Friday, January 27, 2012

This Red Thing?


You´ll be seeing a lot more indoor photos of me because we´re having dreary days right now and probably a little snow, yipeee! I hope that looking at my kitchen door backdrop and my neverending bad hair doesn´t bore you yet. Anyway, I´ve decided to dress up today with something sparkly and with a bright red mini. I´m planning to wear this to my friend´s bday party in two weeks and so this is sorta ¨ dress rehearsal¨ for me. What do you think? ;)



Oh, and this red thing? I bought it on sale. A lucky find, don´t you think? And a new addition to my faux leather collection too.

(faux leather skirt- Stradivarius, top- Pimkie)

So what have you scored form the sales lately? Enjoy your weekeend luvs, mine´s gonna be a very cold and probably a white one and so I´m excited. ;)




janettaylor said...

Yepp, I need a red leather skirt too! :)

Sherin said...

Looks like such a gorgeous skirt! I love the colour.

dina vanessa mercado said...

love the red skirt!!! you are as pretty as ever!!! great post!!! can't wait for your next one... kissess!!!


ate che!! o love your red leather skirt!!! pahiram hehe!

Style Sud-Est said...

I love this sparkly top with the faux leather red skirt
This look is perfect for you!

Ariane xxxxx

Anonymous said...

red and black combination is a favorite of mine! cute skirt, che!

SunnyToast said...

that red thing looks great to you! I love your shoes! fierce!

Bravoe Runway said...

I definitely love this outfit! The red skirt and the glittery sweater look great :)

Style Servings said...

What a pretty and glamorous look, I love the skit and you've styled it so well!