Monday, May 30, 2011

Our 4th at Biarritz

Last week was our wedding anniversary, but then, we weren´t able to have a special lunch or dinner somewhere because of the hubby´s work schedule. So I just whipped him a late pasta dinner on the day of the anniversary itself and then decided to have a weekend trip to make up for our late anniversary date. I originally wanted us to go to Santander but the driver aka the hubby begged off because it´s going to be a very long drive from our place and so we ended up at Biarritz.

What´s there to see? A lot! I´ve been here quite a lot and made a lot of posts about it too but I´d never get tired of this place. Here´s a shot of the beach

and of the church.

Later, we had a short break eating sumptuous calamari with a glass of sangria

and had a cherry panacota for dessert. Yummy!

Then we went back to take some more photos of the beaches again. By this time my camera´s battery was already blinking but ...

I was still able to shoot a photo of this hotel just as we were about to climb to the top. Then the cam battery died on me, hehe!

Here´s what I wore:

linen top- Mango, shorts- H&M

I saw a lot of Longchamp toting women in there. Well, there´s nothing strange about that. It´s the perfect bag for a fun outing in the sun and besides, Biarritz is in France after all! ;)

bag- Longchamp, brogues- Blanco

So now that the sun´s up and about, have you been to the beach lately? ;)

Waiting to hear your beach story. :)




Jing said...

Happy Anniversary to you and hubby,te che!stay inlove and sweet.
I like your comfy outfit,te che! especially the top.the place is beautiful!nakaligo naka sa beach te?
and i wanna try that cherry the name.hehe

Rose said...

Happy Anniversary!
Looks like a lovely place you visited.
Its wayyy too cold for the beach here at the moment :)


Reese Milania said...

Happy anniversary to both of you!!!

Raji said...

How gorgeous
It looks absolutely beautiful
The perfect way to spend your anniversary weekend!

Sherin said...

Hope you had a great anniversary. It looks like such a beautiful place, especially the beach.
Also really love your shoes!!

Laura said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!! I'm so glad you and your hubby had such a wonderful weekend trip =) the pictures are gorgeous I'm so glad you got so many good ones before the camera died =)

AMAIA said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like you had a good time ;) muxuuu!

SunnyToast said...

Love you shoes...awesome pics:)

Your new follower..hope you follow back:)

Sweet said...

ohlala the scenery is so wonderful and can I have your bracelet and bag...dying to for your shoes too...


Denise said...

Ay love na love ko ang outfit. Ikaw na si purple talaga. it looks nice on you. always.