Sunday, January 15, 2012

Foggy at the Top

Another weekender at the mountains, my friends. I missed wearing this coat and so I created my casual look around it. With gray you can never go wrong, it´s your next safest color aside from black ( for bloated girls like me). Pardon for ¨cutting¨  my head in the photos, my face and eye bags look too puffy for your viewing pleasure, even the hubz says so. ;)


( jacket- Mango, bag and pants- Zara), boots- New Yorker)

If you think everything is green, reddish brown and sunny at the top, you´re dead wrong. It´s actually foggy and coooold! Just like this last  photo taken at Roncesvalles at the Navarre Region. We´re talking about 0 to -2ºC cold and there isn´t even a snow in sight. Just fog and more fog. Bummer!


Going home, we dropped by the French-Spanish border in Valcarlos, saw a few things and then went home via the French coast. It was a well spent Saturday actually. :)

So how´s your weekend?

Foggy kisses from here,



Sherin said...

This winter look looks amazing. Love the boots.

Laura said...

My it's cold, though you most definitely have the perfect coat for keeping warm it's so chic!

Leia said...

Wow, I love the way the leaves look on the steps! so pretty!


Kavery said...

It looks cold there but in a pretty kind of way

sacramento said...

Ya te echaba de menos amiga, guapa.
Incluso en la niebla brillas.

E @ Act Fast Chef said...

Love that coat! Beautiful pictures.