!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIWW: Chambray Shirt Dress

I love wearing shirt dresses aside from shorts/skirts on really hot days. They look effortless and are so comfy. You just put on colored accessories to make them look fasyon and you´re good to go. :)


So on our second day in Portugal and on a 23 ºC weather( Halleluhaj!), I took out this dress  with the colored sandals for walking around towns( we visited 4 in one day!) and to visit a port winery up on the mountains.


These thin leather bracelets have been with me for about four years now. I´m still crazy about them because they´re light, colorful and easy to mix and match. The latest addition to my leather bracelet/bangle collection is the one on the far right with a turquoise stone in the middle. I bought it from a local fair in here and it´s my favorite go-to bracelet these days. :)


Anyway, the only problem with wearing shirt dress is that you get those curious stares once in a while. Why? Because it´s a question of  ¨Is that a dress?¨ or ¨  Is that a long top and she´s forgotten to wear her pants? ¨ lol!

shirt dress- Mango, bag- Zara, sandals- New Yorker
How about you? Do you wear shirt dresses in spring/summer?

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