Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shorty Red


This gotta be my most colorful post ever. Last weekend, the hubz, his friends and I went on a short trip to the south of France. The day ended up in the mountain town of Saint Jean Pied de Port  where I had lots of fun photographing a plethora of beautiful things. Beads, belts, shell, wood earrings and oh those lovely cheap espadrilles. Take your pick! ;)


What I wore:

Something simple and comfortable for a trip with the boys. When you´re walking with guys who are a foot taller than you, you need to walk fast, no, most probably run along, literally! So flats it is.


Back to accesorizing, how cute are these earrings which has the basque symbol? They´re one of a kind. I wish I bought a pair.


I was literally gushing over these espadrilles. The colors are gorgeous and they´re quite cheap!


Unfortunately, I had already one and I´m trying to minimize my shoe collection and so it´s a ¨pass¨ for me.

( top- Zara, shorts- Bershka, necklace- H&M, bag- Longchamp)

So there went my sunny weekend. How about yours? ;)




Sherin said...

All those beaded jewellery looks amazing.

janettaylor said...

WOW! Wonderful inspired!

Rinny said...

Great photos! All of the beaded accessories look so cute and colorful. I love your red Longchamp tote btw! I've been thinking of getting one for the longest but some of my friends who have it say they're not very durable and start to fall apart after awhile?

coco said...

super short !
love espadrilles :)

HEIDI said...

lovely look of black and red! i'd love to get my hands on one of those espadrilles!

xx heidi
life full of loves