Sunday, March 31, 2013

Food Weekened: Easter Sunday

Happy Easter, everyone!

Easter´s a simple celebration in my place so I´m  posting some photos instead on what I´ve seen in my Easter Sunday travels:

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 087

Yup, in the church of St. Denise in France, they place colored eggs below the saint´s statue to celebrate Easter Sunday. Look at the eggs that they placed on the Virgin Mary´s statue below, so spring-y, no? ;)

Paris (22-25, April 2011) 089

While on the Portuguese side, I can see that almost all of the bakeshops have these candy coated almonds on their window display. We´re also offered with these candies as a welcome gift when we stayed in one of the hotels in Coimbra last year during the Holy Week.


I can´t get over this bread filled with boiled eggs. I had to buy a piece of this on our way home from Portugal last year!


Curious, no? I wonder what you usually prepare during easter Sunday.

Happy Easter! :)


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livlovelaugh said...

i actually didn't do much..... but happy easter! Seems like a very good tradition ^^