Friday, July 29, 2011

OOTD: Denim and Stripes

Let´s take a short pause for a while from the Balenciaga series and return to the 21st century, specifically 2011. This was what I wore during one of those cold days this week:

Experimenting with a different look using this denim shirt and a pair of  leggings. hehe! Kill me not. Leggings are my go-to  pants in the summer because they are so comfy and light! Heynyways, I think it was the oversized stripes tank top that completed the whole look. Or the maybe the denim...

Or maybe the gold flats and clutch. An after thought just before I went out into the street. Nevertheless, I´m happy with how the whole outfit came out. It´s sort of  nicely put together or ... not. hahaha!


denim shirt- thrifted
stripes tank top- Pull & Bear ( men)
ballerina flats- H&M

So what are you wearing these days? Happy Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend! :)



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Balenciaga Series 2

For me, the best fashion era for the ¨modern¨ woman was in the 50s and early 60s. The hemlines may have gone shorter (but modestly) but you still get your frills. Here´s part 2 of my Balenciaga series. Lace, lace and nothing but lace for cocktail dresses:

And then some more styles:



So which one of these would you like to wear in a soireé? ;)



Monday, July 25, 2011

The Balenciaga Series 1

Kaixo! I´m greeting you in Basque. ;)

This week´s  special because it´s Balenciaga week. No, no, I´m not talking about Balenciaga´s latest Fall/Winter collection nor that of next year´s Spring/Summer collection. I´m talking about the works of the legendary genius, the original Cristóbal Balenciaga.

Exactly a week ago, the hubz and I went to Getaria, a small fishing village in Guipuzcoa to visit the recently inaugurated Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa. This was Balenciaga´s birthplace and burial place and so it´s just right that they open a museum here to commemorate his works, no? ;)

Balenciaga was about clean lines, fluidity, comfort with a touch of modernism and superb craftmanship. I´ll start with the day dresses first:

He designed the sack dresses in the late 1950s which totally transformed the woman´s silhouette making it longer and more slender. Perfect if you have a short torso like mine. ;) A number of dresses were surprisingly placed on a rotating disk so it was interesting to see the whole design of the dresses from the front and back.



The great designer also experimented with different kinds of textile ( which you´ll see later on in my next posts), colors and prints.

The reds in here are more vivid in person and take note how the dress drapes on the body creating one fluid line and the folds are in the right places where it should be.

Below is a two-piece dress( suit) in black with 3/4 sleeves. Best for winter and with gloves on. By the way, you´re looking at the back of the dress. Elegant detailing, no?;)

The draping of this dress at the back caught my eyes. I think this design sits well on pear shaped women because it broadens the shoulders and how the folds fall is so graceful.

To end this post, the baby doll dress, created in 1958. One word. GORGEOUS! If I´m not mistaken, Balenciaga designed this floral cocktail dress for an expectant mother who´s also a young socialite.

More to come. This is just the beginning. Come back here for more! :)

Photos taken from the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa ( Getaria, Spain).

Musoak( besos)!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Mono in Black

I have this weird habit of wearing monochromatic outfits most of the time. Maybe because they say that wearing one color from top to bottom elongates the silhouette. As much as I try to stay away from being too conventional because I am most of the time, haha! I just can´t take away the preppiness in me. What I can I say, I´m a simple girl with just simple tastes. There´s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics from time to time, right?

top- Lacoste

belt- Zara

bracelets- Blanco, local store

I usually just add a colored belt to it to break the monotony and boringness of the look et voila, problem solved! ;)

shorts- Mango

So what about you? Are you the simple type or the over the top/overdressed type of gal? ;)



PS: Next week will be Balenciaga week. I´ll be featuring here in the blog some haute couture dresses and gowns made by the late Cristóbal Balenciaga. These divine creations are now displayed at the Balenciaga Museum. Stay tuned for that! ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nude and Leopard

My second time wearing this leopard skirt. Since I felt lady like and ferocious ( kidding!) at the same time, I dug this animal inspired skirt from the bottom of my closet and wore it to church (of all places!) last Sunday. As the hubz and I were walking down the street, I did get some stares. I didn´t know if it´s because of the skirt or it´s because of my red lips but I´m happy if it were for both. ;)

It was chilly and windy. Nude blazer to the rescue!

And.... since there were lots of climbing and going  down the stairs and brisk walking in between ( because we´re running late and my darling hubz parked the car 5 huge blocks away from the church), my flats were my bestfriends. It´s not the perfect outfit but since I created this in mind 5 minutes during my quick shower, it isn´t that bad at all, no? ;)


knitted top- Zara
leopard skirt- New Yorker
blazer- local brand

So there goes my outfit story. Now it´s your turn to tell me yours! ;)



Monday, July 18, 2011

3 Things

And here goes again my ¨3 Things¨ :

1st: Pineapple Pie

I´m a sucker for pies and pineapples. Do you know that aside from Vit. C pineapples are also rich in manganese? Think about having clear skin, strong bones and  free radical busters. Yep, pineapples will give you all of these. :)

With all that in mind and because I´m tropical ( I grew up in a sunny tropical country where pineapples are also grown), I searched the internet for the most basic pineapple recipe. Ooops, since I kinda tweaked the recipe, I can´t link it here. E-mail me if you want to know my recipe. :)

2nd: Anne Hathaway´s  lacey white dress

One of Anne´s day dresses when she attended the Paris Fashion Week more than a week ago. Gorgeous!

I´m still on a lookout for my perfect LWD. It may not be as pretty as this dress but I´m sure it´s not going to be as expensive either. hahaha!

and 3rd: this Longchamp Chartreuse le Pliage tote

I finally got to debut this bag OUTSIDE and INSIDE the blog. ;) Wore this bag last weekend when I visited the Balenciaga Museum in Getaria here in Spain. Now that´s something to look forward to when you visit my blog again. ;)

Looks like I´m going to do a regular ¨3 Things¨ feature here in the blog. What do you think? ;)

So how was your week?



Friday, July 15, 2011

My Orange Peel

Hello, hello!

Nothing much to show you except for this piece of lovely pink thing which I´ve scored at 50% off recently. Is that a good deal or not? ;) Now all I need to do is to eat less and sensibly( meaning good bye chocolates and ice cream, huhuhu!), exercise more ( would climbing the stairs up to the 6th  floor 2x a week count?) and buy tubs of those fat burner creams that they are selling nowadays (do they really work?) because I think I´m seeing the dreaded ¨orange peel¨ on my legs. Eeew!

OR, I could wear tights under this shorts ( perfect for those chilly days) and/or I could wear a colorful top too!  See?  Aren´t you distracted by the flowers that I´m wearing on my back right now? Good thing you´ll never see my ¨orange peel¨ because I´m here and you´re over there. Bwahahaha!

Seriously (looking at you right now with a straight face), what have you scored nowadays? ;)


top- Lefties
floral cardi- H&M
pink cuffed shorts- Bershka

Enjoy your weekend, luvs!



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two Piece Like One

Worn this to mass last Sunday. Top´s a current sales find which would also be perfect on a green pair of pants which still needs to be debuted here in the blog. Later, as I was trying to mix and  match the top with what´s inside my closet, I found this dark blue skirt which I´ve only worn once. The whole ensemble looked like a dress to me (in the dark hallway where my closet is) , hence the title of this post.

But under the sunlight, they really are separates, so there goes my one piece illusion.hahaha!

top- Mango
skirt- H&M
envelope pouch - Bershka
old necklace- Blanco
old bangle- Sfera
nude heels- local store

How´s your Wednesday? Bad weather here, cold and rainy. I hope it´s warm and sunny at your side of the world. ;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Girl Talk

I had coffee with the girlfriends the other day and as we talk about life and everything else in-between, I realized that there´s always one topic that always crops up every time we sit down and have one of those girl talks and that is fashion/ dressing up.

top- Mango

As I think about this, I´ve come to realize that when we were just little gals, we were already practicing what we love most with our dolls or with our Mom´s clothes, high heels, make up and bling when she´s not looking. Even if our teenage years would be about boys, rebelling a bit on the strict house rules ( lucky you if you´re parents aren´t strict, mine were!) and finding our own identity, there was always a time when we experimented with fashion (mine were a lot of misses than hits, hahaha!).

ring- Mango, leather bracelets- local fair

So it´s not surprising that until now we still share one common dilemma  every morning when we wake up. What am I going to wear today? Maybe it´s in our genes or maybe it´s because while we´re still in our mother´s womb, unconsciously we´re also being prepped up to always look good on the outside.The thing is, what  really matters most is the inside part ( your character). Too bad that we live in a pretentious  world where they  judge you first by how you look and not for who you really are. Sad but true. I think it´s much better to take care not only how we look from the outside appearance but also from the inside as well.

Bermudas- Pull&Bear, sandals- locals store

Any thoughts on this?



Friday, July 8, 2011

Under the Roman Bridge

No talk, just photos.

At the heart of the vineyards in La Rioja- Alavesa along the River Ebro, I found the lush remains of  what was once an old Roman bridge built more than 800 years ago. Bag not included, it´s from Morocco. ;)

Enjoy your weekend , dahlings! :)



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Preppy and Florals

After stuffing myself with cheesy rigatoni and  a glass of sangría at our mini-kitchen yesterday, I decided to hit the stores and do some sale shopping. A perfect way to loose a lot of calories without hitting the gym, don´t you think?;)

If this skirt looks very familiar to you my regular blog readers, it´s because it´s my favorite go-to when I have nothing to wear. Just pair it with any plain colored top and you´re ready to go. Case point here, here and here. Colorful printed skirts are so versatile that it´s a no-brainer to dress them up, non?

Since it´s summer, it´s gotta be with a short sleeved top and so my polo shirts came in handy. ;)

top- Lacoste
skirt- Zara ( summer sales 2010)
bag- Mango ( winter sales 2009)
flats- H&M

When going sale shopping, I see to it that I wear no-fuss clothes, less jewelry and flats. They are easier to remove and wear again inside the fitting room and yes, the flats are de rigueur for endless walking from one shop to another in finding your discounted treasure. :)

So, have you had your sale shopping fill already? ;)



Monday, July 4, 2011


Finally, some outdoor photos for the blog. ;) Yesterday, after the siesta ( yup, we still do that here) we went to this nearby park called Olarízu. Although it was a sunny day, it´s quite windy and so I wore a long sleeved bolero over my white lacy tiered top.

My first time to wear white this year. White is perfect for those really hot days to cool you off!

This is a 30 hectare urban park ( it´s just 2 kms. from the city) where you get to see lots of pine trees, beech and other kinds of trees and the best place to have a picnic, jog around, sit on the grass to read a book  or even just walk around with your dog.

You can also take your bike and ride along this chestnut tree lined boulevard, something which you can´t hardly find in some cities here and in some parts of the world. Clean and green everywhere you go. Fresh air, anyone? ;)

And to cap the afternoon visit, I went over to this wheatfield brimming with ripe wheat near the parking area to have my photo taken. Of course, I had to take a photo of it with me before they harvest the wheat! :)

So how did your weekend go?