Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Enchanting Florals

Is it still okay to wear florals? Because I wore one last Sunday. Yup, you read that right. Sundays are my dress up days while the rest of the days are my blah days. hahaha!



I don´t usually wear dresses with cap sleeves because they show my flabby arms but I just love the floral print of this dress so just focus on the dress and never mind my jiggly arms, okies? ;)


Finished the whole look with a short denim jacket for that ¨rugged girly look¨. Does that definition even exist? Nah. I just invented that because I don´t have anything to write, hehe. ;)

( denim jacket- Pull & Bear, dress- Bershka, bracelets, shoes, bag- local store)

So how´s your day?



Monday, May 28, 2012



Who would´ve thought that an old top would become trendy this season? I only bought this because I find the color combination cute and it was called tie dyed then. Fast forward three years after, the style´s the same but the name´s changed to a lot more chic, OMBRE. Hoarding DO really has it´s good side. ;)

( top-Sfera, shorts and necklace-Mango)

Here´s how the original top look sans photo editing. The top looked  quite dramatic via Aviary from Flicker but the pale color combo makes it more ¨ in tune¨ with spring´s pastel trend right now, no? :)


Do you have something old that has become TRENDY this season? ;)

Hope everyone´s having an enjoyable Monday!



Friday, May 25, 2012

Pale Blue Denim


Summer is here finally! Can you see my ape wide grin? ;) It´s time to take out the chambray denim dress and paint the town blue. ;)


Coupled with a few cute and colorful accessories,

( necklace (old)- Sfera, bracelet- local store)

yellow nails and iridiscent/metallic sandals and we´re ready to celebrate the hottest and sunniest season of the year!

( sandals- local store)

I´m so good to go. What about you?

( shirt dress- Mango, bag- Blanco)

Enjoy the weekend, y´all! :)



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Peachy and Yellow

Some photos from last week, just before the weather turned loca again. It was summery hot but not hot enough to go bare legged only open toed (hence the jeans and sandals).


Wore this metallic clutch to glam up a wee bit my very casual candy colored top. I was finally able to ¨debut¨  this flowy color block top in peach, yellow and gray which I´m dying to wear for like five months now. Yep, that´s how desperate I am for summer to come. ;)


Later just before going home, we stopped by our favorite bar for some pica ( mix cocktail of lemon and beer) and surprise, surprise, the bartender also gave us a saucer of slightly salted garlicky green olives to go with the drink --- on the house! How´s that for a well spent afternoon? ;)


Well, that was how I spent one of those rare hot afternoons last week. What about yours?

( top- Zara, jeans- Mango, necklace-Sfera, clutch-Bershka)

Enjoy your Wednesday, people!



Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Dreamin´

Summer basics:

1. A little white dress, mine´s a long white, tierred and lacey top. ;)


2. A boho bag preferably cross body and in real leather. Love this, it´s from Morocco. :)


3. A photo in the wheatfiled. Never mind that the dried stalks scratch like hell.


4. And finally, your best silly grin, red lips, big earrings, freckles and all! ;)


People, it´s back to winter mode, again for the nth time in my Siberian city of  Spain but dreaming of summer is free, right? ;)



PS: Photos taken from summer of 2011.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Purple and Green


Warm weather calls for some cool outfit. Cool meaning a thin and airy shirt and open toed shoes. I could´ve worn shorts but I don´t have it in green so I wore jeans instead. ;) Still on purple mode this week. Just can´t get enough of this color or was it plum I was talking about the other day? ;)

( top, belt, jeans- Zara, rings- Sfera, Bijou Brigitte)

( bangles- Sfera, H&M)

So yeah, as casual as I can be. It really is liberating to wear just a plain shirt and jeans--> colored to make it more fun!

So how do you wear your basic tee and jeans? I wear mine with lotsa vivid colors! :)

Enjoy your weekend, dahlings!



Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I predict this color will be HOT for summer. It´s also my fave. ;)


And a real plum too. lol! I´m not really a fan of this fruit but it´s got a lot of fiber and is good for digestion and so I eat it once in a while. ;)


Latly, here´s a photo of some of my  accessories in different shades of  plum/purpleto show you that I´m really serious with this color:


So what´s your predicted summer color? ;)



Sunday, May 13, 2012

Denim Gray and Checks

Today the weather was quite cold and windy but I don´t want to wear anything heavy. Just something comfy and warm at the same time. Solution? A checkered midi skirt which I usually wear during summer with clear tights, a v-neck sweater and this denim gray jacket with different snaps and closures.


Paired with a color block clutch in prussian blue and egg yellow for a pop of color and


a pair of metallic blue ballerinas so that I can walk without limping and I´m off! ;)

( denim jacket, gray top- Zara, skirt- Mango, clutch- Bershka, shoes- local store)

Checks aren´t  trendy right now but who says that we should follow trends all the time? We wear what we feel and that´s how dressing up should be. Yay or nay? ;)



Friday, May 11, 2012

Shirt Dress

I  have a soft spot for shirt dresses. They´re flowy and comfy at the same time, they have sleeves (very important to hide my flabby arms) and can be dressed down or dressed up. Perfect for my no-frills lifestyle actually!


So when the day started heating up yesterday ( we´ve reached  up to 30 ºC in here!), I pulled out my oldest shirt dress in old rose and wore it to visit the MIL. Never mind that it was so wrinkled, lol! I swear, I ironed this before I left it hanging inside my closet. Oh well, this is what happens when you have a cramped closet and you forgot to air out your dresses beforehand  before wearing it. ;)

( shirt dress- Pull& Bear, bag- Zara, fringe necklace- Forever 21, sandals- Loop)

Anyway, we´re still blessed with warm weather today. That means bare legs and finally my feet can breathe again. Yey!


It´s another Friday again, my luvs! So what are you up to this weekend? Whatever it is, enjoy it! :)



Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wide Legged

Wearing wide legged pants can be tricky for an extra petite person like me but I´d like to give it a try because: it´s nice to experiment with our looks once in a while ( hello, style rut!) and find new styles that  will suit our body type and lifestyle and wearing the right sized wide legged pants/jeans gives you that classic silhouette which can be elegant and appealing at the same time. I think the key to wearing this style is to choose a pair in dark color to elongate the legs and yes, wearing heels is a must so that we won´t drown in our own jeans. hahaha!


I wore a flowy top over it for that easy going bohemian look and besides, it´s too hot to wear something constricting today!

( necklace- Parfois, bangles- Sfera and H&M)

And finally, I tried editing the last photo in Flicker´s Aviary( you should try it!) to come up with this 70s vibe. Just forget about my dry frizzy hair. ;)

( top-Mango, jeans- Promod)

Care to try wearing this style? ;) Finally, after more than a month of  nothing but rain, the sun came out today! Folks, we´ve just landed from winter to summer. As for spring, what spring?

Enjoy your midweek!


Monday, May 7, 2012

So 80s


Trying to channel the 80s in this ensemble. I let go of the big hair and teased bangs  but held on to the denim jacket, mini skirt and tights. The only thing ¨springy¨ about this look is the colored floral scarf I´m wearing. ;) As for the shoes, penny loafers were also the in thing then  and wohoo, I´m glad that they came back -- with a twist (mines´s in snakeskin) ! :)


Now all I need is a Walkman and a time machine so that I can be transported  back to that new wave era. I loved that generation where you can dress what you want, wear your hair big and get drowned in aqua net. lol!


(denim jacket (old)- Bayo(Phil. brand), skirt- Bershka, scarf- gift, shoes-  local store)

Do you like 80s fashion? I bet most of you weren´t even born on that decade yet. ;)



Friday, May 4, 2012

Snowy Green

We went back to the mountains last Monday because the hubz wanted to see the snow for the last time. Haven´t I told you that we´re a weird pair? ;) We visited two ski stations ( they´re closed!), hence, you´re seeing two backgrounds. Blue and white. In one station it was sunny and clear skies and in the other it was snowing! To think that these two belong to the same mountain range in the Pyrenees. Weird again, huh?



I´m glad that I wore green, a perfect contrast to the snow and...I´m loving this sparkly top with leather sleeves too. :) Too bad I didn´t take off my coat  so you can see what it´s like because it was freakin´ cold up there and I´m a tropical gal after all. lol! I´ll be styling this top again, soon. ;)

( coat, top, jeans- Zara, bag-Misako, booties- Clarks)

Anyway, it´s flyday once again. So what are you up to this weekend?

Blowing you foggy kisses from here,


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Purple and Yellow

Eversince color blocking became a huge hit last year, I´ve become a loyal fan. For someone who loves dressing up in separates ( like me!), this trend is definitely close to my heart. This time I experimented with my fave color purple and bright yellow.


Here are some color block combinations which I´ve tried this year, a mix of dark and light:

Mosaic-color block

top- Zara, jeans- local store, necklace and ring- Mango, flats- H&M)

If you´re unsure what colors to pair, just look at nature around you. I usually get my inspiration from the flowers:

Olite, Tafalla (16-04-11) 063

Coincidentally, I´ve read that purple is going to be a huge color trend this summer. Hmmm, is that the reason why I´m starting to find this color in my favorite stores like right now? Ssssh! Be the first to know but it´s going to be a secret between us for now, si? ;)


So how´s your day goin´? We´re having a sunny Wednesday in here right now, at last! :)