Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Remix: How To Incorporate Leopard Into Your Wardrobe

Hello, my darlings and Happy Halloween!

2014-04-20 17.44.08

Today, I´ll be talking about my leopard craze. Now I started late, in fact, I bought my first leopard skirt when I started blogging and that was in my 30s! For the neophyte leopard print wearers out there, here are some tips on how to incorporate this ubiquitous and gorgeous print into your wardrobe:

1. On your top with blue denim or with any solid colored pants. They´re a perfect match!

2015-09-01 21.09.21

2. Skirts are a great option too. There are a lot of patterns and colors for this print, you can opt for the classic print and color such as this:

2016-10-02 13.20.27

or the snow leopard print like this one:


I´ve had this skirt since 2013 and though I only use this skirt during the cold season (it´s quite thick for summer wearing) I can´t seem to part with it because of it´s neutral print and color.

 3. Start small with accessories. You can with:

a scarf in a neutral color

PC290181 - copia

or in a brighter color. The choices are endless!

2014-04-09 19.02.59

a clutch is a great alternative

2016-07-24 13.22.12

or a crossbody bag if you´re feeling it and would definitely like to keep it for good.

2016-07-12 16.32.56-1
crossbody(old)- Massimo Dutti

4. For shoe lovers out there, this is a good time to invest in leopard shoes. You can choose between a good pair of heels, boots, sneakers or like me with flats.

2016-07-26 21.13.21
flats(old)- Primark

You see, there are lots of ways of incorporating leopard into your wardrobe. It´s just a matter of choice on how you want to wear it. Don´t be afraid and take the plunge! ;)

Happy rawr-ing!



Friday, October 28, 2016

Flyday Fridays: Scarf Season

Helooo, hellooo!

So yeah, it´s scarf season again, my dears!

2016-07-23 15.42.57

Although I collect scarves, I hardly ever wear one except when I´m on the train and trying to get some sleep( scarf as a mini pillow=cool, hahaha!). But scarves are really outfit game changers because they can make or break an outfit just like your bag and shoes.

2016-07-23 15.43.16

I snatched this colorful number from the Zara sales last summer thinking about wearing it this season although I´ve already debuted this a few months ago when the weather went chilly on us. Today, I saw this again and promisde to wear it more often because what´s the use of collecting something when you don´t wear it, right? Right!

2016-07-23 15.43.37
top- Mango, scarf, jeans(very old)- Zara, tote bag- Purificación García, flats- Aldo

Have a lovely weekend ahead and oh, are your pumpkins ready? We don´t have that tradition here in Spain although everybody´s out on a mini-vacay( us included) because it´s gonna be a long weekened ahead.



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Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Remix: Fall Colors and this Jacket

Good morning, my dears!

While black, white and blue( denim) are my go-to colors all year round, with fall, I always go for rich hued colors such as maroon/burgundy/marsala, forest green teal  blue and mustard. These are my favorite color tones which I think combines well with my dark hair and skin color than say the light colors of spring. I´ve been incorporating fall colors little by little into my outfits since September just like this olive green top to upgrade my fall look:


I have this jacket/blazer for more than a year now. It´s one of those all terrain jackets that you just grab from your closet when you have nothing to cover yourself with when the temperature drops outside.

As for the accessories, I dug out this chunky multi-colored necklace from the dungeon that is my jewelry drawer. The trend for necklaces these days are delicate chokers but hey, we can wear anything that we like don´t we? ;)

2016-09-18 12.37.48
2016-09-18 12.37.52
knit top, pants, necklace(old) - Zara, jacket(old)- Stradivarius, shoes- Massimo Dutti, bag- Bimba & Lola

So how´s your weekeend? I spent mine glued on my couch, surfing the net and watching tv non-stop while bingeing on cashew nuts and Doritos( Don´t follow me, I´m PMSing). A very boring activity to you active people but spending two whole days doing nothing after a very hectic week is an ideal weekend for me, ha!



Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WIWW: Dark Florals

Hi, there!

Continuing with our fall floral theme, here´s another look that I wore on our long weekend trip to Portugal about two weeks ago:

2016-10-07 14.14.41

Florals in dark tones are perfect for the autumn/fall season. It´s too bad that you can´t find this Zara dress though because this was last season´s. I bought this during the winter sales hoping to wear this this season which I did. Fact: I usually buy things ahead of season especially during the sales. They´re cheaper and you get to get ahead of the game, ;)

2016-10-07 14.14.46
2016-10-07 13.36.53

If you´ve been following my blog, you´d know that I rarely wear dresses, it´s not that I don´t like them but I´m more of a mix and match type of girl and to be honest, it´s quite hard for me to remix a dress. I can do it by changing accessories but that´s just it. No pants under or skirt over it remix kind for this girl.

So if I do buy one, it´s either white, denim/chambray or florals shirt dress types and I just play with what bag and shoes to combine it with.

2016-10-07 14.20.22
dress(aw2015)- Zara, sandals, bag- Bimba & Lola

So what about you? Do go floral this season too? ;)

Enjoy the week ahead, my luvs!



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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WIWW: Palazzos

Good morning darlings!

Today I want to share with you one of my looks while travelling in Portugal last weekend. Portugal´s weather was sunny and warm, more like summery actually so I got away with wearing light textured clothes during my stay there.

I´ve been meaning to wear this palazzo pants which I bought during the tail end of summer but didn´t find the occasion to wear it.  Finally I did it during the trip. :) Sorry ladies you can´t find this anymore in Zara although you can find a houndstooth and thicker version here. The desciption says checkered but I think it´s houndstooth. ;)

2016-10-08 12.19.33

I wore this on our second day in Viseu while visiting the cathedral. Here are some shots that we took while at at the cloister:

2016-10-08 12.19.37
2016-10-08 12.19.28

and then to end the day we visited the castle ruins of one of the towns here. Portugal is replete with old castles or what was left of them. Usually it was an old part of the walls or the towers although some of them are intact. Nevertheless, it´s fun getting lost along Portugal´s hills looking for old towns with a quaint history and filled with charm.

2016-10-08 19.06.53
top and palazzo pants- Zara, sandals, bag-Bimba & Lola

Happy mid- week! :)



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Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Remix: Fall Florals and Gray


So this was me making the most of the last days of the summer sun and weather last week. Chilly weather started officially today.

2016-10-03 19.20.42

Although I´m favoring solid colored prints lately as a way of simplifying my wardrobe, I can never let go of floral prints especially with a gray background. If you happen to like wearing florals during fall, go for dark prints or in fall colors like burgundy and mustard. Gray too is my go to neutral shade aside from the ubiquitous black.

2016-10-03 19.20.35
2016-10-03 19.20.19

I first wore this top here, wearing dark jeans but with a mustard colored cardigan.


I changed the cardigan with the bag but with the same mustard color.

2016-10-03 19.20.52
top, pants, sandals( all old)- Zara, tote bag- Furla
So do you like wearing florals and gray during fall/autumn too?



Friday, October 7, 2016

Flyday Fridays: Travel Outfit


I´m back on the road again because we´re having a long weekend here.I know this might be a little late to talk about travel outfits but what´s your go- to look when traveling? When I travel by plane, I usually opt for denim pants, a flowy top and a cardigan/ jacket/ scarf depending on the season while on train or inside the car on a very hot summer day, I go for this look:

2016-08-04 13.10.38

Yep, in my lounging pants, hahaha! I´m not actually a legging type of girl --- I don´t do athleisure very well but I can go slouchy pants all day given how soft the cloth is and where your legs really breathe and not sweat.

2016-08-04 13.10.29

I wore this while on the train from Cartagena going to Barcelona. Since we´ll be traveling by train the whole day, I figured that wearing something loose and light is necesssary when on your sit all day with very little leg room.

2016-08-04 13.08.52
top- Zara, pants- Bershka, shoes- Massimo Dutti, tote bag- Michael Kors

So what´s your go- to travel outfit?



Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WIWW: Leopard Rave

Good morning, luvs!

2016-10-02 13.19.33

I´m on an anything leopard mode lately and so pardon if my next posts will be about this classic print. I say classic because this print never goes out of style, it´s just the color and the shade that varies season after season but spots are a keeper. So come on and keep one in your closet. I assure it´s worth it!

2016-10-02 13.21.03
top and necklace- Zara, skirt(old)- Stradivarius, bag- Bimba & Lola

2016-10-02 13.20.272016-10-02 13.20.43

This is an old skirt and I wore this outfit last Sunday. The weather was chilly in the early morning, hence, the light blue denim jacket. I´ve noted that light denim jackets are still on trend this season and so I continue to abuse this until the season ends. No reason to buy anything new unless you want those patched ones. ;)

2016-10-02 13.19.29

Have a lovely Wednesday!



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