Monday, January 30, 2012

White Weekend

So we went back again to the mountains to see the snow last weekend. Yes, we´re a weird  pair, lol!


1. Trying to block the sun from my eyes and loving my ring at the same time, hehe.
2. Giddy with joy at the snow falling and trembling at the same because it was sooo cold. Do you like my leopard hat? ;)
3. Watching the falling snow from inside the restaurant window while admiring the potted green plant on the window sill. Life and ice at the same time, surreal no?
4. My second dish, pork tenderloin in white cream sauce topped with red wine sauce on top of cooked potatoes. Yum!
5. Dessert. Flan de cuajada or roughly translated as ¨milk curd flan¨. It´s very delicious and low in fat, my two fave adjectives of the moment.
6. Last photo of the day outside of the resto. I can´t believe that 30 mins. before this photo was taken the ground was bare, nary a snow in sight. When it snows at the top, it´s really snows!

We could´ve continued the trip towards the French side but the road became tricky to navigate. We´re in the midle of a snowstorm! So we turned the car around and headed off to Pamplona instead. Whew, wise choice because they only have rain down there! :)

So how did you spend your weekend?




Reese Milania said...

I love your ring!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!
I adore the hat!
great Blog =]


Sherin said...

I love snow!! I miss it so much. And what a beautiful ring.

Beauty Follower said...

Love snowy scenery
yammy photos!
On my weekend i went at a bellydance show!

Reese Milania said...

The pizza was good naman Che but for me you know.... pizza is pizza haha! XO

Kavery said...

Love your ring too! My camera's a Fuji Finepix, not very new but I'm using it more now than I did before.