Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Remix: White Button Down and Summer Jeans

Hello my darling blogger friends and readers!

2014-06-15 18.26.08

So here´s another buttown down and jeans outfit for you today. Another no-fuss dressing formula for all the lazy dressers out there, tried and tested by yours trully. :)

2014-06-15 18.25.52
2014-06-15 18.26.04

I´ve had this button down since last Christmas but only wore it until now. Quality wise, the cloth is thicker than the summer button downs being sold right now which is great because I want my clothes to last me more than a few washes. ;) As for the shoes, I needed something light, with a little heel and in neutral colors which would be perfect for the spring and summer weather. I was lucky to find this pair in my size and the snake skin print and the T-straps are a plus too!

2014-06-15 18.25.58
2014-06-15 20.53.26

How was was your weekend? I spent mine in Bordeaux(France) but it´s raining every  five to ten minutes! Oh yes, it wasn´t that cool at all and I only had half the fun but it was okay. More of this in my next travel posts. Stay tuned!

2014-06-15 18.26.13
button down- Sfera, jeans- Zara, clutch- Massimo Dutti, shoes- Zendra
Anyway, light colored jeans are perfect for summer. I first wore mine on a trip to Biarritz in early spring and the buttown down that I wore below wasn´t the one that I wore in this post but the buttown and jeans combination also looks good with a tote bag, no? :)

2014-04-05 17.55.31
2014-04-17 11.27.06

By the way, has the sale season started in your side of the world? Ours start tomorrow, I know it´s so laaaate! Enjoy the week, y´all!



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Friday, June 27, 2014

Flyday Fridays: Chambray and Black( Again)

Hi, everyone!

2014-06-22 20.14.16

Can you believe that  we´re on the last days of June, where did the first half of the year go? Time really flies so fast we have to make the most of it everyday. And I haven´t done much yet, oh geee!

2014-06-22 20.21.43

Anyway, here´s another basic look for you today. There´s nothing more basic than a chambray top and dark jeans. I know this is lame, hahaha! I´d love to wear white all summer but I´m a clumsy white wearer most of the time so chambray is the best alternative for me to survive the day without having to fret if I stained my white outfit or not. This is my favorite go-to look when I have nothing to wear, that´s why I stock up on chambray tops. ;)

2014-06-22 20.14.12
2014-06-22 20.14.01
2014-06-22 20.21.34

I´m so excited because we´ll be going on a trip to the northern side of France this weekend. It´s been four years since we last visited that part of France. I will tell you how it´ll go soon and I hope it doesn´t rain so much there because there´s nothing here but thunderstorms and hail in the afternoons. In the meantime, here´s another blooper shot to make your day! ;)

2014-06-22 20.13.59
top- Promod, jeans- Zara, bag- Bimba&Lola
Ciao for now and have a fun weekend ahead!



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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIWW: B/W, Stripes and Red

I´m bringing WIWW to you from my kitchen door today! ;)

2014-05-30 16.12.22

With more than four years of  posting outfit photos here in the blog( yep, I´ve been here that long although I don´t take it seriously, hahaha!) this outfit´s got to be my most favorite look. After years of  finding the style that works best for my lifestyle and body type and experimenting with trends once in a while, I´ve come to realize that minimalist dressing is the ONE for me. I could go over the top  with colors and prints because I also love vibrant colors and crazy prints but clean lines and a flattering silhouette really makes a difference when you dress up. Agree or agree? ;)

2014-05-30 16.10.52
2014-05-30 16.12.01
2014-05-30 16.11.14

So today my darlings, the secret´s out. I´m part of the minimalist dressing cult. lol! Okay, I know that you´ve known that all along so much so if you´re a regular reader of my blog. Don´t get me wrong, I still love my prints and bold colors but dressing up in neutral colors is perfect to me too!

2014-05-30 16.13.38
top, necklace and clutch- Zara, cuff(old)- H&M, skirt, shoes(very old)- local store
So what kind of dresser are you? Have you find your stye yet? ;)

Enjoy your Wednesday!



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Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Remix: Blush and Rosettes


2014-06-08 12.48.26

How to look casual chic in the summer heat? Wear prints with a light colored top and pearls/ chunky jewelry. It works every time for me! :)

2014-06-08 12.48.57
2014-06-08 12.48.52

Summer´s officially begun last weekend. On our side, that means, very hot mornings and afternoons and hail and rain by early evening, lol! Anyway, I don´t have a lot of pink tops in my closet. My summer tops consist of mostly white, chambray, gray and a jumbled mix of black, dark blue and animal prints. So I plan to remix this lightly knitted pink top more. Right now , I´m on outfit number two with this rosette printed pants which I can easily wear until fall.

2014-06-08 12.48.21
2014-06-08 12.52.34

Although floral pints are usually worn during spring(typical!), this print was also on trend last year during fall. I´m glad that I bought this prined pants because I can mix and match  any top with it, change the accessories, thus creating a lot of looks. Genius, isn´t it? ;)

2014-06-08 12.48.30-2
top and pants- Zara, clutch(very old)- Esprit, shoes(old)- local store
I first wore the rosette pants at the tail end of winter and the blush pink knitted top on a trip to Portugal during the Holy Week.

2014-04-19 12.30.02 - copia2014-02-05 15.51.04

So what are ways you can remix some items in your closet?



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Friday, June 20, 2014

Flyday Fridays: The Portuguese Venice

Good morning my friends! :)

2014-04-20 12.17.01

As promised, here´s another photo-heavy travel post which I´ll start with Aveiro´s cathedral:

2014-04-20 12.48.05

and the museum´s door, hahaha!

2014-04-20 12.46.54

Anyway, Aveiro(Portugal) is a bustling city in Centro Portugal whose most important industry is salt production. It has a beautiful palace-museum which is a must see especially the chapel( my pic is a blah, no pics). The capital city of the same name is also called ¨ Venice of Portugal¨ because of it´s beautiful canals( though not as grand and as vast as Venice´s) and colorful ¨gondolas¨. I was quite hesitant to ride the gondola at first because the route is quite short but  we had the best tour guide in the gondola who spoke  English, Portuguese and Spanish which kept us informed about the city´s history and important buildings as we glide along the river. One of the most informative rides that we´ve had actually than Venice, Italy.

2014-04-20 12.54.52

Here´s what I wore, dark jeans and a light leopard printed top because the mornings are quite chilly:

2014-04-20 13.36.28

Here are some snapshots that I took of the place:

2014-04-20 12.55.10
2014-04-20 13.07.20

Aveiro is a small city, you can tour it in half a day, no fret, there a lot of places to explore here. ;) The bridge below is the oldest and most important bridge in the city which dates back to centuries. They say that in the olden times, women have been crossing this bridge bringing huge sacks of salt on their back to sell or store.

2014-04-20 13.22.36

This one of the original houses of Aveiro. So colorful, no? ;)

2014-04-20 13.26.35

And this is Ana Sousa´s vacation house.  She´s a famous Portuguese designer and retailer who is now based in France. Can you see that little dress out there? ;)

2014-04-20 13.20.35

This was once a ceramics factory which was now converted as a public show room/gallery for expositions, it´s located on the other side of the river:

2014-04-20 13.34.35

Around Aveiro´s historic public maket, you can see a lot of  restaurants to have a feast later on. I forgot the name of the restaurant where we went in( like always, hahaha!) and here´s what we had, a HUGE seafood platter for two or in our case it should be for four!

2014-04-20 14.24.14

Too full to walk around, we went up to the rooftop garden of Forum Aveiro( mall along the river) to rest and admire the winding river from the top.

2014-04-20 15.35.59

After having some lemon tea, to settle down a bit my tummy( I´ve never eaten so many shrmps in my life!), we passed by Barra to see the Lighthouse of Aveiro, one of the tallest lighthouses in Europe. It´s very impressive actually and this was just half of  how tall it was!

2014-04-20 17.41.48

The beach and the sand dunes, this side of Portugal has a lot of dunes and so please don´t visit these on a windy day. ;)

2014-04-20 17.46.13-2

It was a day well spent, so here´s one last pic before I go:

2014-04-20 17.44.08
top and pants- Zara, necklace(old), shoes- Massimo Dutti, tote bag- Misako
I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing the photos in this post. I still have a lot of pics but I´m sure it´s going to be a long read and so I just chose the most important ones to share with you.

Enjoy the weekend, y´all! :)



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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIWW: Cropped Sweater

Hola, holaaa!

2014-06-15 12.39.49

The wind got crazy and cold last Sunday and so I decided that a little layering would do to survive the day. Although I´m a bit hesitant of crop tops ( the last time I wore one was when I was 13 years old and that was a century ago, hahaha!), they can make a great layering piece especially when wearing a button down. See? ;)

2014-06-15 12.47.21
2014-06-15 12.47.44-1
2014-06-15 12.47.34

So what do you think of  cropped sweaters? They make the perfect layering piece, no?

2014-06-15 12.39.36
button down- Sfera, cropped sweater- Pimkie, pants- Zara
So how´s the week so far?



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Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Remix: Summer Dressing

Happy Monday, all! :)

2014-06-12 12.40.24

Summer´s definitely here, can you feel the heat? It´s time to put more of that sunblock on your skin, wear a hat for extra shade from the sun and very important: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And when I say hydrate, I don´t mean with those mind numbing delicious cocktails that we love to sip by the poolside, dahlings  but with water or whatever summer fruit that takes your fancy. ;)

2014-06-12 12.40.43

As for what to wear, we all know the drill, hot pants for the daring( I´m not NOT because I don´t want to but because my BOD DOESN´T ALLOW IT, hahaha!), maxi dresses and if you´re like me who goes for non-fussy dressing, a  piece of cotton skirt with a comfy top are good to go. Just accessorize the outfit a little bit and we´ll be fine. :)

2014-06-12 12.40.39
2014-06-12 12.44.40

Today, I´m bringing you my photos from the parking lot. This is much better than my kitchen door, no? lol! Anyway, this is my usual outfit nowadays and yes, I seem to wear just one pair of sandals everyday. Just one of those phases, ya know. ;)

2014-06-12 12.40.36
top- Zara TRF, sandals- Zara, skirt(old)- Mango, bag- Bimba&Lola

Some ways I´ve styled this skirt:

P11506062014-04-10 12.51.25

So what´s your favorite summer get-up? Love to hear it from you. :)

Have a fun week ahead!

Warm kisses,


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