Monday, May 30, 2011

Our 4th at Biarritz

Last week was our wedding anniversary, but then, we weren´t able to have a special lunch or dinner somewhere because of the hubby´s work schedule. So I just whipped him a late pasta dinner on the day of the anniversary itself and then decided to have a weekend trip to make up for our late anniversary date. I originally wanted us to go to Santander but the driver aka the hubby begged off because it´s going to be a very long drive from our place and so we ended up at Biarritz.

What´s there to see? A lot! I´ve been here quite a lot and made a lot of posts about it too but I´d never get tired of this place. Here´s a shot of the beach

and of the church.

Later, we had a short break eating sumptuous calamari with a glass of sangria

and had a cherry panacota for dessert. Yummy!

Then we went back to take some more photos of the beaches again. By this time my camera´s battery was already blinking but ...

I was still able to shoot a photo of this hotel just as we were about to climb to the top. Then the cam battery died on me, hehe!

Here´s what I wore:

linen top- Mango, shorts- H&M

I saw a lot of Longchamp toting women in there. Well, there´s nothing strange about that. It´s the perfect bag for a fun outing in the sun and besides, Biarritz is in France after all! ;)

bag- Longchamp, brogues- Blanco

So now that the sun´s up and about, have you been to the beach lately? ;)

Waiting to hear your beach story. :)



Friday, May 27, 2011

Bandage and Black

Things I´ve learned from wearing bandage and all black:

1. Bandage can really hide most of the unwanted bulges.

2. You can get away with wearing any color that you want as an accent if you wear black.

bangles- Misako, Sfera

ring and leather clutch- local store

3. A  black top and black skirt is the perfect alternative to the ubiquitous LBD and can look like an LBD too. ;)

lacey top- Pull and Bear, bandage skirt- Stradivarius

4. Black is slimming and  I bet you already know that! :)

Anything more you wish to add?



PS: Sorry for the raw post earlier, I originally had this as a draft post but last night while editing, my rebellious hand outsmarted my fuzzy brain cells and clicked the post button. Waahaha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Praying on a Sunday

The city where I live has a lot of beautiful and  really, really old churches! Since they are not very far from where we live, I get to choose which church to go to everytime we went to mass. This time I chose the church in Armentia.

This photo didn´t do any justice to the place because it was cloudy but the church is on top of  a small hilly place and around it are nothing but the green dewy grass.

I´m posing beside a very old sculpture which dates back to the Middle Ages.

Most old churches are quite small and simple inside. Maybe because they already had the longevity factor in them and so there´s no need to be so elaborate inside, just saying. Hey, being more than 900 years and still standing tall is no mean feat, you know! ;)  By the way, this is a favorite place for weddings. In fact, it´s already booked until 2012 and right now, they´re accepting reservations ... for 2013, hehe! Imagine that.

In here, I debuted my new 2 year old summer scarf. I haven´t worn this one yet because I´m not a scarf person but when it gets chilly and windy, you gotta wear one. So here I am, forced to wear one because I don´t wanna catch some sore throat later from prancing around the place. :)

Wearing: top- Sfera, skinny jeans- H&M, scarf- Mango ---> all bought from the sales ;)

I know it´s a little late to ask but do you still remember where you were last weekend? ;)



PS: Double click on the church photos for a larger view.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guess What?

Guess what´s this:

Yup, it´s a ring! Ha, ha. So lame. :)

Too bad I don´t have smooth and long fingers.

But it can make the hand of the wearer look pretty, no? Moreso, it´s becoming my favorite all time jewelry to wear. Do you have a favorite ring that you love wearing to death? ;)

Have a super duper lovely Sunday, loves!



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3 Things


Do you like curry?

I do! I usually cook chicken curry  but  uhurm.. I use ready made curry sauce freshly bought from the store(hehe!). The dish in the above photo is exceptional. They used lamb which melts in your mouth in every bite and the sauce is so creamy and yummy! I had this in Paris but still craving for it until now. Cooking experiment, here I come! :)


When the weather´s too warm to wear jeans but still cool to wear shorts/ skirt and go bare legged, my go to outfit is a pair of leggings. Ooops, shoot me not! I do dress it up with a plaid dress shirt and I promise you , I got everything modestly covered, front and back. ;)

plaid shirt- Blanco

Trying to go with a different look by wearing a frilly vest which I thrifted last year. What do you think? ;)

leggings- Zara, ballerinas- H&M, vest- thrifted


Are you a fan of the The Sartolialist and a personal style blogger at the same time? Well, here´s a short article about Scott Schuman´s take on personal style blogs. Agree or disagree?

That´s all my dahlings, ciao! ;)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Going Gray

Been wearing lots of colors lately. It´s high time that I went back to basics and for me, if it isn´t black or white, then it´s definitely gray, one of may fave colors. It´s a color, noh? ;)

Added some touches of color here and there too to spice up the outfit a little bit.

So I´m going back to gray. What about you? Do you like gray?

jersey shirt-dress- UC of Benetton
necklace- Sfera
clutch and wedges- local store

By the way, I´m glad that Blogger´s back. What a relief! *huge grin here*

Monday, May 9, 2011

Raspberry Bag


Looks like the royal wedding fever hasn´t died down yet because almost everyone in the blogosphere is still commenting on it for more than a week now. As usual, there were hits and misses in the what-I-wore portion just like any wedding celebration and so what´s new? Why don´t we just leave  Princess B´s hat ( I think it would´ve worked if  it was a bit smaller and she didn´t have kohl rimmed eyes) and concentrate on the double kiss instead. The kisses were so romantic, no? ;)

So anyway, back to reality. The hubz had a yearly reunion with some acquaintances at some place in here and on the way home, we stopped by this town called Estella and had lunch in there. I finally got to wear my raspberry flappy bag, a pair of old jeans (worn more than a thousand times) and a very light top because the day was oh so scorchingly hot!

This is my favorite building of the town. An old train station which they conserved well.

Backview of my crumpled top. hahaha! Love the lace edging though. ;)

Look, Ma! Flowers hanging on the lamp post. Cute, no?

And I got to wear flowers too. hehe!

One more pose before I go:

bag- Zara

The weather´s getting summery in here and so I have my sandals lined up and the flip flops too. What about you in there?

Hope to hear from you soon.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekend in Paris 3

Stayed in Paris without shopping? Non, non!

Galeries Lafayette:

The building´s architecture( especially the inside part) alone will make you gag or go wide-eyed or both. Everything´s so beautiful inside and  expensive too. hahaha! You can find all the luxury brands in shoes, bags, dresses in one place and the only thing that you need is a fat bank account which unfortunately I don´t have so I only bought some things whose prices are within my tiny shopping budget.

Aside from the Galeries Lafayette, there´s also Printemps and Le Bon Marché. Equally filled with pretty things and equally tempting to the pocket. ;)

Louis Vuitton Flagship Store:

As usual there was a long line mostly filled by Asians. haha! Below is a window display  a la bag wheel. What do you think of these cute summer hand bags by Louis Vuitton? Hot or not?

And then starts the museum visits once again. This once taken at the Cluny Museum. We didn´t visit this last year and I´m glad that we did it this time. :)

On the way to another place, we stopped by the Ladureé store at Champs Elysees for the you know what. This time I bought a box to go with my fave flavors. ;)

We stopped by Sorbonne too. The place was closed and so we only stayed outside and took some photos for some souvenir shots. Too touristy, no? lol!

Just before ending the day we stopped by Place de Concorde and rested at the Tuileries. I think we stayed there for almost two hours before the hubz suddenly remembered that there was a museum nearby which houses Monet´s Waterlilies.

So instead of just sitting there and contempling on the wall to wall paintings inside the two salas, we saved time by taking photos of each painting.
floral top- Mango, shorts- H&M, bag- Longchamp le Pliage

I glad that they allowed it because it was near closing time when we went there. So yeah, I was all over the place in Paris and I´m glad to be given the opportunity to visit this enchanting city again although I didn´t leave as starry-eyed as before.

So where were you gone during the long holiday?



Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend in Paris 2

Paris day 2: While my day 1 was spent outdoors at the start of the day, my day 2 in Paris was spent mostly indoors at the Museé d´Orsay which ended with ¨an out of the city¨ trip to visit the French monarchs´ burial site.

My getup:

Something floral and very light because it was sunny ( too sunny in fact) in Paris.

 floral top- Promod, shorts- local store

Panacotta in berry topping:

The hubz dessert in this cute French restaurant which we ate last year. Ooops, we´re becoming regular patrons of this resto. The panacotta was delish and loving the heart-shaped dessert plate too! ;)

Crow perched on the rail of Metro entrance at Eglise Pantin:

My first photograph of the day. Surprisingly, this crow or a black dove? ( I don´t know, hehe!) was very tame. He barely even moved his head when I took this photograph!

Saint Denis (front):

I´d like to say that the architecture of this church/ burial site for the French monarchs is awesome.

Saint Denis(back):

The back is even more spectacular. It´s just that the town wasn´t really nice. More of neglected. if you think that everything in Paris is nice and romantic, no it isn´t. There are even some parts of the metro that are very, very old and neglected aesthetically. But don´t let that discourage you from visiting Paris. Let´s just say that this is the ¨not the most romantic side¨ of  this beautiful city. After all, nothing´s perfect. ;)

Resting between Asia and Africa ( Museé d´Orsay):

Finally, after almost half a day of oggling at the works Monet, Manet, Renoir, Degas, Van Gogh, Gaugin, etc., I got tired and rested for a while.

knitted cardigan- Zara

After looking at these photos, I´ve noticed a trend. Do you know what it is? Hint: colors ;) I still have a lot of photos. These are just a few of the whole bulk. Come back for more! :)

Happy Sunday, dears!