Friday, December 17, 2010

Flowers Still and Eureka!


 I´ve been searching for the perfect black boots ( low-heeled and wide for my healthy calves) for a long time and yes, the hunt has finally ended. I´ve finally found the boots of my dreams! Lace-up, flat and comfy. Perfect for me. :)

Yep, I´m still in a floral mod. Have just noted that one half of my wardrobe is filled with flowers aside from plaids. Is that good or bad?

I´ve been collecting floral rings lately too. This ring is my latest find:

The sweater is a bit short and so I had  to wear a longer shirt under it which is so okay because it keeps the muffin top from spilling over. hahaha

And if you´re curious just what´s behind that door, there... take a peek!

knit sweater- Desigual ( very old)
skinny jeans- Zara
boots- New Yorker
ring- local store

I have lime colored cushions for my dining chairs and a cluster of silvery wire balls for a lamp. The christmasy cloth has a dual purpose, table cloth and christmas decor. ;)

So how was your week so far? My week´s probably not as hectic as yours but it has it´s ups and downs too. Here´s hoping that we´re all gonna have a relaxing  weekend!




Noelle Chantal said...

Oh nice, love the knit sweater. And I super like the floral detailing in front. :)

You look blooming!!

gayatri said...

nice sweater, striking pattern on it. i love florals too :D

Savvy Gal said...

i have been searching for cute boots as well. btw, cute flower ring.

Sweet said...

the boots I love it...and the floral details...oh sorry for not visiting you blog I am so busy with holiday presentations of my students...

I am loving the floral skirt in your previous post....makes me think of Summer already hehehe


Dredd said...

Actually you have inspired me to buy a dress in shades of purple and cardigan with flowers on it and speaking of muffin tops, don't worry dahling.... it wasn't visible at all;))


Sherin said...

Gorgeous boots!! They look so wonderful and comfy.

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i don't think the flower thing is bad at all. that ring is hot! and the boots are cute too.

i'm just happy the week is over! :)

Rebecca Rose said...

Lovely ring!!!

Mayet said...

good for you!;)

QueenDesi said...

lovely jacket!!
looks so comfy to be wore :)


in Love&Light
Queen D

janettaylor said...

Lovely boots!


Lia Waroka Putri said...

oh the flower ring catches my heart! ;D looks so warm and comfy!

michelle_ said...

gorgeous boots !

i hope you've had a great weekend :)
glisters and blisters

SoYesterday. said...

really like the sweater & boots combined! cute outfit :)

I'll be sure to be your new follower to keep up :D

<3 :)

SMASH said...

that ring is a beaut! I'd like to find something similar :)


Lee Oliveira said...

What a fabulous sweater.. Love the patterns on it

Emzkie said...

love the sweater! u look good in it.

Leia said...

You look adorable!