Friday, September 30, 2011

OOTD: So Blue

Today I´m showing you 4 things:

First my scar, er, I mean my blue batwing top. The top´s color is really a darker shade of blue. The camera´s flash sort of mutated it. As for the scar, I got it while pressing one of the hubby´s shirts. Tricky hot iron, klutzy me. And please don´t mind what´s my left hand doing in this photo, it has a life of it´s own especially when the timer stops and the camera starts clicking away.


Second, my all blue outfit. Oh wait, didn´t the title say it all?


Third, these blue painted sheep which we saw while traveling along the French countryside. They´re so cute, the hubz just had to stop the car at the roadside ( up there in the mountains) to ask me to take a photo of them. They have bells on their neck too and every time they walk, I can hear them tinkling away. :)


And lastly, my new snakeskin loafers which I got on sale. Woohoo! I´m going gaga with snakeskin prints nowadays. But not as crazy as wearing snakeskin printed tops/dresses/ faux leather pants/jeggings or leggings yet. Not just yet.  Have you? To think I´m afraid of snakes or anything that slithers or crawls!


Yep, I´m a bona fide casual dresser. I guess you know that by now. hehe! So what are you wearing today?

Just asking,



Nelly said...

I do love that blue and Now I remember why I dont iron anymore ouch! lol

Jing said...

i love the color of your loafers, te che! so cute and comfy. i'm a clumsy person thats why i have lots of peklat sa kamot.haha

neatfit said...

Raptor left hand! Haha :). I like this, the colour looks real nice. And yes, hot iron can be unpleasant. It usually is.

Sherin said...

Oh no: the scar doesn't look fun! Hope you've recovered. Love the all blue outfit. The batwing top is great.

sacramento said...

Te queda muy bonito ese top azul.
Disfruta de tu finde, guapa.

Rachel said...

Those shoes are killer! I'm lovin' them. I also am loving outfits of all one color. I have a purple one in the making. :)

Kacrates said...

I love that blue esque outfit. So casual.

And those animals. So breathtaking. Great pics.

fashioneggpplant said...

i had the same scar, exact same place a few months ago :P

Mom Daughter Style said...

i like those loose cotton top.

wearing my pambahay shorts and sleeveless

Laura said...

That shade of blue is so amazing!!! I can't get over it!