Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Preppy and Florals

After stuffing myself with cheesy rigatoni and  a glass of sangría at our mini-kitchen yesterday, I decided to hit the stores and do some sale shopping. A perfect way to loose a lot of calories without hitting the gym, don´t you think?;)

If this skirt looks very familiar to you my regular blog readers, it´s because it´s my favorite go-to when I have nothing to wear. Just pair it with any plain colored top and you´re ready to go. Case point here, here and here. Colorful printed skirts are so versatile that it´s a no-brainer to dress them up, non?

Since it´s summer, it´s gotta be with a short sleeved top and so my polo shirts came in handy. ;)

top- Lacoste
skirt- Zara ( summer sales 2010)
bag- Mango ( winter sales 2009)
flats- H&M

When going sale shopping, I see to it that I wear no-fuss clothes, less jewelry and flats. They are easier to remove and wear again inside the fitting room and yes, the flats are de rigueur for endless walking from one shop to another in finding your discounted treasure. :)

So, have you had your sale shopping fill already? ;)




Laura said...

Really cute outfit for sale shopping!!! I kind of wish America had sales that are of the caliber of Europe's...

SunnyToast said...

I love lacoste and the color is so vibrant:)

Your outfit is cute and comfy:)

Kavery said...

Flats are the best thing while shopping. The floral skirt would be comfy for long hours in the mall too.

Marielleheart said...

Wow red looks great on you! There aren't many people who look stunning in red!

Stevia said...

looking cute for shopping trip :)
i always in my flip flops when I'm shopping!


Noelle Chantal said...

hmmm.. Sale shopping?! I am so jealous! You look lovely with that orange top! :)