Friday, September 16, 2011

Just For Laughs

A few weeks ago, a very good friend of mine forwarded to me this hilariously illustrated e-mail which had me laughing for days. I´m sharing it with you because it has a ring of truth to it. Really. Just scroll down  and discover for yourself! ;)


1. To Grow Up

 2. To Fill Out

3. To Slim Down

4. To Hold It On

5. To Hell With It!

I´m between stages 3 and 4 and wouldn´t mind a bit if I stop eternally at number 2. So what stage are you in right now? ;)

On another note, here´s a month old photo of mine which I intentionally  forgot  to post here because I looked so puffy. Since this blog is for real and I´m a normal gal after all, so here it is :

(maxi dress- thrifted, short knitted cardigan- local store)

A maxi dress is great for hiding those multiple curves aside from being comfy. So on my really, really fat days, this is my go-to piece. This and a splash of red lipstick to achieve that boho-sexy look which I´m afraid  doesn´t show in the photo. lol!

I know a lot of you may have had a very hectic week so have a fun and relaxing weekend, y´all!




janettaylor said...



sacramento said...

You are perfect. Sometimes we are our worst enemy.
Mil besos y disfruta de tu finde.

michelle_ said...

great post !!


A Certain Vintage said...

you do not look 'puffy' at all, i think your figure and shape is great and this photo is beautiful! We definitley are our own worst enemy as women!

Sherin said...

Haha, I loved that cartoon.

And you look great in that maxi dress. It's so pretty.

Silvertigo said...

Most of us don't look like top models on daily bases, but that doesn't mean we're not beautiful :) I can see you are beautiful, not puffy in any way <3 thanks for visiting my blog sweetie, please come again :)

Elaine said...

Oh, I hear you!! I am wearing a maxi dress right now.. hahah

Nelly said...

Hello there thanks so much for dropping by my silly blog love meeting new commenters.I shall be following you now.
I am in between numbers 4 and 5 on those above pics lol

Sarah CHIC NEVERLAND said...

ahahhah lol!!


Dale said...

Just found your blog, the title of it is so cute and Maxi dresses are my fave. I'm so glad they are big for fall too. AND the little cartoon pics are so funny. I liked reading through the stages, I guessing I'm always trying to hold on and slim down. hehe, I think filling out can be one of the most awkward stages. LOL
Great post, following you now

Kavery said...

Chuckled over the stages. So true-but you are fine the way you are!

Laura said...

Too funny!!! Loving our maxi the print is so amazing!

Bonnie said...

Hahaahahahahaahahaha. So true. Ohhh, isn't it great being a woman??
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Mom Daughter Style said...

that's funny Che!

you look great in this picture, i love the long dress bagay sayo

fashioneggpplant said...

maxi dresses truly are the comfiest to wear ever! i dont think you look puffy :)

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