Monday, December 6, 2010

Coat for Less


So how did your weekend go? ;) I spent mine eating Filipino Spaghetti ( that means with hotdogs), meat dumplings(siaomai) and chocolate cake with my girlfriends last Saturday. It was so much fun, my belly ached not only from eating too much food but also from lots of girly talk and nonstop laughing. hahaha!

Anyway, this was what I wore. My favorite floral skirt in black getup. I also wore this here and here. Haven´t I told you how versatile it is? Just change the color of the top and/or tights and you have a different look anyytime! ;)

I also wore this vintage gold necklace and medallion (gift from Mother in law) to compliment the black getup.

The best compliment of all is this sheepskin jacket or is that shearling? which I bought at a charity shop for brace yourself... less than 10 euros. Now who says you need to spend a lot to be trendy? ;)

So was I lucky or not? ;) Just one look before I sign out:


turtleneck and skirt- Zara
gold ballet flats- H&M

So what about you? What item/s in your closet do you consider your lucky buy? ;)

Wishing you a happy week ahead, darlings!



Krystal said...

such a cute skirt!! and i love the necklace, it's the perfect touch :) happy monday!

Rose said...

Your jacket looks super warm! We bought one similar but dark brown for Mikeys mum not long ago and she loves it too. The best bargin I got recently was a skirt from country road, $11 down from $120!


L1L2 said...

think we've complimented that skirt before. it still looks cute/ and has worked beautifully with your black get-up! (esp the first foto)

Jing said...

wow!that skirt is so stylish.bagay sa tanan outfits.i love your pose sa 4th photo,te che!you look so chic.

almost all of my clothes are lucky buy ate che.haha

SMASH said...

that jacket looks so nice and cozy! also, its been ages since i've had filipino spaghetti--it reminds me of when I was little :)


Sherin said...

Sounds like yu had a really nice weekend.
I love that skirt so much. It's such a pretty pattern. And that jacket was such a great bargain!!

Theresia Natalie said...

lovely skirt! nice post :)

Natalie's-the blog

sweet said...

wish I could wear those gorgeous coats here...I really want to strut my winter outfits hahahah I was even wondering I have winter outfits the first place...

love the skirt mwuah


..R May A.. said...

that skirt is gorgeous:)
loving this outfit!! x

Mayet said...

I like that jacket.;) it looks so warm!

janettaylor said...

Nice skirt!

Rebecca Rose said...

Lucky you!!! Ginutom mo ako Che hehe!!!

Jess said...

What a cute necklace! And love the skirt too.

kirstyb said...

love these xxxx

Leia said...

Glad you had such a nice weekend! And I love your skirt!