Monday, January 30, 2012

White Weekend

So we went back again to the mountains to see the snow last weekend. Yes, we´re a weird  pair, lol!


1. Trying to block the sun from my eyes and loving my ring at the same time, hehe.
2. Giddy with joy at the snow falling and trembling at the same because it was sooo cold. Do you like my leopard hat? ;)
3. Watching the falling snow from inside the restaurant window while admiring the potted green plant on the window sill. Life and ice at the same time, surreal no?
4. My second dish, pork tenderloin in white cream sauce topped with red wine sauce on top of cooked potatoes. Yum!
5. Dessert. Flan de cuajada or roughly translated as ¨milk curd flan¨. It´s very delicious and low in fat, my two fave adjectives of the moment.
6. Last photo of the day outside of the resto. I can´t believe that 30 mins. before this photo was taken the ground was bare, nary a snow in sight. When it snows at the top, it´s really snows!

We could´ve continued the trip towards the French side but the road became tricky to navigate. We´re in the midle of a snowstorm! So we turned the car around and headed off to Pamplona instead. Whew, wise choice because they only have rain down there! :)

So how did you spend your weekend?



Friday, January 27, 2012

This Red Thing?


You´ll be seeing a lot more indoor photos of me because we´re having dreary days right now and probably a little snow, yipeee! I hope that looking at my kitchen door backdrop and my neverending bad hair doesn´t bore you yet. Anyway, I´ve decided to dress up today with something sparkly and with a bright red mini. I´m planning to wear this to my friend´s bday party in two weeks and so this is sorta ¨ dress rehearsal¨ for me. What do you think? ;)



Oh, and this red thing? I bought it on sale. A lucky find, don´t you think? And a new addition to my faux leather collection too.

(faux leather skirt- Stradivarius, top- Pimkie)

So what have you scored form the sales lately? Enjoy your weekeend luvs, mine´s gonna be a very cold and probably a white one and so I´m excited. ;)



Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Bling time! I´ve noticed that chain jewelry is getting ubiquitous nowadays. So if you have one and usually wear it around your neck ( like I do with mine):

( chain necklace- vintage, gift from MIL)

Why not loop it twice or thrice ( if it´s a long chain) around your wrist as bracelet:


or on your finger multiple times to make a chain ring? Never mind that it´s a little bit jumbled down there( below the finger) but up here, it looks so well arranged and nice, no? ;)


Get my drift? Sometimes we have to innovate and be creative to make use of what we have. So what do you usually do with your old jewelry?

Hugs from here,


Monday, January 23, 2012

Snakeskin and Mili Green

Is snakeskin still in? I totally forgot I had this dress until I saw this wild number still neatly folded at the bottom of my chaotic drawer yesterday morning while rummaging for something to wear to church. It´s not your usual  Sunday ¨formal¨ wear but who cares, haha! I´m still obsessed with anything snakeskin. Wait til they suddenly pop up on the blog, you´ll be surprised. ;) For now, I´ll just make sure that I don´t visit the zoo wearing this dress because the animals might mistake me for a walking snake, oops!


Mosaic- Snakeskin 2
( ring- H&M, clutch- Bershka, coat- thrifted, shoes, dress- local store)

Last year, I found two marvelous military green coats at my local thrift store. While the other one is much lighter, this one´s thick, perfect for winter (and can double as a dress too, hehe!):


So this was how my Sunday went. In snakeskin, military green and mini combat heels. So what were you wearing yesterday?


That´s all, folks!



Friday, January 20, 2012

Looks Like Spring

Felt like wearing light colors today and so I thought of this lem-o-lime combination. It´s not the first time that I experimented with this combo. In fact, when color blocking was the rage last year, these were my colors. I don´t know.. I just find the mix of green and yellow so refreshing and young, no? ;)


To accessorize, I used a bow and feather brooch, my spider ring and throw in a mini arm party of silver bangle, brown, green and blue leather braids. Another experiment for my overripe lemony top, haha!


Oh and talking about this top, I had the most shocking discovery today. I´ve always heard about stores changing the original prices during the sales but I didn´t believe it until it happened to me. I bought this top at 50% off  ( based on the red tag) at the store of one famous Spanish brands ( not Z, the other one)  and you know what? When I accidentally tore off the red tag, this was what I saw underneath the tag:

Can you believe that?!? Good thing I really liked this top and so I didn´t go back to the store and complain. This is definitely a glaring example of false advertising. There can be a lot of ways to mislead the shoppers, you just have to see it for yourselves and be wary of them.

( jeans- Zara )

Now that you´re warned, enjoy your sale shopping, luvlies and talking about the weather ( like I always do), it looks like spring nowadays with the sun and all. Hallelujah!

Ciao! ;)


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Triple Stripes

I can´t get enough of this gray wool coat and so here it is for the second time. lol! Here´s what I wore the other day.  Stripes, stripes and more stripes.



This fluoro bandage skirt has been sitting on my skirt drawer since summer. It´s about time to pull it out for some needed color especially on these cold and dreary winter days, don´t cha think? So right, just stare at my skirt and not at my messy hair. hehe! I know I really need a good haircut. Soon my darlings, soon. ;)

( coat- Mango, skirt, clutch- Bershka)

So how´s your mid-week?



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Foggy at the Top

Another weekender at the mountains, my friends. I missed wearing this coat and so I created my casual look around it. With gray you can never go wrong, it´s your next safest color aside from black ( for bloated girls like me). Pardon for ¨cutting¨  my head in the photos, my face and eye bags look too puffy for your viewing pleasure, even the hubz says so. ;)


( jacket- Mango, bag and pants- Zara), boots- New Yorker)

If you think everything is green, reddish brown and sunny at the top, you´re dead wrong. It´s actually foggy and coooold! Just like this last  photo taken at Roncesvalles at the Navarre Region. We´re talking about 0 to -2ºC cold and there isn´t even a snow in sight. Just fog and more fog. Bummer!


Going home, we dropped by the French-Spanish border in Valcarlos, saw a few things and then went home via the French coast. It was a well spent Saturday actually. :)

So how´s your weekend?

Foggy kisses from here,


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mocha and Choco

Hello, hello!

It´s been four days since my last post, ooops! To make up for the lost days, here are some outfit photos with bad hair and all. hehe. We´re having foggy and frozen frosty mornings in here so I´m mostly in jeans, turtlenecks and frizzy hair. Yesterday though was an exception because I felt like wearing a dress or something like it. Why? I don´t know. Ah yes, hormones. That´s it. ;)



I´m wearing brown again but I´m partial to this mocha chocolatey combination because it reminds me of ice-cream, cakes and chocolates. Uh-oh, bad idea for a girl who´s trying to diet. Did I ever tell you why I never make any New Year´s Resolution when it comes to food? Because I never stick to it, lol! Now, where did I hide those choco truffles from last Christmas? ;)

( dress- Bershka, rest- local stores)

On another note, how´s the sale shopping going? I´ve scored only a few. One thing that I´ve noticed was that most of the clothes right now are quite expensive even at 50% off but the quality´s not worth it compared to say 3 years ago! How sad. Agree or disagree?



Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Little of Everything

It´s nice to start the year with an assortment of things. Flowers, sparkles, sheepskin, crystals, silver and bad weather. Ngeeeh! Okay, so our New Year was actually blessed with blue skies and lots of sun. A day after that, the clouds came and  stayed for good. I´m not complaining, it´s still winter in here. At least it´s not raining and the temperature´s  not freezing... for now.

( clutch-Pimkie, shoes, knits, ring -local store, rest-thrifted)

After leaving this floral skirt unattended inside my closet for a year, it´s time to air it out again. One year is enough  to keep a good thing ¨ in the dark ¨, no? ;)

Have a lovely Sunday, y´all!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

At the Spanish Pyrenees

It hasn´t snowed yet in my city and so we climbed up the mountains last week just to see the real thing. I grew up in a tropical country (ya know) and seeing  real ¨ice powder¨ really makes my heart giddy with joy, moreso when I see snow flakes. So anyway, I put on my most casual but not so practical full battle snow gear and travelled 2 hours+ 1, 800 kms. up just to reach the summit of the Spanish-French Border in the Navarre region.

( jeans- H&M, shearling jacket- thrifted, boots- New Yorker, bag- Springfield)

Then the real hair raising adventure began:


If  you´ve watched that very old comedy flick ¨There´s Something About Mary¨, you´ll know what I mean except that I didn´t use that goo, it was the chilly wind , okies? ;)


Here´s a candid shot of me trying to hold the French post. Funnily enough, I had a hard time freeing myself after holding it because the icicles glued my hand to the post! hahaha


So how´s your week? Tomorrow´s the feast of the Three Kings here in Spain. Gotta clean my boots now, who knows the kings might stop at my terrace tonight and grant me my wish. ;)

Til the next post, luvs!


Monday, January 2, 2012

HAPPY 2012!

My first post for year the 2012 would never be complete without the traditional NY´s Eve dinner photos. Foie gras added with two types of olives, my own version of chop suey, cochinillo (suckling pig) and  for dessert, the most chewy brownie based mango topped chocolate cake I´ve ever eaten. Simple yet so delectable! ;)


All of that with two or more ( I forgot to count) glasses of red La Rioja wine and later, more, more glasses of cava ( Spanish champagne).The hubz insisted that we drink red for the cochinillo and then the sparkly right after eating the 12 grapes ( Spanish tradition and I was so stuffed, I only ate 10!) seconds before midnight. So now you know why I´m  looking at you like this:

( top- vintage, skirt- New Yorker)

Drunk much? lol! I´m surprised I can still pose and hold my glass like that. ;) By the way, I forgot to buy a dotted top ( Filipino tradition for prosperity) to welcome the new year and so I wore a sparkly top instead  which I bought at a vintage store on a recent trip to Barcelona and paired it with a leather skirt. I guess I did the combo right, no? I have some  issues with sequins, they are itchy, so they aren´t for me. I´ll post a full body photo soon of this outfit. Just wait a little. ;)

So how´s your New Year´s eve?

Hugs from here,