Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


Carving pumpkins and making jack-o´-lanterns isn´t customary here in Spain so I just wore this stripe orange sweater on top of my chambray shirt and had my photos taken inside the cemetery of  Sainte- Engrâce, a French basque town nestled between the valleys in the Aquitaine region of France to celebrate Hallow´s Eve. I hope this is good enough as a Halloween costume, lol! ;) The church by the way is from the 11th century, one of the oldest in France.

stripe sweater, boots- New Yorker, jeans- H&M, bag- Massimo Dutti
Tonight, the bars( which are a lot if you´ve been to Spain!) around here are hosting a Halloween party, maybe I should go and dress scary or maybe not. Hmmm, let´s see.  So what about you? Are you ready for your Halloween party tonight? ;)

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PS:  My heart goes out to those affected by the Super Typhoon Sandy. I hope you´re safe in your home when it landed in your place.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Portuguese Getaway(Part 1)

Bom dia!

We had a long weekend here in the Spanish Basque Country and so we escaped to neighboring Portugal. What I love about Portugal is that aside from the food which is delicious, filling and really cheap, the places to visit are old world( which I love) and very interesting. In these hard economic times, visiting the Portuguese side is the best alternative if you´re on a budget. Most of the people( in stores and restaurants) speak English too and so getting around places and dining isn´t much of a problem.


Our home base was Viseu and then from there, we traveled down south to first, the picturesque town of Óbidos:


Before that, I noticed this old weather beaten church  called Sao Pedro( St. Peter) just before reaching the town and I just had to have my photo taken beside the door:

top, jeans- Zara, bag- Massimo Dutti, scarf, shoes- local store

Here´s how the church looks like from the front:


From a distance I thought this was an old mansion except for the cross on the top. It´s not your ordinary church based on it´s structure but that´s the reason why it was love at first sight for me.The fading white paint also added a nice touch of character to this unique holy sanctuary.


More photos to come of the beaches down south. Watch out for the next posts. ;)

So how´s your weekend?

Ciao for now,


Friday, October 26, 2012

The Chunky Choker Collection

As I was telling you in my last post, I´ve been acquiring costume and silver jewelry left and right nowadays but it´s got to stop because I´m broke. lol! Let´s start first with the necklaces like this two-tone chain necklace in gold and neon orange which a lot of you had already seen in the blog:

Then I thought: ¨Why not try something trendy this time?¨

So this leopard-inspired necklace was the next target. It was too heavy (by the way) that I had to take it off just after a few hours of wearing it. Then yesterday while trying to put it on again, the thin wire where those gold toned ¨arrow heads¨  were strung together broke. It was inevitable, the wire was very thin and the ¨arrow heads¨ were heavy. So I had no choice but to remove the wire and the fletches with it. What a relief  because the necklace was lot lighter after that and I could wear this for the whole day without breaking my neck!

P1170535 - copia
This was the pearl necklace which I´ve been telling you in my last post. The clasp was ingenious! Now, I don´t get cross eyed anymore when I put on a necklace, at least for this pretty number. ;)

Lastly, another chain and pearly necklace. The pearls are tied to the chain link by a nylon thread. I hope that that the nylon thread will hold for a while.Crossing my fingers because I haven´t debuted this yet outside.

Chunky necklaces are perfect statement pieces but can be a bit delicate to maintain. I´m glad though that these are all costume jewelry and are quite cheap because aside from the fact that I can´t afford the real chunky ones, if they break, I wouldn´t have to break the bank again to have them repaired! So what have you been hoarding nowadays? ;)

Enjoy the weekend, y´all!



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stripes and So Blue

¡Hola, hola!

Still posing from my kitchen door, hahaha! :)


This was what I wore the other day when I had dinner with a girlfriend. Stripes aren´t on trend this season ( I know!) but I like recycling clothes so I normally buy colorful skirts and mix them with plain/printed tops and different accessories to come up with a different look each time. I first wore this skirt on my trip to Florence last summer. The only thing missing in the photos was my clutch which I forgot to photograph because as usual, I´m running late, hehe.


As I´ve been telling you before, I ´ve been jewelry shopping non-stop. This gorgeous pearl necklace with a very simple clasp is just one of them. It was the clasp that got me and the pearl because I love pearls! ;)


To finish the look, I wore a pair of thick ribbed tights because I´m still wearing open toed shoes. It just looks sexy, ya know. ;) I think I´ll be wearing open toed sandals whenever I like to dress up until the first snowfall comes. And you?

top-Zara, skirt- Stradivarius, necklace- H&M, tights- Calzedonia
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Ciao, ciao!


Monday, October 22, 2012

The Weekend

Happy Monday, all!

I had the most interesting weekend despite it being rainy and cold. Here´s what I did:

Sunday: Went out to cast my first vote as a Spanish citizen. The temperature went down to as low as 13ºC so I had to bundle up quite a bit. This was my voting outift, a turteneck light floral sweater which and a grayish green jacket which has been with me since last year:


Saturday: Went to Bilbao to go to buy Ikea´s mustard and basil sauce ( I´m a fan of this dressing!), went malling( and got inside Primark too) and visited almost all of the outlet stores (scored a pleated navy blue skirt at the Mango Outlet store for 5. 99 euros!)) and then:


 ended up lining at the Guggenheim despite the heavy downpour. It´s the museum´s 15th annivesary and so the entrance free was free. Too bad we didn´t go on a Sunday, they serve free cupcakes too. :(

Also took a sneaky photo( after this one of the guides caught us, lol!) of the work of Richard Serra in one of the salas of the Guggenheim. This is just one of the gigantic sheet metals found in whole sculpture called Matter of Time.


These running LED lights are a huge crowd drawer too. The reddish color was actually messages about love, heartaches, sadness in written in English and Spanish:


and... Friday afternoon: This is what happens when you wear flats and the photographer aka the hubz is a full head taller than you:

army green jacket- thrifted, shoes- local store, bag- Blanco
You end up looking like a sack of potatoes! There goes my weekender, how about yours? ;)

Enjoy the week, dears!



Friday, October 19, 2012

Stripes, Mesh and Leather

Rainy mawnin to you, all!


When you dress, do you think out of the box? Once in a while, I do.This was what I wore the other day when the sun was out and I can still see the blue skies. Stripes, mesh and leather. Unfortunately, I wasn´t able to take outdoor photos because my photographer was out of reach (at work). I hope you aren´t tired yet of looking at my kitchen door turned ¨picture frame¨ in most of my posts. ;)

stripe long sleeved top- Massimo Dutti, leather skirt- Stradivarius
brooch, gold bangle- Sfera, starfish ring- Blanco, red seed bangle- local fair
I removed the brooch just before going out and used my ever reliable metallic clutch and oh, I´ve been buying accessories left and right lately. Maybe I could show them in my next posts. The starfish ring and the acacia seed( yes they´re real acacia seeds painted in red!) bracelet are just of them.

 mesh top, clutch- Pimkie
Gotta go, so many things to do and so little time! Enjoy the weekend, y´all!



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fave Autumn Trousers

Hi, there! :)


Every season I have a favorite buy and for this fall, this paisley designed trousers are it. It´s mid-waisted, moderately tapered, colorful which is easy to combine with anything and most of all, it´s 50% off! How´s that for a good deal? ;)



First combination, my fave trousers with a choco brown sweater( the beige elbow patch is a plus!), a necklace for something green and to complete the whole look, a red orange cross body bag. More combinations to come because I see a lot of colors on the print. I just love pairings such as this, simple, classic and no fuss. Perfect for an uncomplicated gal like me! :)

sweater, shoes, necklace-local store, trousers- Blanco, bag- Massimo Dutti
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Enjoy your Wednesday, dears! :)


Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Musing

I missed wearing this combination:


This would have been perfect pair to wear right now especially that the colors hunter green, cobalt blue and teal are this season´s current trend. The thing is, the dark green top and the beautifully printed skirt are out of sight in my closet aka lost somewhere. *sigh*

top and skirt- Zara
Well, I think it´s time to do the latter half  of my bi-annual closet clean-up. Crossing my fingers that I´ll  find both before fall ends!



Sunday, October 14, 2012

River Trip

Hi, everyone!

Blogging on a Sunday this time. I can´t wait to share with you these picturesque nature photos which we took while passing by the River Sobron in Alava( Spanish Basque Country). Aren´t these breathtaking? :)





This is my uniform nowadays, colored pants, printed top and a colored cardigan for the cool breeze even if it´s sunny. Right now it´s raining in here and so expect lots of indoor photos in my next posts soon. ;)

top, pants- Promod, cardigan- Lefties, bag- from Morocco, flats-local store
So how´s your weekend, doin´? ;)



Friday, October 12, 2012

Oxblood and the LBB´s

I´m in a kind of dilemma. My girlfriends and I are going out for dinner this weekend. Wearing a sexy number is out of the question because I´m bloated( hehe!) and it´s gonna be a cold rainy night. Besides, we´re going to have a buffet dinner first and so this blousy sparkly top and slightly loose velvet pants would be the ideal combination to wear to hide the extra bulges later. ;)


My jewelry is ready. Something simple and with a touch of silver and orange which combines well with the rich oxblood color of the top


and heck, I even have the perfect shade of  lipstick for my classic outfit! There´s only one problem, which little black bag should I use, this one which was a birthday gift from a friend:


or this one (another birthday gift from another friend):


Can´t decide between the two.


What do you think(insert funny face here)? The left one or the right one? ;)

top, pants- Zara, left bag- local store, right bag- Tous

Enjoy the weekend, y´all! :)



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spring in Autumn

¡Hola, hola!

This color block combination would be on trend if worn in spring but I´m one who doesn´t usually follow trends so I wore it on a cool autumn morning. I just love the bright shade of the tangerine top and for a while, I thought that pairing it with the coffee brown boxy skirt wouldn´t mix. Glad that it turned out well! The color block clutch with shades of pink, nude and a light blue trimming completed the whole look. :)



top and skirt- Zara, shoes, necklace and clutch- Blanco

One last pose( and a smile) before I go.


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Have an exciting mid-week, y´all!



Monday, October 8, 2012

Denim Monday


Today is denim Monday and also a bad hair day, hahaha! While deciding between a black jacket (so matchy- matchy) and a nude wrinkled one, I found this very old blue one peeking from one of the hangers. So I thought, why not? It doesn´t look bad, no? :)

top and jeans- Zara, shoes- local store, denim jacket- Bayo(Filipino brand)
And by the way, if not for these shoes, this whole look would be a total blah. So thank you shoes for coming into my life. Til your death do us part, okay? ;)


So how´s your weekend? Mine went well and we get to travel to La Rioja to eat some Spanish tapas/pinchos. Too bad I forgot to bring the camera. Well, next time maybe...

Enjoy your week!