Friday, September 28, 2012

Shades of Green

knit top- local store, skirt- Pull & Bear, bag- Longchamp, necklace- Blanco, sandals- New Yorker
I love dressing in one color because I believe that it elongates the silhouette especially for petite gals like moi.The trick to monochromatic dressing is wearing different shades of the same color



and finishing it off with a statement necklace. Just one clean and simple look and no ¨over blinging¨ because honestly, the necklace is quite heavy enough for my small neck. hahaha!


I´m glad that green is so IN this season because I get to wear a lot of green clothing( which I have a lot!) and this moss green bag too. 


What do you think about monochromatic dressing? Have you tried it with the color green? Happy Friday, everyone!



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Fall Jumpsuit

I´ve been wanting to try the jumpsuit trend but I can´t seem to find the right print. Then while doing my fave past time aka window shopping, I found this pretty number on one of the sales racks:


Since the print is already too loud (for me), I used minimal accessories. One cocktail ring, a gold bangle, a little black clutch (small bag with detachable strap- a birthday gift last year from one of my friends ),

ring- Mango, clutch- Tous, bangle- local fair
a torc/torque necklace and  a pair of gold round earrings because I´m matchy-matchy like that. lol!


For a more dressed up look, I´m planning on exchanging the black clutch for this sequined clutch  when dining out in the evening with my fashionable girlfriends.

 sequin clutch, jumpsuit- Blanco, torque necklace- Parfois,
So what do you think? Would you try this jumpsuit trend? I´m linking up with The Pleated Poppy´s What I Wore Wednesday and Rolled Up Pretty´s Whatever Whenever Wednesday. Followany of these links and see what the others are wearing too! :)

Happy Wednesday!



Monday, September 24, 2012

Taupe and Rosettes

Hi, all!


Something simple today because I don´t like to complicate things just like my outfit. ;) This sheer rosette top is best suited for spring/summer( I know!) but hey, the weather´s still warm enough for something light and breezy. The taupe pants are an all-time favorite. They have appeared in the blog multiple times, another classic color which you can pair with anything including black and brown which I did with the quilted clutch.

top- Stradivarius, pants- Pimkie, shoes and bag- local stores

And here´s the best pose of the day, the blooper shot:


I almost tripped when this photo was taken. Good thing I was able to recover my balance because there were lot of people in the park!

That´s all for now and I hope that you´ll have a great week ahead! :)



Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Ready

Autumn/fall offcially starts tomorrow in Europe. I´m  celebrating mine with roses on a dark canvass and a side-stripe/semi- leather skirt.


Welcome to my favorite season with a dark palette and with a make-up free face, hahaha!

top- Mango, skirt- New Yorker
As for the accessories? Well, let me think about that. This is just a test run. Full oufit soon.

Are you ready for fall?

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hunter Green and Caramel

Dear frilly top,

I finally got to wear you. I know I´ve left you in the dark for a very long time but lo and behold, you got to see the light!


It´s not that I don´t want you, I really do. It´s only that you´re quite delicate, sheer and sooo green. I can´t wear you in winter( I´ll freeze!) nor in spring( I love flowers and pastels too much to wear you, sorry,). As for summer, you´ll blend in with the trees and you´ll attract much heat, literally. So now that we´re nearing autumn and the weather´s cooler, I think it´s time for you to shine. By the way, I hope that you don´t mind that I paired you with this faux leather skirt. You both look good, you know. Love yah, me.


This sheer top has been tucked away in my closet for two years. Now that hunter green is touted as one of fall´s colors, I finally got to wear it. The pleated skirt is an old favorite from the summer sales last year. :)

top-Zara, skirt, bag- Bershka, shoes- Mango
I´m linking with The Pleated Poppy´s What I Wore Wednesday. Follow the link and see what the others are wearing too! :)



Monday, September 17, 2012

Pisa Blanca

Just before arriving in Pisa,our guide told us ¨ You´ll be fascinated with Pisa and it´s buildings. Everything´s white over the green grass.¨ and boy, he was right! But first, a photo of me in the adjacent building which is an enclosed cemetery. ;)


The gleaming white marble buildings of the Piazza del Duomo which by the way is a UNESCO World Heritage Site are the main attractions of this famous place. First the baptistery,


then the church


and it´s intricate ceiling and graceful columns in black and white marble which reminded me of  the duomo of Siena.


As for what I wore, it was something very casual as usual. We´re in the middle of the heat wave when we had the tour so just imagine how hot it was while walking under the sun. I wanted to wear something where my pores can breathe because I was sweating all over including my feet. Eeeeww!

top-H&M, shorts- Stradivarius, bag- Tous, sandals- Zara
What I like about Pisa is that the main attractions were built side by side and so you don´t have to walk that much to visit each and everyone of them. See?


And yes, the main reason why we decided to come here: the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. After some work was done on the tower´s foundation, it´s said tha it could last up to 200 years more. That´s good news for the future generation! :)


Of course, I had to have my photo taken beside the tower. I tried extending my hand when we shot the tower on the right side( like supporting the tower) but my photographer wasn´t that artistic enough. All the photos ended up weird and sorta trying too hard, hahaha! So this shot on the left side of the tower would do for now.


I´m almost done with my Italian tour post. Next week would be Venice, watch out for that! ;)

Happy Monday, all!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Hi-Lo LBD Twin

Hola, hola!

I don´t normally post on the weekend but this is an exception because I love sharing thrift finds. Yep, I´ve found the twin sister of my low cost LBD and here she is in zebra print. :)


By the way, she comes in an eye-catching  fuschia color too. ;)


I like this dress so much that I´m wearing it right now while typing this post, hahaha! I think this is going to be my favorite dress for now until the weather turns autumn-ey for good.

dress, ring- H&M, necklace- Promod
Well, if the style and fit is perfect and price is very affordable, why not buy a second piece in a different print/color? That´s just me, and you? ;)



Friday, September 14, 2012

Rainstorm and the ¨ Barn¨

Though this little building may seem like an ordinary barn to you, no it´s not! It´s the Church of Sta. María de Lara/ Ermita de Sta. Lara, an ancient Visigoth church built in the 7th century. I´m fond of visiting old churches and so one Saturday afternoon while visiting Burgos, we ended up in this rustic place just before the rainstorm.


It was a very hot day and so I wore something non-constricting and bright aka as pink neon shorts and a dark blue top. The bag´s a gift from the hubz from our Italian trip recently. It has a funny anecdote which I´m telling you one of these days. ;)




top- Stradivarius, shorts- Bershka, sandals- Zara, bag- gift from the hubz
This church is one of the oldest in Spain and just before we left, I took this photo of the picturesque valleys surrounding this ancient hermitage during the rainstorm. So breathtaking!


Where: Quintanilla de las Viñas( Burgos, Spain)

So what are you up to this weekend? I´d probably stay home and do my yearly autumn cleaning now that we´re having cold days in-between. Happy Friday, dahlings!



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Prussian Blue and Gray

Dark blue and gray can be hard to match but I think I´ve pulled it off! Just make sure that one is satiny and flouncy (the skirt) and the other is matte or something like that (the top). Like it? ;)



As for accessorizing, I added my favorite multi-colored pearl choker for that classic and elegant look


and a pretty woven clutch for extra color.

(top-Zara, skirt- Stradivarius, clutch and wedges- local store)
Would you wear this combination? Dark blue is in season, ya know. ;) I´m linking with The Pleated Poppy´s What I Wore Wednesday. Click the link and check what the others are wearing too! :)



Monday, September 10, 2012

Exploring Florence

Hola, hola!


Florence ( Firenze in Italian) is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities of the world according to Forbes magazine and is the capital city of the picturesque region of Tuscany. It ´s the cradle of Renaissance art, culture and architecture which can be seen through it´s sculptures and monuments. What impressed me most was the gigantic and impressive Cathedral of Sta. Maria de Fiore and the baptistry in front.


You can climb up to the top of the tower (don´t worry, an elevator will take you up) and admire the Florence skyline from the city center or ...


admire the cupola´s ceiling from insde the basilica. By the way, it´s also possible to climb the cupola. Either way, I didn´t do both while we were there because we already ran out of time. Boo!


On this bridge called Ponte Vecchio are jewelry stores lined side by side. This place was like a jewelry fanatic´s paradise but not really budget friendly. A tiny pair of  simple gold earrings can cost up to 100 euros, defintely not for me!

Crossing the bridge and a few meters  walk is the Palazzo Pitti. FYI, two kinds of entrance tickets are sold in the museum, one to the Palatino where you can see the Medici apartments and the impressive jewelry collection ( especially the modern ones) and  the second is to the Costume Museum and  the gardens ( I didn´t go outside because there was a heat wave at that time). Be careful when you buy the tickets because they´re quite expensive! :)


Florence´s skyline is breathtaking! Here´s one from one of the windows of the Pitti Palace


and another from the Piazza Michelangelo where you can see the whole city of Florence.


There are a lot of things to see in Florence, this post is just a little slice of the ¨whole pie¨ to see and savor.

P1160999 - copia

More of Italy on my next travel posts, stay tuned. Have a lovely week ahead! :)