Friday, June 29, 2012


( top-Sfera, skirt- Vero Moda, bag- Balenciaga, hat- Zara, jewelry- Blanco, local stores)

Fireworks(skirt), chunky (necklace) and a classic- gray top. That´s how I describe my outfit for today. Old favorites which I love to recycle every summer, every year. Nothing´s new except for the braided thong sandals which is getting old from daily wear. And yep, the heat wave continues, we´re actually frying sizzling in the heat. Sparks, anyone? I´d be happy to share my sun to those who asked. ;)

Enjoy the weekend, y´all! :)

Hot kisses from here,


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blinding White

Let´s take a rest from my travel photos for a while and talk about the weather. What?! Oh yes, my adoptive Spanish country  is having  a heat wave  right now, 35-42 ºC, anyone? ;) So yesterday, I wore my comfiest and best light-repelling top, a white 3/4 thin blouse and lots of sun block before we cooled off ourselves to some place which has water in it.


With the stifling heat and all, accessories are minimal with two old  gold bracelets ( which surprisingly still fit me!)* and a souvenir from Toledo, a gold carved bangle.

As to where we cooled ourselves, it doesn´t have to be by the beach. The river/lake is fine as long as you have lots of shade and a marvelous view. Ooops, where´s the view in here?


Here´s the back view of  my top instead. More than decent, huh! ;) Continuing on...


Here´s the real view, a perfect place for a riverside picnic under the shade of the tall pine trees.


You know why this post is called ¨Blinding White¨ ? Because my white top is blinding! See that photo below? I guess it must have reflected the light so much that it looks like I wore 100 fluorescent lamps together with it. lol!


( top, bag, chain necklace- Blanco, jeans- Zara, sandals-Porronet )

I talk really weird today. Must be the heat. Enjoy the day, dahlings, while I sip on my sangría. ;)

Talk with you soon!



* Me and the clasp of my bracelets don´t get along that much. So I just press my fat little fingers together and carefully wiggle the bracelets upward towards my wrist. Don´t follow me or you´ll break your bracelets! ;)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello, Toledo!

* Warning: Picture heavy post. *

It was 37ºC in Toledo when we visited the place, you can´t just imagine how it hot and dry it is. So as usual, we spent most of time indoors visiting the church and the museums.


The first thing that you´ll notice when you arrive there is this quaint train station. I´m a sucker for beautiful architecture and so forgive me if this post is filled with  building walls and ceilings. Don´t worry, they´re intricately designed and very photogenic. It´ll be worth the scroll downwards. ;)

Toledo is very clean  and is one of the most filmed places in Spain because of it´s medieval and well preserved architecture. Here´s the cathedral´s facade, one of the most important churches of Spain aside form the one in Burgos, Seville, etc.


The pretty ceiling of one of the salas of the church,


the tall majestic column and well preserved beams and arches and


this intricately sculptured ceiling and wall of a sala where the old kings were buried were so interesting. My jaw dropped when I saw all these things! ;)


As for museums, I can´t take my eyes off this beautifully sculptured praying wall inside a former Jewish temple/synagogue which is now converted into a museum and...


the graceful arches in the terrace of  the Toledo museum. Toledo is also famous for it´s adopted Greek painter ¨El Greco¨, a Spanish Renaissance artist/painter who art historians would say is the precursor of modern Expressionism and Cubism.


As for the local delicacy, we had to try this famous local dish, ¨Codorniz de Toledo¨ made of  delicately tasting quail and sliced potatoes:

which by the way coincided with the bird necklace that I wore on that day. hahaha! ;)


Leaving you  with a candid photo while admiring the old paintings in the ¨claustro(cloister)¨ of the cathedral.


You must visit Toledo, I´m sure you´ll love it! Just make sure to slather a lot of sun cream because it can be quite hot in there especially in the summer. ;)

More photos to show you soon!



Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 1: Madrid

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I´ve finally found the day 1 photos of my short Madrid escapade. It looks like most of them were taken indoors except for this one. hahaha! This was taken at the temple of Debod, an ancient Egyptian temple rebuilt in Madrid.


Day 1 look is all preppy because I was dying to wear this A-line denim skirt in dull gray color which I´m loving but haven´t debuted here until now and well, nothing screams more preppy than a polo shirt, right? Since I´m matchy-matchy, I paired my yellow bag with a yellow top. Bwahahaaha!

( leather bracelet- Purificación García, bangle- H&M)

It was sooo hot in Madrid and so I didn´t bother staying outside to shoot the important monuments.We just snuck in at the Museo Cerralbo, the old residence of the late Marquis of Cerralbo because it was cooler there than staying out on the streets. Anyway, the sword collection in one room was an eyeful!


Just like any old palace (converted into  a museum), the armory collection was quite impressive. There were quite a lot of knights in shining armor.You can even choose any one you like as an escort BUT they can´t walk on their own and are quite heavy. ;)


The late marquis was known for his eclectic taste and colletion so expect a lot of old important paintings and scuptures from centuries ago. Of course, I have to take a photo of myself with them

( top- Lacoste, skirt- Vera Moda)

This marble bath tub caught my eye. With the dry stifling heat outside, I could imagine a nice long cooling bath while admiring the scenery outside from the window.


I love chandeliers.This by far is the biggest  that I´ve ever seen with it´s cute pastel colors. This lamp was even  exhibited for being the only one of it´s kind! ;)


Because a travel photo is never complete without food photos, here´s what we had for lunch, a lightly buttered hake with side salad:


and later for dinner, we had maki plus a lot more at a small Japanese restaurant ( run by Chinese people,hehe).


Tired, a bit sleepy and full, we rested by this bench in one of the parks near our hotel. So that´s how day 1 went.

( bag- Longchamp, sandals- Kickers)

Next stop, Toledo. Don´t miss it!

Ciao for now and enjoy your weekend,


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OOTD: Leather and Florals

Hello, hello!

My travel photo folder is a bit of a mess right now, in the meantime, here´s day two´s outfit. If you ask where´s day one, it´s somewhere out there. hahaha! That´s what you get when you travel for just a few days and take gazillions of photos, you don´t know where to start editing first. ;)


And so... I started with this multi-colored snake print sandals and worked my way up.

( sandals- New Yorker)
The chain-bangle and leather bracelet were a staple arm candy on my left wrist. The beautiful mint green stone bracelet with entwined purple and gold yarn was a latest find from a clothing and accesories fair ( by independent designers) held at the upper level of the Chamartin train station in Madrid. It was love at first sight! ;)

(  bracelet- Susana Espiauba, bangle- H&M, leather bracelet- Purificacíon García)

The skull charm was the icing to the bracelet. If you know me, I have a soft spot for accesory/clothing with skulls. My friends even say that I have morbid tastes, lol!


And to finish the look, I debuted my new colored nylon bag. It´s like a chameleon, it turns green in the shade and golden brown in the light. My perfect moss green color for summer! As for my floral top, it´s old and the faux leather skirt was a sale find last winter. I needed something that´s comfy and loose because it was super hot ( hello, 36 ºC!) and I´m bloated. To balance the billowy top, I wore a mini skirt. :)

( top- Mango, skirt- Stradivarius, bag- Longchamp)

I wore this outfit on a day trip to Toledo. The place is breathtaking! I loved it there. If you happen to pass by Madrid,  make a side trip to Toledo. It´s just a 30 minute ride through the Alta Velocidad (hi-speed train) from the Atocha-Renfe station. You´ll never regret it!


I will be posting my travel photos in the next posts. Stay tuned for that!



Monday, June 18, 2012

To the Center and Back

Hi, everyone!

Yup, it´s been almost a week since I´ve gone. As usual, real life has caught  up with the virtual life lately and so the blog has to take a back seat. Heyneyway, I´m back and by the way, I was gone to the center of Spain for a short break this weekend. Here´s my ¨train outfit¨. ;)


A sneak peak of where I was:

and wearing  an old favorite, my yellow colored sandals.

More clues on my weekend getaway, La Catedral de Almudena and  El Palacio Real:

So can you guess where I was? ;)

( top- Zara, shorts- Bershka, shoes- Pull &Bear)

Yep, I was in Madrid. More stories to come in the next posts. :)

Bye for now!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Safari in the Park

One afternoon while it was still sunny and bright, the hubz invited me to a walk in the park. Since it was one of those rare hot days, I needed to wear something light and airy. The bird necklace was the final touch to the whole look because there were tall trees all around. Trees = birds. ¿Si? ;)


The big reversible tote was for the coat when it got cold later which never fails knowing my city.


Anyway, I didn´t see the birds, only heard them chirping but I saw this huge frog on the kiddie pool. Oh to be a kid again!


Last photoshoot beside an ice-cream stand. No, these aren´t real trees, it´s the wall of the stand (a tree photograph) but yes, I´m in a real park with pools, real trees and a river. As for the title of this past, what I wore can pass for a very casual safari look, no? ;)

( top-Mango, bermudas, necklace- H&M, bag- Misako, sandals- Kickers)

So have you been to your local park lately to cool down? ;)



Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Touch of Tangerine and Fluoro

A surefire way to brighten a cloudy day is to wear something bright and cheerful. It´s not hard to do that when you´re wearing tangerine stripes, a chain link necklace in fluoro pink and an uncombed hair. ;)


Trying to be trendy with a fluro and large chain link. This choker type necklace made me crosseyed for ten minutes while locking the clasp. Good thing it was worth it. Whew!


Decided to have a change of venue for these photos because you´re always seeing the same background in almost all of my posts, the MIL´s nursing home. Ooops,info overload. hahaha!

( top on sale right now- New Yorker, pants- Pimkie, bag and necklace- Blanco)

So how do you brighten a cloudy day? Have an unforgettable weekend, everyone!

Love, love,