Friday, September 30, 2011

OOTD: So Blue

Today I´m showing you 4 things:

First my scar, er, I mean my blue batwing top. The top´s color is really a darker shade of blue. The camera´s flash sort of mutated it. As for the scar, I got it while pressing one of the hubby´s shirts. Tricky hot iron, klutzy me. And please don´t mind what´s my left hand doing in this photo, it has a life of it´s own especially when the timer stops and the camera starts clicking away.


Second, my all blue outfit. Oh wait, didn´t the title say it all?


Third, these blue painted sheep which we saw while traveling along the French countryside. They´re so cute, the hubz just had to stop the car at the roadside ( up there in the mountains) to ask me to take a photo of them. They have bells on their neck too and every time they walk, I can hear them tinkling away. :)


And lastly, my new snakeskin loafers which I got on sale. Woohoo! I´m going gaga with snakeskin prints nowadays. But not as crazy as wearing snakeskin printed tops/dresses/ faux leather pants/jeggings or leggings yet. Not just yet.  Have you? To think I´m afraid of snakes or anything that slithers or crawls!


Yep, I´m a bona fide casual dresser. I guess you know that by now. hehe! So what are you wearing today?

Just asking,


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Star

Dahlings, meet the star of this post:


I wanted this scarf to be the center of attention so I wore black ( except for the gray bag). Actually, I also wanted to channel Parisian chic because we´re about to crossover to France even if it´s just only one afternoon in one of those French mountain towns. So how do I look? ;)


( ring(old)- Sfera)

Anyway, just before crossing the French border, we stopped by this quaint Spanish town to have lunch. Food was typically Spanish, I ordered menestra( mixed vegetables) and grilled lamb chops while the hubz had red beans cooked to perfection and stuffed pimiento with hake in creamy sauce.What I love most about these small Spanish countryside towns are the windows decorated with flowers/plants like this one:


Cute, no? The color combination made me remember this color blocking post which I did here.

( top and bag- Zara, scarf- Bershka, jeans and ballerinas- H&M )

So I´ve just shown you the star of my post, it´s orangey and oh, it was on sale too! What´s yours? ;)



Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Mustard Top

Hello, hello!

Was planning on doing my bi-annual closet cleaning but it looks like I´m gonna postpone it for now because the hot days are back with a vengeance! Yup, summer´s decided to extend it´s stay, my darlings. At least on this side of the world.

On another news, today ends the 3-day Medieval Fair in my city. Sorry, no fair photos nor outfit photos outside because  it was jampacked with lots of things but I did took some them indoor photos right before we went out. Will these do? ;)



This light jersey top can be styled in multiple ways: as an off-shouldered top, pulled down a la shirt dress or just a normal top shirred at the waist. I opted for the latter because I´m wearing a skirt and it´s too hot to go off-shoulder. Wouldn´t want to burn just one side of my shoulder blade, ya know. ;)


Since it was quite chilly in the early morning, I put on an ancient denim jacket ( say10 years old?) to keep me warm. Yep, you read that right, it´s a decade old jacket AND it still fits me to a T. Woohoo! I had to leave it unbuttoned, though. lol!


top- Bershka
skirt- H&M
sandals- Zendra
bag- Mango
denim jacket- Bayo ( Filipino brand)

Summer´s defintely still here to stay, how about there at your side of the world? ;)

Have a fun week, my dearest fashionistas!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Leaving you my second to the last summer photos taken at  Baiona, Pontevedra during my summer trip in Galicia last month. A fitting despedida to summer which officially ended at 11:05 am today. ;)

P1120811 - copia




It´s been a well spent summer for me showered with lots of luck and new blessings. Can´t wait to embrace fall, my favorite season of the year! :)



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tiger Eyes

Making use of the good weather that we´re still having in here before summer finally bids adieu. By that, I mean wearing this open neck, 3 euro ( yeah, seriously!), long back shirt, black bandage skirt and sheer tights just before we went for an afternoon walk which unexpectedly ended in a bar hopping dinner date.


At night, the temperature drops 5 to 7 degrees. No worries, I can still handle the cold with a light jacket on and five glasses of  La Rioja wine. hehehe!

No seriously, the temperature was a slightly breezy 18 ºC and I just limit myself to drinking one or two glasses of wine unless I want to crawl home, scraped knees and all. Do you know that a long, long time ago(while still enjoying my single blessedness), I ¨ literally crawled up on the stairs¨ in one rare drunken stupor? It was a helluva experience with an equally unforgettable hangover the next day. The culprit? Tequila! I swore I´m not gonna get drunk again and yup, tequila wa definitely taken off from my drinking list.


Anyways, here´s me posing at the front door of our neighbor´s building and no, that isn´t a pout. That´s a disapproving look that I gave the hubz for forcing me to pose beside our neighbors´ front door. I did it anyway because the background is so right ON TREND, it matches the tiger print of my top and shoes and the neighbors haven´t arrived yet. lol!

( shirt- Bershka, skirt- Stradivarius, bag- Mango, ballerinas- H&M, necklace- F21)

So what are you telling me today?



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Trends

Fall is just around the corner. It´s that time of the year when the leaves slowly turn from green --> to yellow --> to orange/reddish brown and finally --> to brown as they begin to fall and litter the streets in heaps. It´s my favorite season, more than spring. For me, fall colors are earthy tones, subdued and pleasing to the eyes. Just to give you an idea, I scoured the internet for some color palette inspiration for earthy tones and found this:

So basically, this will be my color palette for fall. Ooops! For those who know me, I´m usually unpredictable and so expect to see jewel tones and overly bright colors popping up once in a while in my posts. ;)

As for the current fall  fashion trends, I got lucky that I already have a pair of velvet pants which I first wore here. So I only need some tops to update my wardrobe just like this Missoni inspired chevron printed top which I discovered at a local store in here at a fraction of a price. It´s loose and colorful, just like the way I like it because ya know... to cover the ehurm... flabs. ;)


All I need are some interesting blings to complement my top et viola, I´m more than fall ready! :)


I like it that this top has long sleeves too so I can either pull it up or down depending on the wind chill factor for the day.

( top, shoes- local store, velvet pants- Zara, necklace- Promod)

So what trends are you wearing this fall? ;)

Happy Monday and I hope that you´ll all have a fulfilling week!

Hugs from here,


Friday, September 16, 2011

Just For Laughs

A few weeks ago, a very good friend of mine forwarded to me this hilariously illustrated e-mail which had me laughing for days. I´m sharing it with you because it has a ring of truth to it. Really. Just scroll down  and discover for yourself! ;)


1. To Grow Up

 2. To Fill Out

3. To Slim Down

4. To Hold It On

5. To Hell With It!

I´m between stages 3 and 4 and wouldn´t mind a bit if I stop eternally at number 2. So what stage are you in right now? ;)

On another note, here´s a month old photo of mine which I intentionally  forgot  to post here because I looked so puffy. Since this blog is for real and I´m a normal gal after all, so here it is :

(maxi dress- thrifted, short knitted cardigan- local store)

A maxi dress is great for hiding those multiple curves aside from being comfy. So on my really, really fat days, this is my go-to piece. This and a splash of red lipstick to achieve that boho-sexy look which I´m afraid  doesn´t show in the photo. lol!

I know a lot of you may have had a very hectic week so have a fun and relaxing weekend, y´all!



Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Cerulean.That´s the first thing that came to my mind when first I saw these pants. It´s a color by the way defined by Wiki as:  a range of colors from deep blue, sky-blue, bright blue or azure color through greenish blue colors. It´s also Pantone´s color of the millenium.Wow, that does mean we can wear this color until  the year 3,000!? ;)


When I go shopping, I usually look at the colors first and later the style. Good thing I have a variety of tops and bottoms and so the possibility of  mixing my clothes is endless unlike with dresses where mixing is a bit limited. Now you see why I hardly buy or wear dresses. hahaha!


Anyways, cereulean matches well with raspberry, red , yellow, purple(why not?), green ( have to try that)  fuschia( hmmm, let´s see) and..

 brown too! Too bad, these shoes look comfy but they are so NOT or maybe it just needs getting used to.


( floral top- Promod,  jeans- local store, clogs- Blanco)

Going back to what this post is all about, let me ask you: When clothes, shoes or accessory shopping what attracts you first, the color/color combination or the style?




Sunday, September 11, 2011

Florals at Biarritz

Warning: Photo heavy post

Had an impromptou visit to Biarritz yesterday. I wore my girlie floral dress (I bought this at the girl´s section, true!) which hadn´t seen the light in a year, my mettalic moss green sandals, my silver, a little leather and some pearls and then off  I went to the French coast!




This small leather structured bag is a summer staple of mine but it rarely makes it´s appearance here in the blog. So here it is finally!

( dress, hat- Zara girls, short knitted cardigan- Pimkie, sunglasses- H&M, sandals- Zendra(local brand) )

First order of the day was lunch at this small restaurant which serve sumptuous seafood paella and pizza. I find it cute that my table napkin´s color matches with the color of my dress so I took a photo of it. hahaha!

We didn´t order pizza  but we had paella and mussels with fries. Then came the shock of my life. The mussels are ah... petite like me. We´re so used to eating large mussels in Spain and so I´m surprised to see cutesy ones on a large platter topped with bechamel sauce. So tedious to eat and so calorific! Never again will I order mussels in this side of town.

After lunch was the customary stroll and the picture taking too. By this time, my girlie dress got all wrinkled. hehe!


Biarritz is so photogenic especially when it´s sunny, you should bring your camera when you come here! While resting on some stony bench beside a flight of stairs, a lot of people stopped by a slightly dense foliage and began clicking away. Curious, I took a peak and here´s what I saw:

Amazing view, no? Here are some sea photos:


and a photo with an abstract sculpture which by the way is the perfect background for my floral dress. ;)

And just before the day ended, a customary stop at the ice cream shop to cool off our taste buds. I chose mint with oreo cookies and coco for the hubz while I chose this:


It´s called Violette but the color looks like old rose. The hubs said it tasted nothing at all, hahaha! The truth is  it has a subtle taste which I can´t describe but it tasted delicious as well.

So there went my Saturday. Today I´m stuck at home reading a Spanish novel trying to understand half of it.

So how´s your weekend going so far?



Friday, September 9, 2011

The Lounge

We´ve started buying furniture for the spare bedroom in the new flat. First was this sofa bed which was love at first sight. So funky even the non-fashionista hubz agrees!


It´s my new fave piece in the house (aside from the lap top) so I decided that we should have our first photo op together. Me, the couch and the camera timer. You see, beautiful things should be photographed together. Joke! :)

Now excuse me while I lay my huge bum all over it before the hubz invades this tangerine space for his book reading sessions.

P1130011 - copia
(top- Pimkie, jeans- Zara, ring- local store)

So do you have a fave piece of furniture in your house? Enjoy your weekend, dears! :)