Sunday, March 31, 2013

Food Weekened: Easter Sunday

Happy Easter, everyone!

Easter´s a simple celebration in my place so I´m  posting some photos instead on what I´ve seen in my Easter Sunday travels:

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 087

Yup, in the church of St. Denise in France, they place colored eggs below the saint´s statue to celebrate Easter Sunday. Look at the eggs that they placed on the Virgin Mary´s statue below, so spring-y, no? ;)

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 089

While on the Portuguese side, I can see that almost all of the bakeshops have these candy coated almonds on their window display. We´re also offered with these candies as a welcome gift when we stayed in one of the hotels in Coimbra last year during the Holy Week.


I can´t get over this bread filled with boiled eggs. I had to buy a piece of this on our way home from Portugal last year!


Curious, no? I wonder what you usually prepare during easter Sunday.

Happy Easter! :)


Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Hi, everyone!

It´s Holy Week here in Spain and in most parts of the world. The processions are a big thing here. For the new readers of my blog, let me share with you some procession photos in my city:

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 003
Paris (22-25, April 2011) 007
Paris (22-25, April 2011) 010

When I go inside a church especially in Holy Week, I usually light a candle and pray. It´s a habit of mine. I had this photo taken when we went to Montserrat in Catalonia two years ago. You should visit that mountain monastery, it´s worth it and the chocolates too! ;)


To end this post, I recommend this beautiful song by Céline Dion and Andrea Bocelli. Whenever I listen to this song, I go teary eyed. The lyrics are so moving and the powerful voices of these two great singers made the whole song even more poignant. This is probably one of my favorite all- time song.

Have a blessed Holy Week, everyone!

Warm hugs and prayers on your way,


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIWW: Wintery Spring Colors

Hi, luvlies!

Today on WIWW we´ll start with a blah face and bad hair. Don´t blame me, we shot this on the top of a breezy mountain highway while squinting under the sun´s glare because I forgot to bring my sunglasses! I sincerely hoped that my sunblock was working while we took this photo. ;) By the way,  these photos were taken last weekend when we went on a short trip to one of the neighboring towns in here to visit a local trujal ( olive press).

paint 2

I managed to have another photo taken of my very casual outfit under the fading sunlight. As for what I wore, I thought it´s time to incorporate little by little some spring colors into my wardrobe. I hardly wear scarves in winter because I always wear coats/ jackets that zip up until the neck area but in spring, my scarves take center stage. This silky one was a gift from my MIL years ago. It has a floral print in lilac color and bordered with matte gold and olive green. I´ll show the complete design to you one of these days. ;)

top- H&M, pants and shoes- local store, bag- Misako
And to cap off that afternoon trip, we stopped by our favorite bar in Haro, La Rioja for some tapas/pinchos. I also got taste the basque region´s version of  the sangría, el zurra capote. It was sweet  and tasted really good but I missed the tiny fruits bits floating on my sangría drink.


Travel photos coming on my next posts, stay tuned! So what have you been wearing these days? ;) Linking up with The Pleated Poppy´s What I Wore Wednesday and Rolled Up Pretty´s Whatever Whenever Wednesday, Kiwi Womens Style´s Wardrobe Wednesday and Dear Abbie Leigh´s Dress for the Day. Click and spread the fun!



Monday, March 25, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: White Daisies

Today on Anything Goes Monday, let´s talk about this pretty little blue floral dress which I saw hanging in one of the sales racks last week:


I thought that I finally found the perfect dress for my body type. It´s light, it´s neither too short nor long, it has short sleeves and it has white daisies printed on it which are cute. For me this would be the ultimate spring- summer dress. Up until that we´re okay until when I turned around and wondered why the bottom of the zipper was on the top of my right butt. It turned out that the invisible zipper was sewn misaligned at the back. Uh-oh!


I really wanted this dress but not even wearing a mustard yellow cardigan over it could make me forget that I´m wearing a diagonal zipper at the back of my dress which isn´t part of the design! So after mulling over it for three days, I went back to the store and returned it. It´s no use keeping something very far from perfect even if it´s dirt cheap. Quality shouln´t be compromised, my darlings! :)

cardigan- Zara, dress-Primark, bag and shoes- Blanco
At least I got to have a photo of how pretty that dress was on me. :) So would you compromise a quality defect on something just because it fits you well and it was so cheap? I´d love to hear your thoughts!

Love, love,


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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Food Weekened: Merienda Cena

After visiting MIL*, we usually drop by our favorite bar in the neighborhood  for some coffee  and tea or for a merienda( afternoon snack). I love that the beverage also comes with mini-muffins for the sweet tooth although not all bars include this treat in their coffee or tea.


I usually order an infusion called ¨poleo-menta or if not chamomile tea which is good for the tummy and drink it sans sugar.


Why without sugar? Because together with my tea I also order my favorite carrot cake to share with the hubz:


And when the tummy craves for more food, a  piece of this tapa/ pincho, a mini-sized burger stuffed with a tiny a burger patty, a slice of bacon and veggies would be part of the menu too. ;)


That´s why, the merienda( afternoon snack) will sometimes turn into merienda-cena ( early dinner snack) when we go drop by our favorite bar. Dinner time usually starts at 9 pm in Spain and so a 6 or 7 pm snack is normal around here and by the way, you don´t say ¨Buenas noches!¨ until you´ve eaten your dinner. In the meantime, even it´s already past 7 pm, you should say ¨Buenas tardes!¨ still. Got that? ;)

So what do you think?


*- Mother- in -law

Friday, March 22, 2013

Flyday Fridays: In the Neighborhood

Today on Flyday Fridays, I didn´t go far. I just visited my neighbors in the suburbs which was near my MIL´s nursing home.


Then we took some what- I-wore photos because my photographer aka the hubz was in a rare `photographer mode´, hehehe! This part of the neighborhood has an old fountain ( 1st photo) which I love to use as a background. I wore black and this dark printed skirt as a fitting goodbye to winter. I don´t get to wear the skirt often because it´s too short and tight (oops!) but I compromised by wearing tights. :)
coat- Mango, top and skirt- Zara, bag- Blanco, shoes- local store
And now for the blooper shot. ;)


So we´ve finally come to the end of this post. ;) I´ve nothing more to add except that I wish that you´ll have an exciting weekend and welcome spring! :)

Sunny hugs from here,


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIWW: Blue Jeans, Dots and Twill

Hi, all! :)


I´ve never worn jeans here in WIWW but in real life, I do which is almost  everyday. ;) So today´s  post is dedicated to my jeans and also because I wanted to debut this dotted chambray shirt which I got from the winter sales. Actually, almost everything hat I´m wearing today was bought on sale aside from the necklace! I used this neck piece for added color because I´m wearing almost all blue today. :)


To finish the look, I grabbed a twill jacket. A great layering piece for longer tops, I love it´s unfinished edges making the total look raw but structured and elegant at the same time. :)

top, jacket, shoes and necklace- Blanco, jeans- Zara, clutch- Pimkie
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PS: Pardon the photo overload, I just can´t get enough of this comfy chambray top. ;)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Leather Weather

Finally, some street style photos in the blog! :) These photos were taken yesterday on our afternoon walk towards my city´s old quarters. We didn´t get to walk that far though because after taking these photos, it began to rain and so we ran back to the car. lol!


This is my uniform these days: skinny jeans, sweater, a pair of fleece lined boots, a leather jacket and a colorful crossbody bag for some color. I exchange the leather jacket for a thick puffer jacket when the temperature´s really low. Yesterday´s a wet 5 ºC, quite low but at least it´s not freezing.

jacket, boots- local store, jeans- Primark, bag- Massimo Dutti
I hope the sun will come back this week. Oh spring, where art thou?

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Enjoy your Monday, luvs! :)


PS: Excuse the puffy eyes, that´s what you get when you party until 3 am all night. Oh well, it´s my birthday anyway, so am I excused? ;)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Flyday Fridays: Óbidos

Hello, hello!

These are some  photos from last year´s early autumn trip in Portugal. We chanced upon this pretty as picture town called Óbidos on the western part just before we headed towards the seaside towns.



It´s quaint but very touristy at the same time. I loved this place, I can´t wait to go back soon. :)


This town is famous for it´s cherry flavored liquor called ¨licor de Ginja¨. A digestive and naturally made alcoholic drink made of sour cherries.


If I´m not mistaken, a Portuguese king once married his child bride on this church centuries ago. They were only 9 and 10 respectively, hahaha!


Remnants of a castle at the top of the town:


Just before leaving the place, we just have to taste the cherry flavored liquor, this town´s famous for:


We had it on a tiny choclate cup which was edible. It tasted like a cherry flavored cough syrup, hahaha! The hubz finished the drink while I finished the chocolate cup. That´s how we roll, lol! :)


After the two-day snow storm, we´re finally ready for some sun and cool weather. I hope the sunny weather continues until next week so that I can take photos outside.

Well, I gotta go. I need to prepare something for my mini-birthday party tomorrow. Keep warm and have a lovely weekend, y´all! :)



Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIWW: Fuchsia in the 80s



Today on WIWW, I´m chanelling the 80s. I´m not proud of this look but I´m owning it,hehe. :)

turtleneck- local store, skirt- New Yorker, bag- Zara TRF, boots- thrifted
Nothing screams more than the 80s than leather over leather combo, big hair, big bangs, big shoulder pads and the color fuchsia! I´m a child of this decade and for me it was one of the best decades when we talk about cultural revolution, fashion and music. Yep, music aka new wave. Here´s a shoutout to all the 80s babes out there! :)

leather jacket(old)- Zara

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PS: This would be the last time that I´d wear turtleneck this season, I´m kinda tired of  the cold, snow and winter, ya know. Aren´t you? ;)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Gingham and Gold

Hello, everyone!

Whew, it´s nice to be back from the grave. hahaha! You just can´t imagine the ordeal that I had last week with the flu. Non stop chills and fever for three whole days  and then came the sneezes and the non-stop coughing. It was an agonizing journey to hell and back, literally! So naturally, I had to lay low for a while to recuperate my lost energy.To those who have it, lots of fruits and vegetables, fluids and lots of sleep, that´s how I survived.


Anyway, to make matters worse, I´m having cold sores on my lips right now and so I had to cut my face off from the photos. When it rains it pours, just in time for my birthday week too, lol! So we might as well wear something  bright and uplifting to liven the mood in here, no? ;)
I wore this today to visit la suegra(MIL) after days of not visiting her in the nursing home. I tried pairing this with heels but later changed to flats because it´s much more comfy and I´m still ¨reeling from the flu¨. ;)

top- Mango, skirt(old)- Bershka, necklace- Massimo Dutti, ballerinas( old)- H&M

Enjoy your the week, all while I´ll sip on my Vit. C juice. ;)

Warm hugs,


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIWW: Printed and Blue

Hello, everyone!


This is going to be short because I´m typing in between coughs and sniffs , hehe. Finally, the flu caught up with me... again. Anyway, I wore this outfit last weekend when we visited the MIL and later went out for coffee and cake with the hubz in our favorite bar.


You may have already seen this printed pants worn  by a lot of bloggers in the blogosphere since last year but as usual, I´m late in the trends game so here I am debuting this blue, red and black trousers just now. I love that the hemline just reaches on my ankles,hence, no folding needed! ;)The orange necklace was to complement the blue color and the white clutch was to break the dark colors. So how do I look? ;)

sweater and printed pants- H&M, necklace and bag- Blanco, bangle- Sfera
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Hope you´re enjoying the mid-week!