Monday, July 4, 2011


Finally, some outdoor photos for the blog. ;) Yesterday, after the siesta ( yup, we still do that here) we went to this nearby park called Olarízu. Although it was a sunny day, it´s quite windy and so I wore a long sleeved bolero over my white lacy tiered top.

My first time to wear white this year. White is perfect for those really hot days to cool you off!

This is a 30 hectare urban park ( it´s just 2 kms. from the city) where you get to see lots of pine trees, beech and other kinds of trees and the best place to have a picnic, jog around, sit on the grass to read a book  or even just walk around with your dog.

You can also take your bike and ride along this chestnut tree lined boulevard, something which you can´t hardly find in some cities here and in some parts of the world. Clean and green everywhere you go. Fresh air, anyone? ;)

And to cap the afternoon visit, I went over to this wheatfield brimming with ripe wheat near the parking area to have my photo taken. Of course, I had to take a photo of it with me before they harvest the wheat! :)

So how did your weekend go?




janettaylor said...

What a pair of great sunnies! YAY!


Marielleheart said...

Thanks babe! Love the last picture!

Mom Daughter Style said...

you're so cute with that top Che! i like it.

Sherin said...

Wow, the park looks beautiful. And I love that white top. It's gorgeous.

Sick by Trend said...

beautiful location and necklace :D


Lidiya said...

I adore these photos - your outfit is super cute! =)

Faye said...

i love the outfit!:)