Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blinding White

Let´s take a rest from my travel photos for a while and talk about the weather. What?! Oh yes, my adoptive Spanish country  is having  a heat wave  right now, 35-42 ºC, anyone? ;) So yesterday, I wore my comfiest and best light-repelling top, a white 3/4 thin blouse and lots of sun block before we cooled off ourselves to some place which has water in it.


With the stifling heat and all, accessories are minimal with two old  gold bracelets ( which surprisingly still fit me!)* and a souvenir from Toledo, a gold carved bangle.

As to where we cooled ourselves, it doesn´t have to be by the beach. The river/lake is fine as long as you have lots of shade and a marvelous view. Ooops, where´s the view in here?


Here´s the back view of  my top instead. More than decent, huh! ;) Continuing on...


Here´s the real view, a perfect place for a riverside picnic under the shade of the tall pine trees.


You know why this post is called ¨Blinding White¨ ? Because my white top is blinding! See that photo below? I guess it must have reflected the light so much that it looks like I wore 100 fluorescent lamps together with it. lol!


( top, bag, chain necklace- Blanco, jeans- Zara, sandals-Porronet )

I talk really weird today. Must be the heat. Enjoy the day, dahlings, while I sip on my sangría. ;)

Talk with you soon!



* Me and the clasp of my bracelets don´t get along that much. So I just press my fat little fingers together and carefully wiggle the bracelets upward towards my wrist. Don´t follow me or you´ll break your bracelets! ;)


Jing said...

nasilaw ko sa imo pgkagwapa te. hehe. your outfit looks neat and it. wow!42 ºC? pero humid pud ba diha te che?

Kashaya said...

Cute bracelets.=)

Sherin said...

Please send us some of your sun! And love that shirt: It looks so comfortable.

OanaC said...

Love the pics! and love your blog!
Amazing details!!!

Love Oana:)

Ioana-Carmen said...

casual and chic, love it <3

shooting star said...

one cant go wrong with white...even a blinding one!!!!

u look comfy and casual!!!
and love the forested shady area...

Annie said...

Such gorgeous photos! Love your sandals :)

The Other Side of Gray

Taramixandmatch said...

Such gorgeous scenery! You look fabulous in white, I love that bag!

T. said...

Great blog! I'm following!
You look really chic despite the heat! (And can you please send some of that heat up here to Germany?)