Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3 Things


Do you like curry?

I do! I usually cook chicken curry  but  uhurm.. I use ready made curry sauce freshly bought from the store(hehe!). The dish in the above photo is exceptional. They used lamb which melts in your mouth in every bite and the sauce is so creamy and yummy! I had this in Paris but still craving for it until now. Cooking experiment, here I come! :)


When the weather´s too warm to wear jeans but still cool to wear shorts/ skirt and go bare legged, my go to outfit is a pair of leggings. Ooops, shoot me not! I do dress it up with a plaid dress shirt and I promise you , I got everything modestly covered, front and back. ;)

plaid shirt- Blanco

Trying to go with a different look by wearing a frilly vest which I thrifted last year. What do you think? ;)

leggings- Zara, ballerinas- H&M, vest- thrifted


Are you a fan of the The Sartolialist and a personal style blogger at the same time? Well, here´s a short article about Scott Schuman´s take on personal style blogs. Agree or disagree?

That´s all my dahlings, ciao! ;)



Kavery said...

Ooh curry, yes please count me in. Your curry looks yummy too!

Sherin said...

The curry lookos delicious.

I always struggle with clothes when it's to warm for jeans, but too cold for shorts. I loved how how you dressed up the leggings with the plaid shirt!

cherie said...

it's about time for dinner here and the mention of curry is just mouthwatering! im currently reading the link you posted and it's quite an interesting article :)

Jing said...

gigutom ko ngtan-aw ko sa food te che!hehe.musta te?been so long. char ;)

Krystal said...

i looove curry!!
and i read that article of his and some rebuttals to it - kind of some drama up in the blog world with that!

Sweet said...

me me me, I love curry...I like curry very very very much!!!! I definitely love curry!!!!

and your red shoes...just perfect!!!!


janettaylor said...

I adore curry! :)


Elaine said...

I LOVE curry and LAMB curry is my fave!!!!

Meream said...

I LOVE curry! Now I know what I'm having for dinner. :)

Mom Fashion World said...

Hello Ate Che!
Wow, it's been so long.
I've been changing the layout of my blog and some of the links were gone kaya di kita makita.

I was wondering kung active ka pa sa blogging kaya I searched you in google this morning... i'm so happy to see you again and happy to know that you are okay.

Oki doki, I'm following you na. See you.


Laura said...

Wonderful post!!! Curry is one of my favorite food groups, I would like to make some too..

Your outfit is really cute =)

That article was really interesting... It sure did get people up in arms!