Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Hi, everyone!

It´s Holy Week here in Spain and in most parts of the world. The processions are a big thing here. For the new readers of my blog, let me share with you some procession photos in my city:

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 003
Paris (22-25, April 2011) 007
Paris (22-25, April 2011) 010

When I go inside a church especially in Holy Week, I usually light a candle and pray. It´s a habit of mine. I had this photo taken when we went to Montserrat in Catalonia two years ago. You should visit that mountain monastery, it´s worth it and the chocolates too! ;)


To end this post, I recommend this beautiful song by Céline Dion and Andrea Bocelli. Whenever I listen to this song, I go teary eyed. The lyrics are so moving and the powerful voices of these two great singers made the whole song even more poignant. This is probably one of my favorite all- time song.

Have a blessed Holy Week, everyone!

Warm hugs and prayers on your way,


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