Saturday, December 4, 2010

All About Macaroons

It´s been quite a while since I talked about food in this blog. Okay, to be specific dessert/ sweets for your tea. ;) While traveling around here and in some parts of France, I´ve discovered that macaroons can come in 2 forms and sizes and made with a variety of ingredients.

The first batch are coco macaroons made with a variety of flavors which I accidentally discovered while climbing the streets of  St. Jean Pie de Port, a mountainous and  very touristy place in the southern part of France. The main ingredient is dessicated coconut but added with choco chips, almonds and a lot more tasty and sweet smelling stuff which I forgot. lol!

Going coastal, still in the south of France, you´ll find some delicately tasting macaroons made of ground almonds at Saint Jean de Luz. If you´re an almond fanatic, then this one´s for you. :)

The ones below came from  Moulin Chocolat, a pastry shop in la Calle Alcala in Madrid. The cookie is crumbly but the filling especially the chocolate is very tasty. They reminded me of  smores.

But the queen of all macaroons (for me) are those from Ladurée. It´s chewy and tasted like heaven. I swear! I highly recomend the salty butter caramel, pistacchio and citron. Just look at the photo, no explanation needed. ;)

Macaroons make fantastic desserts or nibblers for your tea. So what´s your favorite dessert? Share? ;)

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Mom Daughter Style said...

mine would be chocolates

Rebecca Rose said...

I want the last one, my favorite dessert is sambos back at home haha... may gulay I think I ate too much of it when we went home last october.

Then here, I love eating red velvet cake...yum! Ano ba yan, ginutom mo ako Che!!!

Anyway it's snowing here na :-( ... how about there??? Ingat!!!

Becca. said...

mmmm they look so yummy!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

SMASH said...

Oh gosh macaroons are so good! There is a little bakery by my house that makes blackberry flavored ones and they are delicious--I wish I had some right now :)


Lia Waroka Putri said...

omg I want bunch of Macarons! ^^

Zabrinah said...

MMMM! I love them too. Especially, with tea! That sounds truly awesome.


Meream said...

Now I'm hungry. Like REALLY hungry.

michelle_ said...

hmmmm macaroons .. i can never get enough of them !

glisters and blisters

Jess said...

Never even had one before - and now I'm dying to try one! ;)

Sweet said...

look so yummy...I have been looking for one here good thing they have it in Siam Paragon...but I haven't tried them yet....I will sure post a blog post if I can get my hands on these delicious treats...


cherie said...

i have never tasted macarons, i think the ones from Laduree are as pretty and delightful as they look :)

Mayet said...

I love LaDurée macarons! my favorite is Caramel au beurre salé. yummy!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

looks so nyummi,,i'm so curious about the taste